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  1. I was expecting to see this today, very good.
  2. bye Shout out to absolutely no one, you all suck!
  3. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): 501st Commander Pisces 2223 Why do you want to become the position of Marshal Commander?: I want to become the next Marshal Commander because I have the necessary skills and mindset to become a member of high command. Firstly, my time as Vice Commander in the 501st Legion taught me a plentiful amount of things, it was a stepping stone in my career to help forward myself into the community as a whole, and most importantly into Army. during this time I attempted to restore 501st with minor changes, always keeping my fellow command members aware of any changes I would wish to make, this is to ensure the communication between me and my fellow 501st command members was as best as it could be leaving nobody in the dark on any changes and constantly discussing amongst ourselves the impacts of the changes, furthermore in the position of Vice Commander it was my duty to ensure my Officer core was performing as well as they could. Secondly, my time as Commander in the 501st Legion has given me a deeper dive into the responsibilities a command member would have, being the head of an entire battalion is no easy task, therefore I stepped up to the plate, providing cross battalion sims, constant small amounts of roleplay and a serious yet playful atmosphere, never to strict, never to nice. Because of the power a commander withholds I was sure to never display any heinous behaviour to my subordinates, constantly portraying a relaxed yet commanding presence among my peers and troopers. As well as this, I made a conscious effort to try and improve relations between my battalion and others, not only in Army but in Navy and Inquisitorious, this has provided my battalion with a multitude of extra activities alongside other battalions due to me trying to involve other battalions within, my missions and SIMs. Due to these experiences and my collective skills I feel like the position of Marshal Commander is well suited for an individual such as me, due to the fun and relaxed setting I present myself in, this makes me very approachable and easy to talk to, as I have a cheerful [Sometimes] and charismatic attitude towards members of this community. I am always striving to improve and provide a enjoyable experience for the player base, as well as improve myself. What is the biggest thing you would bring to Army High Command?: The main quality I would bring to the Army High Command is my activity, dedication, hard work and willingness to improve in any way shape or form, I have shown that I have changed for the better and wish to provide the members of our community with an enjoyable and memorable experience. As well as this, I am excited to begin work with other members of Army High Command as I have a keen interest in all of the current members of High Command and would love to get to know them even more during my time in Army High Command. What is the purpose of a Marshal Commander?: The main role of a Marshal Commander is the overseeing of the Battalions assigned to them, similar to the Senior Commander's job, this one requires a more hands on approach, focusing and attempting to help the current command members of said Battalion, develop and address any issues small or big, however it is important for Marshal Commander-or any member of High Command to help any other battalion in anyways shape or form, as helping your assigned battalion is simply the bare minimum. It is also important for the Marshal Commander to be vocal with his fellow High Command Members with any issues or concern they may have, as this is a trial period and the individual should try and improve themselves as well as they can, the best people for that are other Members of Army High Command as communication is key. As well as this, not only is it important to be vocal with High Command Members, it is even more crucial to be vocal with Lower Command members, constantly ensuring any questions or concerns are answered, as well as this, the Marshal Commander should also make an attempt to talk to each Command member personally and helping them improve in there weaknesses, this could be anywhere from activity to loggings, ensuring the Command Members are doing there jobs is extremely important. Another Very important thing a Marshal Commander should be doing is being unbiased, this is the hardest and most important skill a Marshal Commander should bring with them into the High Command team, Bias can lead to poor choices in choosing Command members which can lead to a downward spiral of activity in that battalion and a poorer quality of Officers and NCOs. Secondly all candidates for a position should be given the same chance to prove themselves, myself is a perfect example of this. Why should we trust you to be Army High Command?: I should be trusted with this position because, over the recent months I have been on a constant drive to improve myself and become a mature and sociable member of this community, I am attempting to change for the better and I hope people can forgive me for my past actions. Apart from my immature stage of my Gaming light Career as of recent I have been entrusted with multiple positions of authority and have correctly fitted myself into those roles, becoming first of a Low Command member [MAJ+] then proceeding into Command [VCMDR] and now being given the opportunity to prove myself in the position of Commander, which I have taken very seriously to provide my subordinates a fun and enjoyable time. Furthermore, I am extremely dedicated to this community