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  1. ============================================================================ Forum Diplomat Message; Please keep all comments on this post to strictly +/- supports only, anything that does not shed light on the situation or your opinion in a + support or - support case then it will be hidden, please follow rule 14 and the forums rules. This post will be locked upon continuation of forum rules being broken. ============================================================================
  2. =========================================== Forum Diplomat Message you previously made a post where you were warned that if you continued to argue on the forums your post will be locked, despite that you continued, this post is one in the same. if you continue to argue your post will be locked and you will be content moderated. Please keep this post +/- support, continuing to break rule one of the forums will result in punishments being handed out. ===========================================
  3. +support logs show foo shot 0.68 seconds before sly, due to self-defense on the server he was allowed to shoot back.
  4. ====================================================== Continued argumentative comments will result in the post being locked. Please keep this post strictly +/- supports only. ======================================================
  5. -support as the event team co-leader this is completely un-needed, just put event in your name. you cant bring an entire job, would be the same amount of commands !bring event.
  6. -support while I do feel your a good fit I personally don’t think you have enough playtime recently to begin moderating all of the rules.
  7. Due to continuous chatter within this appeal, this appeal will be locked and dealt with by smt.
  8. ====================================================== Forum Diplomat Message Please keep this post to +/- supports only, continued argumentative comments will lead to this post being locked. ======================================================
  9. as much as it pains me to say this, -support, you are responsible for your account and its security. I can understand that people can hack into accounts and can token grab etc, but it also does fall under you. Its very oddly specific that someone hacked into ur steam account, hopped on gmod, then got you banned. Imo this woulnd't be enough proof that it wasnt you. There isn't a time stamp on the email, its just not enough in my opinion evidence wise.
  10. ACCEPTED After intensive review, you have been accepted into the PoliceRP Event Team. Please talk to one of the PoliceRP Event Team Leaders.
  11. Bartholomew


    how is your guy's experience on the server so far?
  12. Your in game name: Bartholomew The player's in game name: Foo UMC The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:642170066 What did the player do: Failrp x2, purposly drove "over" darkzz multiple times to prevent him from being arrested due to a "bug/exploit" that cancels the animation from continuing, you can argue that he didnt mean to but he did it 3 times. also didnt advert, I had to call him out in order for him to do it. I let him know verbally but he didn't do anything. Evidence (required): https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/HMAbP5oay6t76/qtNwuKLSxiYE?invite=cr-MSxNUXUsNTI2NDE3NTEs What do you believe should happen to the player: warn Any extra information: he has 6 previous failrp warns.
  13. this is not exploiting, I was switching back and forth my weapon because the gun isn't coded right and sometimes doesn't actually reload EVEN after cooldown for the shot to reload is over. Rapid firing the barret is not a thing. I was waiting cooldown. Along with waiting for the cooldown with reload, I have about 30 hours of recording if needed I can provide. I didn't inventory anything this entire night, I never died and I never put it away, as I said I have 30 hours of recording which I would be more than glad to provide. Let me break these clips down for you, The first clip is litterally a normal pvp, I had no ammo so I "pistol whipped" you with a negev not even close to exploting I litterally switched guns. second clip you werent even in the room to see the 2 other players who had barrets 2 of us including myself and soul were litterally holding that door, so you heard two seperate barrets fire and reload. your litterally 3rd person peaking which might I add is considered exploiting/failrp thats crazy. third clip litterally shows me shoot pull it out, not anything after, want to know why? that because it had no ammo in it. whethere I switched weapons or didnt cooldown wouldnt have been affected I couldnt shoot the gun regardless. none of the situations you provided show me intentionally breaking the barrets cooldown / exploiting.
  14. im so sad now General Boppington will live on forever, legacy will never be forgetton. Best kanye fan and enjoyer Best General to ever play
  15. -support kos sign out front, she asked u to leave, u didnt. you combat healed aswell https://gyazo.com/3b0f101656041a2abcf2b7da9737d5a4
  16. What you want to see? - Switch back to rockford, with some added features like maybe a new buildings or so. Why should we add it? - we all love rockford, its been a community favorite and I feel like it always will be, its balanced for bases, and for gov. In aspect for event team, there are more dupes already made, better spots, and more space/areas. While this map is good and not saying it isn't there just isn't a whole lot of areas to host events. What are the advantages of having this? - Statistically, we have had better player count additionally, and the server honestly needs a switch back to rockford for one we get better fps., two more event areas, 3 server performance, and 4 the server had less problems, and didn't crash nearly as much as this map does. Who is it mainly for? - the community Links to any content -
  17. in order to join EMS you need to either go to tryouts or apply @ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1tOmLcX8wByb-Od6p_p3WqeuC5GAhidisD73M_6C3X7g/viewform?edit_requested=true
  18. +support iceberkk has shown rapid improvement in growth and knowledge pertaining to being a great staff member for imperialrp. Compared to his previous application back in February he has come a long way and would be a great addition to the team!
  19. -support this is pretty cut and simple, this warn is valid and wont be removed, soup did not admit that it was a mistake and neither of you have any proof of this sit.
  20. -support he pulled a gun on you, that would require lethal force, its fine how it is now. no need to fix something that doesnt need fixed.
  21. what your saying seems to be related to a microcosm of different things, and is a little contentious, this post was more aimed towards making it so that criminals who already spent quite a prolonged period of time dead, to not have to wait an additional 420 seconds not adding the other additional amount of time it takes to get to DOC. In your own words, you specifically want that player (Soul) to stop doing criminal activities as you don't want to have to deal with them? I guess what I'm trying to say is I can't grasp your point of view. I personally feel as though removing an additional 120 seconds would be indefinitely helpful to criminals. I know what you're all going to say "You do the time you do the crime." But how are we going to bring the more pragmatic and realistic way of bringing in more players and upkeep a positive government and criminal player base? We can't keep being toxic to each other because we can't get along or we don't want to have to deal with someone because they're annoying to deal with or other given reasons which I may not have brought up or considered. My overall feedback for this post is +Support.
  22. Forums Diplomat Message Keep this post to a +Support/-Support basis ONLY. Arguing between one another is prohibited. Continued violations of this rule could lead to temporary restrictions, warnings, and even this post being locked pending SMT review.
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