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  1. Longtime member of the community who has consistently proven themself.
  2. -Support App is short and riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Doesn't give an on-ship or off-ship event.
  3. -Support There are various reasons as to why I believe you are undeserving of this position. I will explain these down below. A.) You currently have a High Command strike meaning during your time as General, you have messed up enough for it to be more than just a "Don't do this again" discussion. As a General, you have already passed the first phase of High Command and should be trusted and knowledgeable about what you do, how you do it, and everything in between. Somewhere along that line you failed and got striked. This shows me to that you still need time within this position before moving up to a higher position. B.) You are the newest member of Army High Command (with the exception of Hex) and as such you have less experience than General Bub and General Suns. Both of which have proven themselves as highly competent members of High Command that understand and execute their directive quickly and confidently. You have not yet proven this to me and I presume other members of the community. Being High General is more than just a playermodel and an extra 4 letters. You are directly influencing those below you -- big and small. You are looked at as an exemplary model for High and Low command members and you haven't had the time to prove yourself as such so far. C.) I'd like to bring back up something I just said. "You are directly influencing those below you -- big and small." This is nothing new to you, Kio. You were a long time command member of Nova. You should know this like the back of your hand. While serving as command of Nova you did multiple things that directly influenced the decrease of Nova activity and by extension -- how people viewed the battalion. You logged 57+ SIMs, Trainings, or Missions in a month. This had a SEVERE effect on the battalion via player retention. You had people joining...but they weren't staying. You completely and utterly destroyed the enjoyment of playing on the Nova job for Enlisted, NCOs, and Officers. They dreaded getting on the job because they feared that you would make them do one of the above activities instead of doing what they wanted - to roleplay. You were essentially trying to Kayak across the ocean but weren't patching the holes that were causing you to sink. You undermined two extremely important things. What it meant to be in Nova and What Nova did all for some brownie points and to say "I beat someone in a competition." Beyond this, you didn't set up the Nova command team for your departure. They were severely overwhelmed once you left and have been since. They didn't know what to do. This isn't 100% your fault but ANY command member has the responsibility to properly ensure their predecessors are correctly set up for taking up the mantle. You failed to do this to a degree. D.) There was an instance wherein an unnamed member of the community had consistently proven themself as a exceptional command member and was more than deserving of a promotion. Myself and multiple other members of High Command wanted this person promoted however you fired back at us denouncing this person due to personal bias so much so that we had to tell you to put your bias aside. E.) You don't display yourself properly. You recently got warned for "Inappropriate conduct in OOC". During this time you were serving as both a Brigadier General, Admin, and AHGM. You should have known better and that's the end of it. You shouldn't have to be warned when you're in high trusted positions. You were given each one of those positions for a reason -- because you display the characteristics of what it means to be a community representative and you failed at being such in that moment. F.) When you were promoted to General, your first sentence was an undermining comment towards another High Command member. You didn't even go 1 minute without letting your ego get to you. You got promoted and immediately had this to say to a High Command member that was in their trial period. "Did you hear that [name]? I'm a General now...I passed my trial period." You SPECIFICALLY called out someone who didn't get promoted. Extremely gross behavior. To close, this is not a personal attack against you, Kio. This is simply just me expressing my opinion. I don't think you are ready to hold the position of High General.
  4. Forum Diplomat Message Moved to correct section. Please follow the format found below https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/46523-ban-appeal-format/
  5. +Support Bub is extremely competent and has completely deserved this position in his time as a member of Army High Command. He consistently proves himself and shines in nearly every aspect. He is extremely approachable and friendly but isn't afraid to put his foot down when he deems it necessary. He communicates effectively with members of the community, Command Team members, and High Command members. He is the most deserving of this position. Best of luck!
  6. -support we have to use models that can support 100 players on a large map with tons of entities and other things going on. making giant models would be a disaster lmao
  7. I agree with everything said here!!
  8. our arranged marriage is going so well
  9. +Support Russtime is extremely qualified for this position. He has consistently shown high quality work as a member of the Medical Corps and is more than deserving of this position and he has my utmost support.
  10. Forum Diplomat Message If people continue to put snide comments and negative reactions, this most will be locked for SMT review. This is your only warning. Posts like these are meant for community feedback. Stop with the toxicity. Thank you, Senior Diplomat Crunch
  11. I was the one who requested the perma ban on you, I don't know what JMT member extended it however. All I will say is that in order for this ban to go through a clip is REQUIRED. I don't believe I have this clip anymore or know the actions that transpired however -- you have 13 bans and 11 warns on Imperial. This is quite a risk that we would be taking seeing as you are a repeat offender.
  12. -Support You are a continuous minge who provided no proof or solid explanation of what happened. In my experience, Rux is more forgiving that 90% of the other staff here so him being aggressive, abusive or otherwise failing to do his job is not what happened here. You deserved your punishment.
  13. Sweden is Crunch certified! +Support!
  14. Hello all! I will try to keep this short and sweet but I believe my time on ImperialRP has come to an end. There may be a return in the future but right now I cannot dedicate myself to the server any further. I'm currently struggling with a few real life issues and I've burnt myself out from the server. I hope to see you all again. Onto special mentions: SHC: Bon - I'm glad you decided to take me into the High Command team. I learned a lot from you and you were always fun to be around. Bear - We never spoke much but I have a lot of respect for the work you have done and your dedication to the server Mann - From serving as your (favorite) Vice Commander, I saw you rise through the ranks and I'm so glad. It is very well deserved. Best of luck and keep in touch. You've always been close to me and the amount of work you put in is amazing. NHC: Racc - I'm sorry man. We'll still goof off on the server and play Apex. You know me more than anyone on this server and I was glad to have you in the DT Command team and beyond. AHC: Starch, Kio - Best of luck moving forward. Bub, Suns, Hex - DT will always have your heart. IQHC: Azrael, Zabuza - Best of luck Vertigo - Left me on read. mid. Lots of respect for you Cont: Odin - I learned a lot from you upon your return. Hope you're doing well and I will always have the upmost respect for you. Bop - Lets kiss. You made me! DT - I love you! SF - o7! Best of luck. I look forward to all of you progressing. Navy - I'm sorry friends. You will always be my first battalion. Frog - You made me! Wheat, Theta - You both have a special place in my heart and I look forward to both of you advancing. Dark - You're going places. Make me proud. I'll always be a message away. Jpackis - Joe mama. I've always had respect for you and I'm glad to see you in a spot you deserve. Keep up the great work. I apologize if I forgot anyone. I've met a lot of people during my time here.
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