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  1. Massive +Support This for one would be lore accurate, and provide a much needed buff for a very underused SCP
  2. -SUPPORT Gensec loses d block constantly literally any sniper one shots d class, they have 100 health, ive literally never seen a sniper do less then 100 damage unless you shoot their toe, kinda un needed.
  3. ROA or LOA: LOA Name: AsheFox Rank: ET Member Start Date: 1/21/22 End Date: 1/28/22 Reason: ive had a lot of shit goin on IRL and just cant be on my pc much currently, i know my activity has been lower recently but i think with this break so i can focus on my irl problems i can come back in full swing and get active again, love you guys :3
  4. Im sorry guys, im so sorry. I just, really didn't want it to all come down to this, im not burnt out, not tired of playing GL, nothing like that, I just have been enlightened recently as to how people feel about me. And its not a good thing, and im sorry for all the people i wronged and hurt and was just shitty too i guess, if you fall under those people then this goes out to you. to everyone in wardens reading this, fucking lead that god damn sub branch into greatness, it is the best thing in the whole fucking server mark my words. There isn't anything like it, and i believe you all can do great things, i hope i did a good job as DHWD... my heart was with you guys 100% of the time, i wanted what was best for you but i fucked it up and im sorry. To my normal gensec, i was happy to be your MAJ in the time i was here, i had so many laughs with all of you, you are all SUCH GREAT PEOPLE! i fucking ADORE you guys i am not joking or exagerating. This community we have in gensec... you can't compare it to anything else in this server, we are nicest community here and i loved it so much. The reason i got on every day was to hang out with you guys, talk with each and every one of you and share some laughs while we shot the funny orange people. I made so many friends, lost so many friends, made enemies and made alliances. It was a fucking wild ride man. GENSEC gives a experience you cant find in any other branch, and i am SO PROUD to have been a part of that! I remember back in December 2020, when i first joined this server, i saw gensec and thought "those guys are assholes! im gonna join and minge!" so thats exactly what i did, i became a OFC (with the WORST training ever, you better find out who trained me sprink and whip them >:c) and i joined gensec! I instantly went to 173 and breached him, laughing my ass off the whole time, even making it into HCZ, luckily i was never caught and logged off the server after a hour of minging. A week later i think hmmm im bored lets play that server again, and i start playing on my OFC job and get promoted! it felt so good that i continued my journy through gensec and finally reaching the rank of SM! As a SM i had ambitions! and those ambitions? where set in FTO baby, i wanted to be DHFTO SO BAD! i trained my ass off, getting SFTO almost instantly, grinding that shit on the max, getting about 30 trainings in one week one time. After getting denied DHFTO my motivation crumbled, causing me to go inactive for one whole month as SM. I never planned to return, before a fucking legend, CAPPIE, reached out to me, telling me to come back and that i NEED to give another shot at FTO! so i did! i came back and people asked where i had been, it felt amazing to know people had actually missed me! so i kept grinding FTO before warmercarp sent me a dm about wardens, and i was like "ewww wardens! wardens sounds so fucking stupid" and after some begging, i reluctantly joined. This started the uh, ashefox you know and love today, i became a warden SIMP right away, there was a period of time where i played wardens for 2 weeks STRAIGHT. I got promoted to PWD in record fucking time, in only 2 weeks. I knew wardens was my passion and the thing i needed to help and applied for WO, making it! As a command member it was scary man! so many people coming to me, having SOP's open in my other tabs to make sure i dont fuck up. It was STRESSFUL as WO! Luckily i had my totally amazing mentor (PS i love u akrew i just messing) akrew who sent me a whole 1 dm! thanks man! anyways i passed my WO trial period while prying tree failed his sadly (poor boi) and moved on to 2LT! I rised the ranks quickly, making it to CPT in just a few weeks, and reaching the rank of EWD! i began grinding warden tryouts, doing every single warden tryout for about a month straight! it was stressful but fun af! Then finally, after my second application, i reached MAJ with my friend plantbruh, it felt fucking amazing! i had done it! reaching SCMD and finally being able to help gensec more! as well as quickly reaching DHWD, the first DHWD to ever be accepted with NO application, i was on a god damn roll with nothing stopping me. And so i played and played, doing what i could for gensec, reaching a year later... today... of course, the story of gensec wont truly ever end even without me, and in a month ill be forgotten, but i hope my influence and friends i made keep gensec strong! And now for the single name mention i have today. Plantbruh - Oh planty plant furry racoon boy. I am so sorry i did this man, you know when everyone else turned their back, stopped supporting me, YOU WERE THERE for me! i can not forget that and want to let you know how much that meant to me, we got MAJ together and helped each other, and to those who never leave me i appreciate, and you are one of those people, good luck on DHWD cause i feel like your gonna get it, and KEEP GENSEC STRONG! i told you this before, I trust you will do a great job without me, thank you plantbruh. WARDENS LEAD THE WAY!!!!!!!!!! -DHWD MAJ AsheFox, AKA SM Meepp
  5. -support ”haha I’m redacted in a video game! I’m hot shit!” just no, people abuse that stuff to much and have such a big ego, this is a semi serious gmod rp server now real life, besides I wanna see who these people actually are on the roster so I can report them if they are minging as I actually have the most problems with people in sf’s usually in game.
  6. Name: AsheFox Warden Name (If Applicable): Nero SteamID (If Resigning): NAH MAN NEVER HAPPENING! Rank: DHWD MAJ What needs to be updated (Rank, FTO, Wardens, Strikes, Activity, Promotion date, or notes): LOA What is the new entry needed?: LOA from 12/9/21 -> 12/16/21 Thats right! AsheFox's first ever command LOA, last time i took one of these i was a SM 5 months ago heh. SO! i need a mental health break! i am not in a good spot mentally and just do not feel good, i can't bear to talk with most people and just feel really shitty about myself, sooo i need some time off to just cool off. BUT DO NOT FRET! i am NOT burnt out! i am still as passionate for gensec as i was day one, and will come back swinging baby! so don't worry about me resigning heh. Please for now, don't dm me on discord unless you are a CLOSE friend of mine on the server, or its a VERY DIRE WARDEN SITUATION, but for all other concerns for wardens please contact Rurikovic or Meeeseeks, thank you!
  8. Its easy? must not be that easy considering I've literally never been able to do it +Support from me
  9. Sad to see you go ;w; I saw ya actually goin far in security, and had a really promising career in wardens, IF ya ever do decide to come back and join sec again we will happily take ya back with open arms :3
  10. +Support PLEASE stop spreading misinformation! it is not nerfed, me and chief just tested it!
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