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  1. Your In-game Name: rho36 EYELANDEr, RHO36 AAS Defacto Lead Camo, EliteChildSoldier Your SteamID: don't need it The admin's name in-game: 1stsavagery/chineseman What warning did you receive: FailRP | Giving D Class HP/Nades to allow him to MassRDM other DCLass, (for the innocent Elitechildsoldier) MRDM When did you receive this warning: today Please give a description of the situation that led to the warning: Okay, so you're aware of the Delta Four Static Task Force Lore, correct? For those unaware, they're essentially SCP-008 offspring that are trained to become ELITe soldiers. In the SAME way, this D-Class was essentially our very own D4. He was trained as a RHO CHILD SOLDIER since the young young age of 3 years old, conditioned to kill and eat any that opposed rho. This D-Class was our PROTOTYPE, and we ENABLED him to THROW 5 grenades into D-Block (killing several D-class and Security in the process) for the EXCLUSIVE purposes of rhosearch. So, can you really blame them here? Why do you think this warn was false: Lemme explain something to you. This ALLEGGED crime commited by the two ALLEGED perpertrators is UNSUPPORTED BY any proof at all. The D-CLASS IN QUESTION were standing in the DIRECT line of fire of the abused elitechildsoldier, and they were all slaughtered in the process. in addition, how can we be so sure that my clients assisted the dlcass in this alleged allegation against them? why would they do such a thing? we were simply conducting a harmless experiment upon RHO's weakest child soldier, and a few people happened to die in the process. i rest my case, your honor. Evidence the warning is false: none is necessary we are clearly innceont
  2. nah i plan on staying on ts, this isnt goodbye!
  3. Loved utility so much, and will never leave the people there, but it's time I leave the server unfortunately. With the combination of not enjoying myself and the prospect of a true irl job in my grasp, it's time that I leave. I hang my broom, my welder, and my stethoscope. I am sorry to leave after only 5 month, but I have NO plan of leaving you guys on ts or on steam.
  4. Lore Name: Cat Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:83704627 Rank: Associate Activity Level: 3/10
  5. im sorry ive been filling out so many loa's recently, i just feel like such shit, im at a huge low right now, i think im going to take another week break from the server, i just need to do something, before my emotions destroy me. sorry to disappoint anyone, and my dms are always open if you want to just talk with me, could use some nice friends right now
  6. Fat - Support Hmm yes let us have OFC's apply for LCPL, they sure will love being on for 5 minutes and then falsifying a request. Too easily manipulable Might be good for NCO's, but DEFINITELY not enlisted, even going into Sargent would be iffy for me.
  7. +support, sorry my man, kinda cringe, I always thought it was like a special feature of the CC that you paid loads for but if its just a bug then that's a major no for me... Imagine being CI and dealing with that.
  8. -Support This isn't Advanced "Defense" medic, this is a combat medic. It combats. Simple. Get rid of it and its a fancy player model. It shouldn't even be a question.
  9. Lore Name: Cat Rank: AR SCP: 912 Question / Idea: 912 functions better in this environment than previously thought, given that he behaves like SWAT, albeit in a much more aggressive manner. This personality and behavior fits well in the SCP Foundation, specifically the D Block, however the most interesting function about him is that it doesn't feel pain from aggressors. But can he feel pain from other inputs of stimuli? Background Research: Setup needs to be made from this test, specifically certain parameters of how the armor functions. Seeing that there is no complete overview of his anatomy, specifically a possible neuron system, I must preform these tests with the help of medical. Hypothesis: Does 912 feel pain from non aggressive sources? Observations (What Happened During Test): Upon explaining how there is a possibility that it could feel pain from something like a toe stub or a non aggressive stimulus, 912 in it's infinite wisdom slams his foot against the medbay wall. It describes an "uncomfortable feeling." I believe this is pain, or at the very least 912's version of pain. We then moved to items that are designed to deal damage, AKA weapons. I were going to give a combat knife and tell him to "scrape the side of his pants." He borrowed the knife, scraped his own pant leg leaving a small hole, and handed the knife back over and told me no stimulus was felt. I sewed the patch back up and he was back to normal. I then moved to a non aggressive item, specifically a medical hammer used to test reflexes. I applied it to the knee and it kicked forward. We then, with 912's explicit permission, hit it (not to) hard on the arm to test if pain was felt. He responded similarly to the "uncomfortable feeling" from before. We finally concluded with testing if it could determine temperature by giving it a small, room temperature metal rod along with another rod heated on a hot plate for approximately a minute. It could tell the difference and became increasingly uncomfortable holding the hot metal rod, thus dropping it. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: BEGIN VIDEO LOG. AR Cat can be seen preparing the metal rods and putting on gloves in order to handle two rods. They picks up the rods, one of which was on a hot plate, and hands them over to 912. It then begins talking to 912. AR Cat: I've handed you two metal rods, one of which is rather hot. Can you inform me of which is hotter? 912 very quickly tries handing back the hot rot to Cat. Cat then records it's data on a clipboard, and examines the glove of 912. It was partially singed. They apply aloe onto 912's glove and 912 seems to find relief, opening and closing his glove a few times, before giving a thumbs up to Cat. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): The results show that only non aggressive items can harm 912's anomalous neuron system, and items purely made for dealing damage have no effect. This could possibly render 912 neutralized at some point in time from D Class if not careful enough. There is a possibility that even when non aggressive items are used to purposely harm 912 it may not feel pain, but this would require me to look into the matter further. We can confirm however, that 912 has a way to react to stimulus around him. My next question is where does the neuron system lie? I have hypotheses as to it, but nothing truly solid yet. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: It was correct, yes. (My pronouns are It and They, hence why the video log may seem off. I had no screenshots because this was my first log, and I was unfamiliar of how the layout works, so my apologies.)
  10. YourCat

    Cat's MMF App

    Your Name : Cat Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:83704627 Your Rank : OPSV What is your Level? : 51, boutta get 52 and get my level boosts to get lv 60 Which command member gave you permission? : Borealis On a scale of 1 - 10, How active are you? : 9.9 Are you a Containment Cleaner, and if so, What Rank ? : Ye, CC Why are you fit for MMF (The longer the better) ? : I have spent countless hours on janitorial and finally being able to hang with my bois on MMF would be a blast. Just another way to participate in my favorite branch known as janitorial. What do you believe MMF's Purpose is? : a beefier CC in my opinion, its literally just a mobile task force for janitorial.
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