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  1. In Game Name: Fellow Wanderer Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:246298241 Squadron you are Applying for (Guardian, Engineer, Analyst): Guardian Current RP Ranks Held: 2LT, OS If applying for Guardian preferred O5 to guard: 05-5 How many Warns do you have? 1 Why do you want to join the Red Right Hand team: I wish to keep our esteemed council safe and improve my combat skills in more complex and difficult situations that RRH could present me with that will improve my leadership and command skills on my other jobs. Why should we accept you: I'm extremely active and always looking to improve and help others. I have good leadership skills and am always willing to lead. I have good trigger discipline and am decent in my overall combat ability and I want to better my skills in RRH. My career work as a moderator has given me good judgment skills and a good understanding of our server rules. I have a good reputation in the community and I'm always willing to fix past mistakes.
  2. What is your In-Game name?: Fellow Wanderer SteamID:STEAM_0:0:246298241 Current rank in Security: 2LT Time on the server: 8 weeks On a scale of 1-10 how active are you: 8 Which Juggernaut members recommend you to apply: jrshafer, HexG, Chineseman131 What is your current level in game: 49 Do you understand that if you abuse this job it will be taken away: Yes I understand Why do you think you deserve to join the Security Juggernaut sub-branch?: I am very active and want to help our new Juggernaut sub-branch increase in size and help to steer it in a fun direction for everyone. I have very good trigger discipline which will greatly help in the use of heavy weapons which will help prevent me from killing friendly personnel during raids and D-Class riots that threaten losing D-Block. I understand the the rules of the server well and know that I will be required to set a good example for others to join Juggernaut with. I have leadership skills which will help me command troops in and out of combat and overall increase our efficiency as a group. As a member of the Juggernaut Sub-Branch, do you have the right to give orders to people above your standard Security Rank? Why or why not?: I am to follow my base gensec rank and only command those under my standard rank. This is to ensure fairness between all branches and that I am not abusing power granted by the sub-branch
  3. 1. What’s your In-Game Name: Fellow Wanderer 2. What’s your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:246298241 3. What is your Rank? MP 4. Total strikes you’ve ever received? 0 5. How many warnings do you have on GL? 1 6. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you? 10 7. Why do you believe you should become a Maintenance Command member (100+ words)? I Believe that I should be an operation supervisor because I am extremely active and good leadership skills. I have a good understanding of the SOP due to reading it regularly. I will be willing to go on constant patrols and giving our enlisted a chance to learn the layout of HCZ to help them with making more speedy repairs and to do there job as productively as possible. I know how to promote people and what to look out for when searching for people in deserving of a promotion. I know how to calmly deal with situations given to me and how to provide proper punishment. I believe the greatest way to improve and get our enlisted promoted is through making there time on maintenance a fun and enjoyable experience. [The following questions are intended to test your response and ability as command. You must answer 2 (two) of the questions, though you may answer all 3 if you wish.] 8-1. A Utility Trainee has escaped the training room and is refusing to return, how would you handle this? Call a demotion on the Trainee and put in a dnt 8-3. A Junior Maintenance is breaking multiple SOP rules such as improperly using tools and disregarding DEFCON rules, what are your next steps? Remind the Trainee of the rules and give them a verbal warning not to do it anymore
  4. Name: Fellow Wanderer SteamID: STEAM_0:0:246298241 Current rank: AR Activity level: 4
  5. Name: Fellow Wanderer Rank: IA Discord ID: Fellow Wanderer#5586 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:246298241 What is your activity: 7 What can be improved in R&D: More Role play
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