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  1. Update on my warn: I've understood what I've done wrong. I was in no way trying to be an asshole as at first I didn't see what I did wrong until about 4 ish days ago. I would like to clarify a few things, first of all, I did NOT target anyone, that was a false claim, even after this incident I actually got suspended from DD for a week because someone falsely accused me of saying the n word and it was about this topic ^. I updated my Major on this situation and we made an agreement that I would be suspended for only a day as I would never do anything as serious as just randomly throwing the n bomb at people. I have been playing progressively on this server in 2018 and enjoyed this server quite a lot. I recently (1 month ago) came back and I would like to apologise about my return to this server. Now to my defense I was just joking around and playing arabic music, obviously I thought this would be comedic, I was wrong. I fucked up on two things. The first thing is micspaming while not being stationary, 2nd thing that I fucked up on was being cocky to the staff cause as I said I thought I was right and majority of you can agree that whenever you feel right about a situation you start getting tilted and backfire at the person. I promise that I will not let this incident happen again with me. I wish everyone the best and once again would like to apologise about this poor behavior that happened through a series of uncontrolled emotions. Yours sincerely, Dana White
  2. I wasnt targeting anyone btw lmfao
  3. I was a hobo, Im allowed to mic spam, mute me locally if you have a problem
  4. Also race has nothing to do with religion. So many arabs think being a specific race has something to do with race.
  5. I never mentioned a RELIGION, I was using music that was used by ISIS. I dont care if you felt offended, in general I dont even care about your feelings. You couldve just muted me locally and carry on with your day. Did I break any laws? No. So this rounds up to you guys being snowflakes. This is not me even player dissing, you guys got offended by something I did which was not against the rules.
  6. Playing arabic music is offensive? Can you explain how tho. Also I was not targeting anyone tf, I was playing as the job "arabic Radio" more than once in the server, this is not my first time playing as this job. False information, you got nothing to back up your point so currently youre lying.
  7. Your In-Game Name: Dana White Your SteamID: https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198348998817 Staff member's In-Game Name: SupremeChow What did they do? Warned me because my job name was "arabic radio" and I adverted that im an isis radio even tho some of the songs that I played were actually used by isis, the warn was for player "harassment" even tho I did not harass anyone. He warned me because I offended people even though I did not break any rules, the person could have muted me locally by pressing tab but I guess no. Its not my fault some people are snowflakes Evidence (REQUIRED): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198348998817/screenshots/ go here there are 4 screenshots of our convo What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Someone higher up should give him a private session and teach him about the rules or demote him to a trail moderator because obviously he does not know what hes doing