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  1. Name: EliasQuickness Rank: IA Discord ID: EliasQuicknes#4840 How active are you on a scale of 1-10: 3 (I want to get this activity up after my LOA)
  2. +Support dude the admin who banned him +supported it do you really think i'm gonna -support it?
  3. Anyway its sad it see you go diz I had many good times with you and won't forget them. Take care.
  4. +Support a dude who is a resigned hcmd maintenance man I believe that you can be trusted with cmds.
  5. +Support Giga has been really active on Nu7 and on the server in general. The answers for the questions are great and your ranks are also nice! You show dedication to your branch and towards RRH. Good Luck! -Delta 27
  6. I would've +supported but dude there is a requirement for every rank on the staff team. Just staff for 2 months and you should be good to go on applying for the rank. So sadly i'm gonna have to -Support this application.
  7. +Support People seem to think otherwise on the poll but Lovelock is pretty professional on the staff team and has been active on the team. He is experienced and seems like a good fit for Senior Mod. i'm scared when you are 106
  8. -Support Application is really rushed and you are very new to the server I suggest that you get more well known on the server before heading for staff as soon as you join. Also you didn't even hit the word requirement on "why do you believe that you deserve the rank" part. So it would be denied regardless. Anyway just play a bit more on the server before applying.
  9. I haven't interacted with you all that much but judging from other players experiences you seem nice and actually are fit for staff. +Support
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