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  1. -Support I saw what you did to get this, anyways...
  2. +Support As a long term Gaminglight Imperial Roleplayer, I have enjoyed this server a lot, it always brings me back - This is only after an update has come out, they are so rare that it is difficult for me to enjoy and stay on the server long term especially if I do not join staff or GM. The community that has grown on this server is a fun and enthusiastic one, it is very enticing to get on the server with the player base but Hotshots appalling management skills dissuade me from deciding to hop on sometimes, I constantly hear hotshot has done such and such, and its never anything anyone likes, he constantly meddles with roleplay decisions whilst not being active with his community he is completely disconnected from anything roleplay related, only when his friends come crying to him does he ever get involved always waiting till a boiling point where command members are at each others throats to do anything, it is disheartening to see that such a good community has been left in the hands of such a nonchalant manager with no drive, no passion, no nothing. I speak to many people from this server daily and it's constantly negative! Furthermore, Hotshot had a discussion with a few members of the server about updates, promising updates will be coming, but to no avail, I know many community members even friends who have left because they are bored, they've done everything, there's nothing new - no updates. I am grateful Keegan has done this, as said in his report, people need to see how he acts and deals with situations, many people think Hotshot is this standup awesome person, which he could be but instead he decides to only further his friends enjoyment on the server Via Corrupt decisions, such as random mass promotions which no one would agree with and dissuading innovative ideas Command and High Command members have come up with. Whilst a punishment is in order, Hotshot should begin to realise that people are done with how he is managing, change is what we need, not what we want... But need, if you are burnt out let someone take your place, don't bring the server down with you because you can't be bothered to manage it, even recently Zeeptin has brought back beckett, Nimo and Apple from Zeusgaming to help with the low number of management. So please step it up, stop plastering lies all over the place, that will only temporarily solve an issue till it pops back up. Please I beg!
  3. -Support You do stand on bridge a lot You do, do good SIMs Other Applicants have done more However good Luck, I wish the best Also, I saw those blue uniforms on black ops 2 in the campaign, when they are riding Obama and some guy called Menendez escapes cause his goons free'd him, really messed up how they did that on the HMS Obama or something like that
  4. Well thought out update for DT, a needed one at that!
  5. +Support Man was trying to listen to music, also you could've given this member a verbal warning as he has recently donated and is new to the server, in the bigger picture of things nobody reads the MOTD, Staff should be the ones enforcing it for sure, but enforcing a week ban onto somebody without them knowing they could play a song with a few N-Words in is not what I would expect from a community who treat there donators higher than regulars, from this understanding you should've given him a verbal and I'm sure he wouldn't of done it again. Also this song is a meme song as it has the rock in it, which I find hilarious. Still a verbal warning should've been given as he had no intent of being 'Racist' and the song clearly is not racist, a little research does go a long way, he deserves an unban in my opinion. Mel you didn't do anything wrong, you just did the basic response of 'Oh my god N-Word I must ban' which everyone understands, however as you said he was truthful, which is more of a reason he should be unbanned, nothing will come to you over this but hopefully this makes other staff realise that the N-Word isn't always racist, it is a cultural thing used in thousands of songs. I also agree with Anubis, someone playing a song such as a Playboi carti song shouldn't be labelled as racist, it should just be mic spam, unless the song is blatantly racist, which is where the researching of the song would come in.
  6. Goodbye Big man, you will be missed! We wish you the best for the future Yours Truly, the Empire Defence League
  7. +Support Goat is an amazing candidate for this position, even though I personally think that this Marshal Commander spot shouldn't exist, however if anyone was to get it Goat would be it, he has been command a few times now and has spent months in DT and a good while in Shock, he does a fantastic job and isn't noticed enough for it. Goat is also a very kind and understanding person with a very good work ethic, after Shocks 4 Member command team all dipped and left, Frog stepped up to the plate to help shock stay healthy, he has fixed the battalion alongside his other officers and has made it a respectable battalion. He has a perfect set of skills for this position and would be a near perfect member of Army High Command! Good Luck Goat
  8. +Support DT Is in a position where it definitely needs a hard working NCO like this applicant, this application is amazing, this surpasses even High Command levels of effort. From what I have seen WS7 Is one of or even the most active DT NCO Currently, and with DTs low numbers they are putting in the work whilst other are not, if any DT NCO deserves this spot WS7 is the NCO. Finally, WS7 Shows the professional behaviour needed for a role model, from what I've seen in game they can do there job, from what I see in this application it mirror's it. There is zero chance you are not getting this position so I would like to congratulate you pre-maturely, now go out there and make DT Great again!