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  1. The yassification of Gaminglight
  2. + Support It seems that for some time now Hotshot has been becoming more sloppy with the way he preforms his duties. I think that he has lost his touch with the community as a whole and it is time for someone who genuinely still cares about this server and community. Based on all of this evidence I believe that this is more than enough instances where I think a demotion or even a removal should be in order. The server is in desperate need of someone who can preform to the best of their abilities in the position of manager and I think that that time for Hotshot has long passed us.
  3. Your computer was broken like the entire time I was in SF but I know you'll be great for this position
  4. An idea so good I came back for a minute just to +support it
  5. You copied me. I resigned first so I am cooler!
  6. There is now one less furry on the server!!
  7. This may seem sudden to some of you but personally I think it is long past due. The past 11 months on this server have been nothing but great. I will always carry the memories I have made with you guys close to my heart and will be able to look back on these times and reminisce on the great people I’ve met and the even better friends I’ve made. However, it has come my time to move on. I may still hop on the server from time to time and see some of you. I would like to leave some of you with my final words of wisdom: Ducks - I would not be where I am today without you. I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. This has been noted. Chico - Enjoy what you have while you have it. Nobody’s gonna tell you this but you are in “the good ol’ days”. Kev - Wagwan bruv? You are the reason I tolerate British people. Cloudzz - My country’s on fire! Manjini and Brand - Please don’t kill SF. Good luck to both of you on Marshall. Bop - Good evening. Send me a tik tok or something idk. Jaeger - You are the reason I have a strong distaste for British people. PS: What was your fursona’s name again? Bear - Like the father that I always had. I just didn’t know I needed another. Keegan - I almost forgot to put you in here. I can't wait to see you as MC COL! Reddington - One of the most unproblematic people on the server. I have a lot of respect for you. Caps - THB: I see you around the ISD sometimes but idrk you. Rate: 7 BenJacobs - I love your events. Classic! Pisces - You have more warns than I can count. Last but certainly not least, Sawick - Without you I would have never joined this server in the first place. I would like to thank you; Not just for introducing me to an amazing server and community, but for being one of my closest friends. If I forgot you, no I didn’t, I do not like you. (This does not apply to people I forgot) And on that note, I’ll see you all some other time. xoxo, Given “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan
  8. Kev is one of the most experienced and dedicated members of this server and I know he will excel if he is able to achieve this position. Wagwan bruv.
  9. What is your current IGN? (In Game Name) Given What rank are you applying for? Fleet Admiral Why do you want to become the position of Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax? I wish to achieve this position so that I can continue to help improve naval and the server as a whole. I believe that through achieving this rank, I will be able to assist others in ways I could not before such as, having influence in other battalions and being able to guide others to do what is best for them and their battalion. I would also like to strengthen the relationships between naval and other branches. This is something that can be achieved through joint SIMS/Missions which I plan on hosting on a regular basis. With the position of Fleet Admiral also comes a certain respect, people look up to you, I want to be able to set that example of what a trooper/leader should look like. Finally I would like to open myself to new opportunities, to work with NHC more often than I currently do and try to help them improve themselves. I believe that myself as an addition to the current NHC team would be a fantastic fit and I am excited to have more opportunities to work with this dedicated and hard working group of people. How much in-game time do you have on the server? I currently have around 1,800 hours on the server or about 10 weeks. How active can you be on the server? I try to be active for at least 4 hours a day every day of the week; however, there are many instances that I am active for upwards of 8+ hours a day. This is all depending on my work schedule. What is the Main purpose of being a Fleet Admiral? The main purpose of being a Fleet Admiral is to assist the rest of naval high command in overseeing the naval branches as a whole. It is important that all of NHC work as a team to achieve a common goal, Fleet Admiral being one of the key aspects in this team. As Fleet Admiral, you are the first to hear about certain issues and it is your duty to ensure that these issues are dealt with in a proper manner. This is something that is put in place to ensure that all naval battalions are running smoothly and efficiently. You should constantly make yourself available to others while in this position. This is a rank that is not able to be filled by someone who is more reserved in nature due to the need to be able to fluently communicate with other command and your high command peers. Communication is essential to help ensure operations are constantly running smoothly. You must also be open to learning while in this position. There are many instances where you will not know the answer right away and will need to repeatedly discuss with other NHC to find a solution that is beneficial for everyone. Why should we trust you with this Position? EXPERIENCE I have been an active member of the server for quite some time now with me first joining a battalion all the way back in January. Since then, I have seen my fair share of what can be expected from this server and I believe that my experiences have shown me how members of the community should act, battalions should run and people should communicate with each other. My command experience is also nothing to turn your nose to. I have actively been in a command position since July across two separate battalions and I believe that I have left an impact in both of these regiments that will far surpass my time on the server. There is no doubt that I have made mistakes in the past, however, these mistakes are something that I have learned from and I would like to continue to be able to learn from any future mistakes I may make. WORK ETHIC My work ethic has never been something I’ve struggled with. I constantly feel the need to try to improve myself or assist my peers in improving themselves. I am always striving to be better and better whilst making those around me subsequently better as well. Although at times there may be situations where I cannot perform to the highest of my standards, I do take note of this and seek out ways that I can improve on these situations. I have a passion for winning and am able to achieve this feeling through the display of my work and achievements. DEDICATION It may not be a secret to many of the position that Starfighters was left in when I stepped in as the rank of Vice Marshall. As soon as I obtained this rank, I sought out to revive and improve the battalion. This would be no easy task. Constantly, I was looking for ways to improve activity, from flag-ups to battalion updates and everything in between. I always remained diligent and even when it seemed there was no hope, I pushed forward. Now, I am happy to say that SF’s activity has severely improved and we are able to maintain a constant player base. Just this week we have reached 10+ players at once on multiple occasions. I believe my dedication to trying to improve this battalion has displayed itself on multiple occasions and will continue to be displayed in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my application.
  10. There is only one job slot so only one person at a time is able to hop on the job.