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  1. +Support - Been in IC Quite awhile and been dedicated to the Branch - Has been in multiple Officer positions so I believe he would do well if gotten the position
  2. What is your In Game Name? ARC CSM ChesterCheetah 014 What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:451095720 How Long Have You Been In 501st? I was originally in 501st back when Milford was the CMDR at that time and have reached the rank of SSGT before leaving and this term has been my longest time i've been in from starting ground up from PVT till CSM and have been around almost a month now. Why Do You Want to Become an Officer? [100+ Words] My reason to why I want to become an officer of the battalion is because as the battalion continues to grow more, more people join that may have different time zones or some officers/command may be busy with docs or with irl situations and I would like to assist by giving 501st a more broaden availability of 501st officers that may be able to keep in-check for those Enlisted/NCO's with different time zones as well as assist with any trivial task so that the higher ranking officers/Command may be able to focus more on the things they need to do. With my time on the 501st ever since coming back to the server has been great and met a lot of great people in the branch and I would like start giving back more to the battalion, and with my past experience as a command member I feel like I would be able to help the battalion even more. How could you assist the 501st Command with this rank? [75+ Words] With this rank I would be able to assist command with many things, Firstly I would to make sure NCO's does their duty and helping them reach their quota when need be as well as keep an eye on the enlisted to make sure they dont get into much trouble. Secondly I would assist command by giving my thoughts on how we could potentially improve the battalion as a whole as well as be able to assist any doc work if they ask me for any help. Thirdly I would host SIMs and Training as any officer would do as its part of their jobs to do so to keep the battalion active and entertained. Next I would handle any trivial task that a Officer should be able to do so that command may focus more on the more important duties they need to do like potential updates or improvements to the battalion. Lastly with my former experience, command would be able to rest easy knowing that I would be capable in handling any duty given to me and be able to uphold the rules and regulation of the battalion in their absence as the battalions day to day operation and activity is important for a healthy battalion. How many strikes do you have? None What Qualifications could you bring to the 501st Officer Team? The Qualifications I could bring to the officer core is firstly my activity I would be available to any NCO/Enlisted that may need assistance or to higher ups if they require anything from me. Secondly is My personality, I know when it would be the time to be joking around or to be serious and I would say my work ethics is pretty good. Thirdly with my former experience as a Officer/Command member I would be able to assist new and older officers in anyway I can by giving them advice or generally helping them in their duties and lastly and the most important thing I believe is to keep the trust of others as keeping the trust of others is very important to keep the battalion to advance even more as unnesesary arguments or infighting would just hinder the battalion's progress and would add tension to one another and would result unnesesary distrust as we should be working as a team to keep the battalion in a good state. Have you had any previous experience as an Officer? I've had experience in both being Officer and Command member. My notable roles has been: Purge Captain, IC Major, ISB Agent Kallus, Shock Commander, and lastly DT Senior Commander. What is the purpose/duty of an Officer?: The duty of a officer of a battalion is to uphold the SOP to its members and making sure nobody breaks it as well as discipline those who breaks it or act out of line. They report anything to command if the situation isnt for them to handle. They also oversee day to day operations to make sure everything in the battalion goes smoothly as well as making sure the NCO does their duty and enlisted acts accordingly. They as well host trainings/SIMs for the NCO's and enlisted to keep them entertained as well as keep the battalion active. They are also there to assist Command and NCOs/Enlisted alike to the best of their abilities ranging from answering questions given to them by NCO's/Enlisted to Assisting Command with their work if they are asked to or if there are any error/outdated things on any document. Lastly the duty of a officer is able to lead their troops with a calm and collective mind as leadership is very crucial in any given situation to keep everything neat and be able to complete any objective in a orderly fashion.
