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  1. +Support Eyelander has shown great leadership skills, He is one of the greatest at holding meetings and hes really good at random banning!
  2. +Support This branch update is certified by kanye west audio (7).wav
  3. v12044gd0000c8mocabc77uc0sgp6ph0.mp4 Unmute me too!!!!
  4. Still shouldn't have warranted a blacklist for either case
  5. I used toasters and funnyfish0s blacklists as a set of references
  6. im just about done hearing shit like "Oh he got blacklisted for saying someone has a language barrier" or "Oh he got blacklisted because he called someone out for a racist remark" And no saying "Retarded" shouldn't be "ableism", Shit like this has been said many times but its just about time people actually do something about it, If you are one of those people that say "Retard" or "Sped" is an offensive term, consider keeping it to yourself, i already know im going to fill up an entire fucking pool of tears by posting this but yall just gotta reflect a little.
  7. Now hiring buff dudes and tough guys! Work includes construction and occasional headbusting. But we pay pretty well. We welcome employees from all walks of life! no experience required.
  8. +Support Honestly a great guy spent a lot of time with him in E11 and he seems 100% fit for the position
  9. +Support Forums Expansion: Auto accept
  10. Reminds me of the time a dude made a sit as K9 asking if its ERP to RP licking people
  11. -Support What about verbally and sexually harassing people in DMs and calling people homophobic slurs? I'm sorry but stuff like that is just unacceptable
  12. 001: The ouroboros cycle honestly the best part was the way it ends
  13. Run the hands with me if you want omi9 was mid compared to A1 as a branch
  14. You do know that actually coding him to go through the floor or through the wall to end up on the other side of an area could be fairly hard to code it would be quicker to just let him teleport through open air
  15. Arma 3 would be great and hey maybe medical can actually fucking do something if you get the ACE 3 Medical expansion mod
  16. +Support Give the homie a second chance #EAT DEAD HOOKERS 2022
  17. I just checked for you civil gamers uses an edited version of site 65, And seeing how Civil gamers is currently Gaminglights biggest rival i dont think it would be a smart course of action to use what is essentially the same map as them but with an edited LCZ and EZ.
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