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  1. Major + Support I am going to get to the point and state my reasons why: 1. Was a previous Admiral 2. Has leadership experience 3. Very easy to work with 4. Always does his work with efficiency 5. Pretty active (usually is on late EST because of work) I am going to say this now, Boomer deserves this position. I have known him since I joined Naval back in September 2021 and he has always been great. We both rose the ranks together eventually hitting Admiral together. We both worked very close with each other to make sure Naval didn't fall and it didn't. A very great guy and a strong candidate for it. Good luck, my old friend!
  2. Hello y'all! Quick update on myself, I am doing pretty ok at this point. Still pretty sad about what happened but I am feeling a lot better nowadays. As for me returning to Gaminglight, I will most definitely return sometime in September or October. I hope everyone is doing alright on the server and just want to say congratulations to all the people that got promoted at the ceremony last week!
  3. Hello everyone, you might know me as High Admiral Astro or Agent (no bitches) Kallus. This resignation might be out of the blue for some people and quite shocking, but I am announcing my resignation/retirement from ImperialRP and Gaminglight as a whole because of one reason: My brother is dead. He died in a car accident and sadly passed away 2 hours later. I am beyond heartbroken as me and my brother were very close and was sort of like a best friend. Now that he is gone, I have no more motivation for this server, as I am now severely depressed and stricken with grief. I have to do what’s right and stick by my family through these hard times and not put my focus on a Garry’s Mod server. With that being said, there are a few people I would like to mention that made my life so much better on the server: Matrix & Boomer: You guys are the best people I have ever worked with and are one of my closest friends on the server. I hope you guys come back someday. Kio: The man himself. I’ve known you since I joined the server and loved all the memories we have made together. We may have had some tense moments, but you are a great friend and a fun guy to be with. Proteus: I’m glad that we were able to put the past behind us and become friends again. You are a good guy and I hope to see you become NHC someday. Do great things man. Ankh: Ehhh Ima leave it at that. Mann: Definitely a great guy to work with. You have helped me so much ever since I became Fleet Admiral, I hope to see you as Thrawn one day. Ted: Stop being weird. Jpackis: Joe mama All of HC: Y’all have been amazing to work with, hope y'all do even more great things. If I did not mention you, don’t be sad. I am sure that I have plenty of interactions with you but I am not trying to type up a school essay. Thank you to everyone for making my life on the server so fun! High Admiral Astro signing off
  4. Imperial Navy Application Format: What is your in-game name?: What is your SteamID: What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: What specialty are you applying for?: What Naval Command (Rear Admiral+) gave you permission to apply?: What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: Why should you be trusted with this position? Why do you want this rank?: Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: Things to Note: You have to be a Petty Officer 2nd Class+ in order to apply for a Specialty. You also have to get permission from a Rear Admiral+ in order to apply. Your title should follow something like this format: Astro's Security Officer Application NEVER ADVERTISE YOUR APPLICATION OR IT WILL BE INSTANTLY DENIED!
  5. Cardinal


    BBQ is the only way to go
  6. Battalion Name: Naval / Inferno Squadron Job/Class Name: ID10 Model Path: N/A Weapon Kit: Current Loadout: Binoculars (Dark), Keys, DC-17 Extended, Integrated Storage Device, Health Stim Shot, Squad Shield Activator, Thermal Detonator, Attention Special, Radio, Battering Ram, Bacta Injector. Add: The ability for ID10 to spawn in these vehicles: Tie Fighter, Imperial Troop Transport, and a VTOL. Remove: N/A Reason for change (do you think that said weapons is suitable for the job and is fair considering current loadouts of other battalions?): I believe this ability for ID10 is very suitable for the job because IF specializes in flying vehicles in situations such as redacted operations or if there is no SF on to fly. Do you believe these changes are fair to the battalion/job role it is responsible for and will benefit the server, if so, why?: I believe these changes are very fair to the sub division of IF itself because of several reasons. The first reason is that it makes sense for ID10 to be able to do this as ID10 is considered a supporting role for Inferno Squadron. The second reason is that Inferno Squadron is performing redacted operations quite often so having an SF fly them to it wouldn’t make sense and kind of breaks the purpose of a redacted operation if someone who is not in the redacted battalion knows what’s going on. The third reason is that if there is no current SF on to transport people, IF would be able to do so if ID10 is on. The fourth reason is IF can assist in space combat if there isn’t a lot of SF to take on the battle. All in all, we can still be reliant with SF on certain situations, but the main point is to allow IF to do their own things with this ability (Shadow Squadron can be included in some cases). The ability to have ID10 spawn vehicles that I listed would not happen very often and would only be used for redacted operations or if there is not a lot of SF on. This whole update is not meant to take away SF's job. No, they are the main pilots of the server. This whole update is meant for the use of vehicles for redacted operations which would help a lot.
  7. Nah, no no no no no no, no way I'm losing you to. This cannot be happening. Boomer, Matrix, and now YOU!? AQ)oiwhd9IOPUawhDPIOUHawd
  8. When people say I have no bitches even though the no bitches joke is meant for the Kallus role. PROTEUS HAS NONE!!! @Proteus
  9. +Support The Gladiator job is pretty useless in ST and bringing in Snowtroopers would be so much better. It would bring variety and much more meaning to ST who is desperate need of something new in my opinion.
  10. Denied Please wait 1 week before reapplying!
  11. Denied Please wait 1 week before re applying
  12. Accepted! Please speak to an Admiral for training and whitelist!
  13. Zee is a big minge with no maidens
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