  3. 1. Your full in-game IC name and rank: IC CSE SFC 0038 Locke 2. Have you ever been striked in IC? (How have you improved?): None 3. How many warnings do you have?: None 4. How is your in-game activity? (Officer activity is tracked by IC and HC.): Pretty Good if I say so myself been very active ever since joining IC 5. What is your current sub-specialty?: Scout Sniper Enlisted/Crimson Squad 6. Why do you want to become an IC Officer?: Reason Why I want to become officer. Ever since coming back to the server a couple weeks ago I have seen some improvements to the battalion and I would like to assist the battalion's growth even more than now. Following Reasons why I would Like to become a Officer are that firstly with me having a different timezone we would have a more broaden schedule for officer availability and able to ensure enlisted/NCO with a different timezone are in check and entertained. Secondly with my past command experience I would like to assist the Current officer core and command team with my being to ensure the battalion is growing in the right direction. Lastly the reason Why I want to become an Officer for IC is that I know im ready for bigger responsibilities and I would not fail and disappoint anyone. 7. Why should you be trusted to become an IC Officer?: The reason I can be trusted as a Officer is because in the past I've been entrusted with very high positions and I have never been striked in any of those positions (Notable ones are DT and Kallus). Even with my past experience I am still willing to learn new things and still can make mistake but I learn from them to help better myself. Since I was a former IC Officer and that the SOP more or less still relatively still the same from back Then I would easily be able to uphold the SOP and ensuring others follow it and nothing is broken. Lastly why I can be trusted is that with the things entrusted to me in the past before retiring I have always try to ensure the relation of myself and to others is never broken as having the trust of others would help the battalion progress further while having no trust would just do a lot of harm and a lot unnecessary fighting/arguements as i've seen in past command members which hindered the battalion greatly during my time. 8. What advantage would you bring to IC by becoming an Officer? Advantage of having me as a Officer is that Im a very experience Command member with me holding the rank of Senior Commander Twice now, First time was DT and Second was being Kallus and been in multiple Officer/Command Positions before so im very experience on what I am required to do and whats being ask of me. Secondly with my experience I would be able to assist new and upcomming NCO's and Officers to be able to teach them all the stuff they would need to know to ensure they would have a successful future in the battalion. Third and Lastly advantage of having me on board as I stated on the Why i would like to become a officer question is that since I have a different Timezone I would be able to keep an eye on Enlisted and NCO's making sure no SOP is being breached nor minging of any kind as well as being able to keep them entertain where some hours are dead for most.
  4. Hello Everyone!! Some of you may know me as: BiggieCheez | Doofenshmirts | SB3 and unfortunate to say that as of today I would be officially be resigning from GL as I've been feeling pretty burnt from the server lately which resulted in lack of activity from me and the drive to get on, but know this that my 1 year time I have spent on the server has been very fun and made a lot of memories with you all and may come back in the future, but for now this is goodbye!! Now for the mentions!!! DT: One of the first battalions I've joined when I First joined the server and seen its up and downs, but glad to see its going well!! (Lmk if dis Mann Guy causes any problems) @ArcanineGoatAK9(Goat): No (One of the Best VCMDR/CMDR and Friend I ever had for during my time as DT SNR CMDR as well as the best financial officer I ever had!) Highlight me^^^ @Hale?HL1(Hale): Good Friend and helped me a lot during my time as CMDR for DT, hope you do well in SCP! @bop@A FrogBop/Frog: The Duo back then in DT, and damn look at where you guys are now!! For Bop better be manager when I come back!! and for Frog hope ya reach higher in NHC!! Ill be seeing ya both around. @MannWH0(Mann): WH0 let this loser become SNR CMDR??!? But in all seriousness good friend and nice to talk with, will miss our chats, but will be seeing you in DMs from time to time and better be NHC when I Come back. @B O O M E RBoomer: Good Friend and helped me a lot back then when I first transferred into naval. I wish for the best for ya in your future endeavors in naval! @end1v3EN3: Smh Comming outta reserves when I'm already retired. But glad to finally see ya aiming to climb the ranks or at least be reach high as you can and wish ya the best in your career in DT!! @KeeganKeegan: Great Friend I could have asked for in both ingame and in GM!! and really helped me a lot during my time the GM team. Will be seeing you very very very very soon >:) @DraytonDrayton: Great friend and gave me a lot of advice when I was getting started as a CMDR and will always remember the executions you've done to me in EC!! @ReddingtonReddington: Will also miss my chats with you!! and hope for the best with you. (Cant find ya ping) Jaeger: Wagwan If ya didn't get mentioned dont feel bad as there was a lot of people I talked with in the span of a Year, with that being said its been a good run with yall and will hopefully see you guys in the future!!