clocking in 2,286 hours on the server, as of the time of writing this application, this should show my drive and passion for the community. As well as this, my dedication to 501st is unmatched, aside from my fellow command members of course, however Alongside Nebel we had revived HVYs documents polishing them into what they are today, developing on this, I had come back and begun updating documents such as the ARC SOP and splitting it into a simpler and easier way to read and understand it, more on this, I had created an ARC Revamp to make ARC, our special forces, feel like special forces giving them important tasks such as hacking, demolition, Interrogation and recon, ARC after all are meant to be the jack of all trades. I pride myself on being an charismatic individual, as without this skill, people wouldn't feel comfortable asking me questions, this is extremely important to a member of High Command especially a Marshal Commander due to CoC you are the first impression and individual has upon High command and it can leave a permanent impression on that person, so due to this I have made a staunch effort to become more approachable and charismatic. How often can you be Online?: Currently I am online from around 12PM GMT to around 2PM GMT then I work until around 9PM GMT, I am then up until around 2 AM GMT. I will leave a rough schedule below: Monday - 12PM - 2PM -~- 9PM - 2AM Tuesday - 12PM - 2PM -~- 9PM - 2AM Wednesday - 11AM - 1PM -~- 9PM - 2AM Thursday -12PM - 2PM -~- 9PM - 4AM Friday - 11AM - 3AM Saturday - 11AM - 2AM Sunday - 9PM - 3AM Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): 25 Warnings
  4. Accepted! Please speak to a LTCOL+ for training
  5. +Support Her time has come, I know Dos has been around the community since at least midway through 2021, as I took a break from the beginning of 2021, however she has had her ups and downs, but I think now she has shown true potential in becoming a Command Member, whilst her activity within game can always be improved upon, she supplements this with her administrative duties within DT, by the sounds of it, almost micro-managing the activity of DT, ensuring there are no issues etc etc. This is a main need of a VCMDR and with her seniority within DT I say now is the time for her to become the next DT VCMDR. To be honest I wish I could do what she does, imagine a command member asking "hey just checking up on your activity, you haven't been on in a while, is there anything going on?" - This shows to that person that Dos/AX5 truly cares about them and might give them that little edge to hop on the server instead of drifting away from the community. I hope you get it, it's been a long time coming and I for one am happy to see this application, good luck Dos!
  6. Application Denied Unfortunately after intensive review by 501st Command, we have decided to deny your application for officer, you may reapply in 1 week.
  7. +Support - Doesn't go outside - British - Very calm and collected - Prior Experience within Shock (Prev. Captain) - informative on rules - Doesn't power trip (Take notes!)
  8. ACCEPTED! Speak to a Command member for your officer training!
  9. +Support With Matts recent troubles with his computer he has been unable to perform to his best and has only recently come back, however before that he had been doing his job well and leading a sub branch is a task we set upon him, which he has done decently. However Matts application does make him look bad however it is all about the work he puts into 501st, he does his SIMs and tryouts and helps 501st like he should do, he has also been a senior member of the 501st for a long time and maybe this is his chance! As always I wish you the best luck and stay strong!
  10. +Support Leaving out his past, with Nebel's return he has fulfilled the jobs he has been given, working hard for the new Engineering department and still doing lots for 501st as a whole, he has come back in force and his work shows it! Apart from that he has done plenty previously which give him an upper hand compared to other applicants, but his prior work should show what he can do as a VCMDR for 501st and I would love for him to come back! Stay Strong I wish the best for you!
  11. +Support Shaq would be a fine VCMDR, mainly due to this drive to do engaging things such as storylines and other sorts of missions, his activity can be brought into question similar to memphis, however he does make the most of his time whilst on the server. Sitting down with Shaq shows he has a great work ethic, however his real life does impede on this, the application is ok I do not personally mind it however as always it can be improved upon. Other than this Shaq has his moments of greatness and his undesirable moments, but don't we all... I think Shaq would be a nice addition to the 501st Command team and I wish him the best of luck, stay strong!
  12. +Support After a small time of waiting and watching and noticing you have updated your application, I have decided to +Support this application. This applicant is a hard working individual and makes the most of his time whilst on the server, constantly doing things, obviously the only downside to this applicant is that he can't be too active which, whilst he can't fix has made the most of his short time on the server, which Is why I think he could a do a good job at VCMDR, as well as this he is also a nice individual and understands professionalism more than most and is very vocal about the way he feels about people making him easy to work with and understand! Over all I wish to say good luck to you Mr Memphis, it would be a pleasure to have you as the next VCMDR, Stay strong!
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