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  1. -support As someone who has used this as well.... Its not to hard to set your callsign to something mingey and spam your panic, since it uses callsign you can set it to racial and homophobic slurs, spam a panic on and off and it will state it for anyone on the cad.
  2. Funfact; Micspam is against rules if staff or ET don't authorize its usage. Not enforced really so be lucky thats not enforced as heavily and its only the racism you get in trouble for. Exact rule image attached
  3. +support Wassabi if you do get unbanned be careful with what you do. Thins got the right idea
  4. +/- (Leaning towards +support) Seems like obvious metagame to me. Will be awaiting Knuckles side before I give a definitive answer on my support because maybe there was something called in TS by someone else. Also seems like there was staff on why not just call them?
  5. -support From viewing the clip, unless the D Class is some kind of SCP with really long arms, I believe the warn is valid. If it was at a closer range it could be RPed that he was unhooking the anchor (Using the physgun for this as we don't have hands either), but it was stretched past the red line, over to what looked to be the door into and out of D Block.
  6. -support So let me get this straight: You want to take a sniper, off a sniper job, because its powerful? So basically you wanna be able to take D Class who have no armor, and nothing that would protect them and give them a freebie to escape a sniper with arguably one of the slowest fire rates in the server, hence its high damage, when you can accomplish the same with a group of D Class. Just work more with other D Class, and actually overthrow D Block instead of complaining about a sniper.
  7. +support Per rules only people who can use demote anyways are: - Staff - Command members (For their branch) - Trainers (For their designated trainees)
  8. -support Just get one of the robot jobs with thermals on it. Boom easy RC - A vampire player
  9. For anyone curious, here is his ban records. This will most likely be denied for the following reasons: - Blacklists cannot be appealed - No format
  10. +support Not LTAP unless they leave during the sit. Ex: Player A reports Player B. When Player B is brought the sit they leave Example of NOT LTAP Player A reports Player B and then Player B Leaves before an admin brings him/her
  11. -support Already a rule and up to staff discretion if they want to allow it or not if it enhances RP. If you believe a staff sit was not handled properly your free to make a player report. Rule quoted: Do not spam annoying sounds or messages on your mic or in the chat. This includes but is not limited to: Soundboards Music Voice Changers Staff members and Event Team members may use their discretion to authorize limited use of these items for the enhancement of RP.
  12. ripjaw56789

    ZJ's Warn Appeal

    -support You state that you spawned props as D Class. Twice. I would have warned you too since your screenshot also shows him telling you not to spawn props. So not only did you not listen to Piller, you violated a rule. (Class Specific > Class D Personnel rule #4)
  13. I don't know exactly which workshop it is, however I haven't had any texture issues with guns. I heard people complaining about the MP5 but I have always been able to see it just fine, Both MP5's
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