  5. In-game name: Known By the Following: BiggieCheez/Cheez, Doofenshmirtz SteamID: STEAM_0:0:451095720 Current RP rank on StarWarsRP: Shock Commander How long have you been Gamemaster: I was originally in GM when Emily was still the HGM but then left and rejoined back at 11/8/21 so approximately with my new rejoin date it would be 3 months now. Have you received any strikes (please give reasons if applicable): Have received a Strike once and that was failing to reach event quota, but has been removed already since. How much time do you have on the server?: 14 weeks How well do you know the LORE? I'd say I'm pretty knowledgeable of the Lore as I have watch all the movies and shows and seen some of the comics, and as well as I'm currently watching the new Star wars shows. Why do you WANT to become a Senior Gamemaster?: The reason why I would like to become a SGM is because I would like to assist the GM team in more ways than I currently can. As of right now the GM team would need as much help as they can get and I want to be able to help the team improve even more. With the position I would like to promote more creativity in people's events and dupes and being able to do some sort of building/creating dupes lessons (Heard it as suggestion and thought it was a good idea as it will also show Others ideas on how to improve their builds). Another reason why I would like to reach this position is because I would like to promote even more that Event quality is more important than event quantity, as I have noticed in my time in the GM team that there were some events that was being re-used a couple times with some minor changes and I know that those kinds of things are unavoidable, but would like to help the GM's by giving them some ideas to give the events some sort of twist to them so those types of events wont feel repetitive. Lastly the reason why I would like to be a SGM is because I would like to be assist in Storyline events as well as be more involved in the creations of them as story line events are one of the most important events for the server. Why should you be trusted to be a Senior Game Master?: The reason why I can be trusted with the position is because with the time and effort I put into the things I do within GM. I always make sure that none of the other GMs are breaking the SOP and would inform them if they did. I have been apart of the community for almost a year now and I believe that I'm pretty well known to where people would know I would never try to get myself in trouble. Another reason why I can be trusted is Whenever people are going to host SIMs or Mission they would PM me (most of the time the it was from people who has seen me GM Mission/SIMs before) if I was free to do it and could GM it for them as they wouldn't be asking me If I wasn't trusted enough to make the Mission/SIM fun for everyone. Lastly and Overall reason why I can be trusted is because I always put my 100% in my events and dupes as I always focus on quality more than quantity and have always Given my Events a good amount of time whenever I plan them and a lot time whenever I create new dupes for events. Have you mastered ULX?: Yes, I believe I have mastered all the commands that a GM would need to use in their events. Are you experienced with planning Mega Events?: Yes, as I have some planned and I've also assisted in a storyline event which gives me a general idea of a a mega/storyline event should be. Give an example of a mega event: [On Ship] Part 1- ISB LT General Doofenshmirtz Comes aboard the ISD escorting a high valued prisoner (Rebel CMDR), and task the ISD with interrogating and escorting the prisoner to one of the secure Imperial Prisons in the outer Rim, Little did they know that there was a tracker on the prisoner placed by the rebels before capture and has found their way to the coordinates. [On Ship] Part 2- After the Interrogation, the ISD would be hyperspacing into the Outer Rim to drop off the prisoner, As soon as they arrive a the rebel fleet would Soon come out of hyperspace and would start their attack on both the ISD and the Prison. Now the troops of the ISD must repel the rebel's attack ensuring that they wont be able to rescue the prisoner in question. [Off Ship] Part 3- After being able to repel the rebel forces in the ISD, they are now being sent off to the imperial Prison to reinforce their defenses as their currently being overrun by rebels and as well as a prisoners rioting in assisting in the attempt of doing a prison break. [Off to On Ship] Part 4 (Ending)- Successfully Defending the imperial Prison as well as making sure none of the dangerous inmates were able to escape, The Warden Of the Prison Later finds out that the tracker was on the Prisoner(Rebel CMDR) and is being sentenced to a swift and painful execution for the extra crimes that he has committed against the empire and after the execution the personnel of the ISD then returns to their ship and hyperspaces away. (The End) How active can you be: I'm Fairly Active by being on early morning to early and late night.
