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  1. Thanks for all the support! Here's another movement example
  2. What are you suggesting? - Written in full below. Tl;dr: I created a new version of SCP 106 in Lua that is more true to the lore, and I think more fun, than the current version implemented here, and I'd like it to be considered for addition into the server. I'd love an admin to reach out so we can test it, I have tested extensively on my own, and only minor changes need to be made to have it work on the server. There are video links at the bottom of this post showing how some of the movement and passive abilities work. This was inspired by @Coltable's comment here on my proposed 106 rule change, I agree a redesign makes sense so I made it: How would this change better the server? - Much better at providing players with an SCP 106 that is very similar to what's described in the lore, and better balanced than what we have now. Better for RP. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - No, it's pretty lightweight, maybe 80 lines of code longer than what we have now. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Absolutely everyone. Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - They're linked at the bottom of this post. Purpose & Motivation: SCP 106 is my favorite SCP to play, in his current state he's a highly mobile and active hunter with his ability to teleport through walls and doors to cut off escaping prey, as well as his decent walk/run speed which (when combined with his teleport ability and the twists and turns of the Site) makes it extremely difficult - if not impossible - for prey to escape. The Old Man does have some drawbacks which I will expand on in the next section. Unfortunately I do not believe that his current implementation fits the lore as well as it could, player interactions are not balanced as he can catch up to any prey except in open space, and his kit is overly limited, so I have been working on an update to his abilities which I believe better fits the lore while offering a fun and balanced play style, which I will explain and demo in this post. First I will explain how his current implementation fits the lore, and then explain my implementation. While there's a lot of information in this post, to have a productive discussion about the direction of 106 I think it makes sense to get aligned on the lore and have that drive the features. Reading through the lore of SCP 106, using revision 8 of this article and the other SCP 106 lore linked to in that article, I have broken out how SCP 106 should function into a few categories and characteristics. I have includes those categories and characteristics below in a table, and marked whether or not the current implementation accounts for these functions or not (based on my opinion, of course). The intent of the change I'm proposing will not implement all characteristics, I'm not sure if it's possible due to complexity, and some compromises need to be made due to this being an SCP RP game. Out of the 13 characteristics below, only 2 are fully implemented, 5 partially implemented with either a technical restriction or RP rule, and the remaining 6 are not accounted for in either the Rules or by technical limitation. Current Implementation to Lore Comparison: I characterize the current playstyle that SCP 106 has as fitting the definition of "pursuit predation" in that he actively gives chase to prey, relying on speed and endurance (with his teleport ability). The play style that SCP 106 should have is that of an Ambush predator, stalking prey, waiting for them, quickly grabbing/killing/teleporting them to the pocket dimension, and then leaving. Per the Wiki entry for "Ambush Predator", "Unlike pursuit predators, who chase to capture prey using sheer speed or endurance, ambush predators avoid fatigue by staying in concealment, waiting patiently for the prey to get near, before launching a sudden overwhelming attack that quickly incapacitates and captures the prey." This better fits the lore of SCP 106, who usually waits in the shadows and then strikes, he isn't Freddie Krueger or Jason Vorhees. He's more of a Trapdoor Spider, than a Cheetah, although he certainly can "give chase" when needed by burrowing into walls to his pocket dimension and coming back out of the wall/ceiling/etc in a random spot you weren't expecting. After comparing the lore to the current server implementation, I will give an overview of the new SCP 106 implementation I'm proposing and compare their features, list SCP 106's features and determine the compliance with the lore, and finally I'll propose rules that should work with the new SCP 106. Containment: Movement: Player Interactions: Recontainment: That's it for the comparison of the current version to the lore. Now I'll compare the features in the current SCP 106 implementation to the one I've created. So what does my version do and how does it compare? FEATURES: Reminder: There are a couple video examples at the bottom of this post that are explained by this section. My Version compared to the lore: My