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  1. -Support i dont remember what scp it was but another scp has this weakness and this aint apart of his lore so yeah
  2. this looks eddited to me (can tell barley but i might be wrong (first 5 seconds it looks like a jump cut but idk and if you dont know what im talking about when crouching you have a second interval before you go back up if you release the crouch button. i might be wrong though so dont take my word on this. going to keep watching it over and over to either clear my sus or confirm my sus
  3. - Support It is not clear that the perpetrator was doing that to ambush you or not. that and if they where doing it to ambush you they would not stand right infront of the door they would of hid to the side to make it harder for you to notice them (not to the left of the door like 2 steps more away from the door) on top of all of that in the video it sounds like you are trying to get them into trouble so i cant support this with those things in mind. edit: also a ban is unreasonable since it could have been a mistake on their part.
  4. i got to the beginning of gensec and can i just say though that we are sorry that we cannot give that that poor junior a escort since most of the time got to deal with riots while making sure that junior dont die from dclass, also i agree with rang you didn't do the beginning words right. (sounds more like a diss then it should be in my opinion )
  5. -Support From what i was told he was given a second chance and he failed it. i dont believe it should be acceptable to do this. -you where given a chance and you messed it up dud this aint acceptable
  6. + support this will be a great update
  7. - support as mutch as it pains me to say this but the knifes with the lower dmg has helped somewhat (this is for the fact of only cc with high hp are op with this weapon now or alot of dclass with it) when the knife first came out it needed some kind of nerf but since it now has a nerf and ordinary dclass aint op with the knife now (as long as its 1-3) i dont see the point in nerfing a knife that can be suppressive fired now. Edit: also to inaccurate dclass normally pull out that knife when they are in range there is litterly no way around it but dclass will pull out a gun though if they are out of rang with the knife
  8. -Support THE Knife is already to op and if anyone says they need a buff. They Need to go to medical
  9. +Support when these knife where added a lot of gensec stopped playing gensec. i would go meh on this issue but there on some things that are so op that it needs to be fixed. so with out further adoo ima counter some of the -supports. First is you can just move out of range, yes true but when you have 3+ dclass chasing you with the range of the knifes which btw are a little bit longer then the hammer, you are practicly screwed, next is that you got to be supper accurate with the knifes, no you dont Sinnik got hit by someone with the knife and then posted on the second page with the vid that of how easy it is to hit someone with it, (here is the link for the vid if anyone wants to know https://streamable.com/2m3aw2 look at the second hit and it aint lag because it would not register the hit on sinniks if it was) third is we can just out number the dclass, not alot of gensec is on since the knife came out we had to ping thrice just to get 5-7 none command for gensec on, while either falling back to hallway or going into a perma hands up since the constant riots. now for those who will say that it aint that powerfull, its litterly a 1 hit with no armor and a 2-3 hit with armor from the front, if that aint op then u clearly do not got to deal with dclass with knifes. and for those who say then why not just hold hallway well when there is only 3-7 gensec and in hallway we can hold it for maybe 20 min before they have enough meat sheilds, uhh i meen people there to start rushing our postion, and there are also dclass with guns who try and slowly kill of us at baricades. further more gensec has a 2 min nlr while dclass has none so they can just try try again and again. anyway im done with my rant and counter arguments if any new arguments pop up i just want them to think if i had to deal with this with low amounts of people on my side how fair would it be
  10. +/- Support this is a good idea and the comments bring up a interesting debate. I Think 999 and some other aspects of the game would need to be re coded to bring back 999's rp elements. Now if we buff and add more rules it would most defiantly be abused. the only real way to avoid this issue would be re coding its issues to not have them or just change them out for more minor issue's that can be dealt with in rp. all in all +/- Support
  11. + Support itd be nice to see this scp in the game and this unlike some of the others is actually detailed on what it needs to do
  12. Name: turners Rank: SM FTO Rank: FTO Why should you keep this position wo+ must respond: N/A note's: gen sec is doing a great job