  6. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Shock VCMDR Doofenshmirtz 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Shock Commander 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? The reason why I would like to become the next Commander for Shock is because I believe I am able to help the battalion strive more, because I have a lot of plans/changes for the battalion that I believe would not only be great to have and be beneficial for everyone , it might also attract people to the battalion. With the people I've served under during my time in the server, I believe I am able to help guide new Enlisted, NCO, and Officers reach greater heights and be able to help them become the best leader/person I know they can be. I know I may not have as much time in the battalion than most, but with my time as Kallus and the relations i've made with shock then and now I know for sure that I would still be able to help shock reach greater heights than what it is now. I want Shock to be able to have an even stronger relation with other battalions, even those that they don't interact with much, as It will make Shock have a even better reputation amongst the server and would be able to help change some of the negative views of people that they may have on the battalion. I want to make the communication of the NCO's, Officers, Command members and even enlisted be stronger with one another, because communication is key to a battalions success and it helps avoid issues with any misinformation with one another. I want to shoulder the responsibilities of a commander, because I know that I am ready for them and so that I could help prepare those who would pursue shock be ready for the responsibilities of being NCO's, Officers or even CMDR/VCMDRs when the time comes. Lastly I want to make sure that shock would be left in capable hands when the time comes for me, because shock has had a weird history with some of its past command members and I would like to change that. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? 12 Weeks (https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/982436374) 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of a commander is to make sure that the battalion is running smoothly without issue, and be able to handle any problems as professionally and efficiently as possible when their needed. The commander of the branch should always keep every document up to date and make changes to them when its needed. The commander should always be interacting with their battalion to know how their Enlisted, NCO, and Officers are doing and to see if they may have any questions, concerns or suggestions they may have for them. The commander of the branch should be able guide those under them as they are the future of the battalion and because they are the only reason why the battalion is running. A Commander should be very knowledgeable about their battalion and should be able to have good standards in their battalion, as it sets a example to others. Lastly the most important role of the commander for the branch is that being able to lead and inspire those under them, because with those attributes they are able to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of their battalion, and to help inspire those who are feeling lost and don't expect much of themselves to reach greater heights as they may be the one who are able to do more for the battalion than what the current commander of the branch could. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : The reason why I can be trusted to be the commander of the branch is because I have time, dedication, and experience for the position. I will never neglect my duties as a command member as I have never been command striked once and I have been trusted the rank of Senior Commander twice now during my time on the server. I'm very approachable and can be easily get into contact with for any situations/questions that is needed of me as I believe that a fast and timely response will get things finished fast and effectively. I'm always open to criticism as I know it can help me become an more effective leader that a battalion would need. I always keep things within the confines of the rules and I always try my best to keep others out of trouble when I see that it might get out of hand. Lastly I will always try to keep the trust of those around me, because trust is a very important factor for a battalion to succeed in the end as without trust, a lot of issues will never be solved and could lead to the downfall of a battalion overtime. 7. How often can you be Online? : I can be on everyday in early morning-Afternoon and at night 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : None
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