version of SCP 106 has a slightly higher skill floor, however it has a much higher skill ceiling for its playstyle. SCP 106 can also do what it has never done on here before, actually hang out in his pocket dimension and play with his food. Please note, all the cooldowns/etc are fully customizable and easy to balance if needed. Here's a comparison of my implementation with the lore: Containment: Movement: Player Interactions: Recontainment: Proposed Rule Changes: I think one of the biggest issues with the rules and the current version of SCP 106, is you could spend upwards of 25 minutes trying to self breach and then you're brought back to containment with a femur breaker within 5-10 minutes, assuming you fail the roll against the admin who will generally TP you back to containment. That's a big time investment for potentially little reward, especially when it takes a few minutes just to get to the light containment zone (LCZ). I get it though, with the current hyper aggressive/quick version of SCP 106, you don't want him just doing circles around LCZ teleporting everyone away, that's not fun. I balance this by making SCP 106 slower, having to use cunning to trap prey. He won't be fast enough to run in circles around the LCZ before personnel can get to the HCZ to do the femur breaker. If my SWEP is adopted, there will likely need to be further rule changes and tweaks (some rules just don't apply to this implementation), but generally here are the current rules that I would like changed to fit this new playstyle: Video Example of SCP 106's new movement: Video Example of SCP 106's auto teleport and flashlight aversion:
  3. That's a good point. I've confirmed it also works in Chrome, however I've further confirmed that there is no 'ctrl+f' functionality in the ULX MOTD pop-up when you enter the server and confirmed that the Steam browser doesn't automatically expand them either. Adding IDs to the span tags, and using Hash Links gets around all this and makes it easier for everyone. I don't believe having to Alt-Tab and use full chrome or edge is a great solution.
  4. It's funny, if you look back at the original request to add 1424 to the server, the OP asked that 1424 be a safe class SCP and specifically asked as part of the request: Either the Admins just missed this part of the request when adding the SWEP, or used their discretion to keep it in, regardless - use of the Bite SWEP needs to be clarified or removed.
  5. You'll have to come up with an incentive that's better than being able to KOS if you plan to make it optional, that's going to be a hard balance and will get applied heavily on the side of KOS - it's not like Dclass are unable to be arrested currently, no one does it because there's no good incentive to do so. Making it explicitly optional does nothing imo. Could change your training line to "If you see D-Class outside of D-Block and they have a gun out you can KOS, otherwise you must tell them to stop moving and put their hands up, if they don't comply within 5 seconds you can KOS." And no, running with your hands up is not a loophole since they would have to put their hands up and stop moving.
  6. That sounds so much more complicated to implement than simply: making them give the dclass ~5-10 seconds to put their hands up and stop moving, before being able to shoot them for non-compliance.
  7. lol I'm sure this is probably a bit of a joke, but ctrl+f doesn't work for all instances of "106" unless you expand all menus where the string "106" can be found.
  8. + Support Would be much more fun, cuff or rope Dclass and take them to Research or back to Dblock.
  9. -Support Poor aim and lots of crossfire in that clip. Everyone turned their back towards 173 as well, except OP. You all kinda deserved to die there.
  10. What are you suggesting? - Add Span IDs and Hash Links to the html of the MOTD/Rules page (video example below), link between different related rule sections, e.g. from the SCP-106 "Class Specific" rules area you can click a link to see the SCP-106 Self Breach guidelines. How would this change better the server? - It will allow easier navigation of the rules, make them easier to understand, and promote rule following for SCPs and others. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Someone will have to spend an afternoon adding the span IDs, but it's extremely simple and requires almost no knowledge of HTML. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Anyone who has ever had trouble finding all the rules associated with an SCP or other role that they want to play. Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - See video of what it looks like, and here are screenshots of the span ID you would need to make and the link to the span ID, very simple. Desktop 2022.06.05 - (2)_Trim.mp4
  11. Not supposed to be hostile, but if we're following the lore he's supposed to constantly emit a cloud of ammonia that hurts people (quote below). If the SWEP isn't supposed to be used then just remove it, if it's meant to be used, and thus in the game, the use of the SWEP needs to be clarified in the rules.
