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    dishonorable discharge
  2. Yeah I guess I am pretty cool
  3. CC Name: Imperial Dark Trooper ($30) Adding Player: STEAM_0:1:23821932 Payment Made By: STEAM_0:1:584773809
  4. Dont care + didnt ask + ratio
  5. I like the Old Testament because of the fear it ensued in me. I hope that when God returns, he once again meets the Earth with plagues and floods and famine... that will ensure all are true to the one and only GOD LORD ALMIGHTY!
  6. Dear God Lord almighty above, please guide all members of Gaminglight to the one TRUE light. The lords light. I pray that all of command and others of the like walk in your glory Jesus lord. AMEN!
  7. You were on LOA for almost the entire time I was Marshall! Best of luck in the future man
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