  12. I would support this if it was balanced with these contraints: The checkpoints need to be airlocks Keep the checkpoint airlocks open until the point where gensec would typically call "Hands Up". This simultaneously keeps D-Block's ability to riot (as long as they've been peaceful), while allowing gensec the ability to quickly stop the riot and gain control. This will also give Researchers a safe time to go in and get some test subjects without worrying about a riot and instant death in the crossfire. Allow SCPs to enter (but not camp) all the way up to the point of the airlocks. This is probably controversial, but it's not fun when an mtf/gensec/etc runs to the doorway of dblock to avoid an SCP and life goes on as normal there. They should have to essentially hit the button to close the airlocks and deal with hanging in Dblock's upper level until the SCP is recontained or leaves. This creates fun drama/conflict/RP opportunities for dblock and gensec/mtf/etc when hiding together, boosting eachother up to the catwalk, fighting the scp together, fighting each other, etc.
  13. What are you suggesting? - Add explicit 2 minute cooldown for SWEP (Bite), and limit SCP-1424 to using their SWEP on another player no more than 2 times per life. Killing the player with the SWEP should already count as RDM, and attacking the same player more than twice should fall under the Harassment rule. Here is the current rule, my addition is highlighted like this. Proposed Rules: SCP 1424: SCP-1424 is a safe class SCP. SCP 1424 appears to be a canine of the Alaskan Malamute breed. SCP 1424 is generally very friendly and has some anomalous characteristics. SCP 1424 is permitted to freely wander the HCZ, LCZ, and D-Block. SCP 1424 is required to follow personnel when provided with a dog treat. SCP 1424 can be cuffed and dragged for capture, research, or recovery purposes. The SWEP (Bite) has a 2 minute cooldown, and must not be used on any single player more than 2 times - this counter will reset on re-containment or death How would this change better the server? - SCP-1424 is able to do semi-significant damage to some personnel with their SWEP (bite), there currently is no explicit rule for using this SWEP which has and may continue to cause minor issues between players. In the lore, 1424 emits a toxic gas cloud constantly that can kill people, I think this is a good balance. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - None. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Anyone who plays as 1424, and anyone who gets bit by 1424 and has no idea that's something that can happen Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A
  14. Thank you all for the feedback. I now agree with those of you who have said that SCP-106 should NOT be allowed to Teleport in open space, reading through the SCP posts about 106 there is no mention that I saw of 106 being able to do that, I will edit my post in agreement. That said, it should be clear that SCP-106 is able to teleport into a solid object (e.g. a wall) and come out of any solid object connected to it (e.g. higher up on the wall, from the ceiling, from the floor, etc.). Below is a crude drawing, the left side is a top down image showing that while SCP-106 cannot teleport through open space, it can teleport into the wall and come out of the wall further down the hallway, the right side of the image is a face-front view showing SCP-106 can come out of the wall at a different height and from a different angle than he originally entered. This is backed up by the lore. Edit: I changed my original post to remove edits to the "Open Space" rules for teleporting, and added the following sentence: SCP-106 can teleport into a wall and teleport around inside the wall, but must exit through the same wall or a wall/ceiling/floor directly connected to the room from which SCP-106 originally entered. There may not be more than 2 doorways or 1 wall/ceiling/floor (whichever is fewer) separating where you enter and exit walls/ceilings/floors. I think that more clearly explains the limits of the teleport, and allows SCP-106 the ability to use the teleport function in a way that conforms to the lore, while not making it OP by restricting SCP-106 to not "reentering" too far away from where they originally "entered" a wall, essentially saying you can enter adjacent rooms but cannot bypass a hallway in its entirety.
  15. Would you mind linking me? I looked for it before posting this and couldn't find it.
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