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  1. Yeah. I’ve grown away from the server and Gmod in general so I’ve decided that I was going to resign from USMS. I appreciate everyone in USMS and I hope I can talk to you guys again. I’ll mention a couple people below who have helped me or been there, ect. @Spoon @Slasher @Clarkie @Bello @aromic (idk ur @) @Kenny King @Bartholomew @Darby @USMS LC @USMS @everyone Thanks. If you need anything my PMs will always be open.
  2. Kale_

    Bello's 48 Hrs

    Soup deny it. Lol man you’ve done a lot for me and I appreciate you. Noted.
  3. Please make an LOA request in the discord if you are not going to be active for more then 3-4 days. Thanks
  4. Your In-game: Kale The admin's name in-game: Scruffy @ScruffyPlays The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] ScruffyPlays What warning did you receive: [AWarn] Kale was warned by [GL] ScruffyPlays: Mass RDM in Spawn Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: He didn't mean to warn me. Any extra information: None.
  5. Kale_

    Soup's FBI LOA

    LOAs are done in discord no need for a forums post. I replied to your LOA on discord.
  6. +Support The hack/exploit for our current keypads have been out for years now. Its very easily accessible since its free but its also very easily detected because its free. I believe that this is the only keypad with this issue and any other keypad like Billy's Keypads would be very great.
  7. +Support -Helpful -Respectful -Good command overall
  8. In-Game Name: Kale SteamID: STEAM_0:1:475412247 Current Rank: Sergeant Major How long have you been in your current rank?: 8 Months What timezone are you in?: Central Standard Time How many Warns do you have?: None on Police RP. Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): I believe that I should be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for many reasons. I have been an active member of the PoliceRP community for a while now and have accomplished many things but I want to now switch most of my focus onto PD to help better it in any way that I can. I am a pretty active Sergeant Major and I always look to help people in PD and on the server in general and I think as a Lieutenant I could do a lot more for the server and PD. I think that I have shown that I am capable of being a command member by holding the positions of Deputy Marshal in USMS, Chief of Staff in FBI, and Captain in HRT. I have learned a lot while holding these positions such as leadership skills, problem solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and basic knowledge of how to conduct myself on government jobs and how to train people to be the best that they can be. As a Lieutenant I would be a very dedicated command member and help in any way needed/possible, some of my goals for PD are working on making sure that cadets have the right guidance, I want to have frequent and well ran PD trainings to help engage members and teach them or add onto what they have been taught, and I want to try to work hard and help make sure that PD members are treated well and helped when needed. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes, I agree.
  9. You will always be the homie I put the reasons in my resignation go like and subscribe
  10. I don't really know what to say. I've been apart of the FBI for a while now and its coming to a fast stop. I have learned a lot while being here in FBI from a lot of great people but due to some recent events and some comments made to me and about me I've decided that my best course of action is resigning. I have been treated verry well and respected up until recently with people making comments about me false comments at that and I'm done. I have worked hard and my best for a while now in FBI, HRT, and FTO so its sad to hear that some people don't agree and that I don't do enough. I will continue to work hard in USMS and in PD to hopefully regain USMS to its glory. If anyone has any questions or would like to talk to me just message me on discord my DMs are always open to most. @Spoon You have been my mentor on the server for the longest time and I really appreciate you for everything. @Bello You have helped me a lot with FTO and have just been the homie for a while so thank you. @Slasher You've helped in USMS I guess jk thank you for everything man Justin couldn't find your @ but you haven't seen me in weeks? Get use to it I guess. @Juanzz Juanzz mexi grill? @Phil Thanks for your help while you were my director for a lil while @Lime King Last but not least Mr. Director, its a little sad to go but I wish you luck with FBI. Honorable mentions: @Bartholomew @Logan @Darby @KENNYKING LOV YA @Clarkie @Dry @catfishing for nitro @YuckyDuckyKids @Big Gunther @King @Zigmund @Fork Spork better @Randy Gow Welp that's all that come to mind but if I missed anyone I love you guys in FBI but Ill always be around. o7 If FBI ever needs me to come back let me know FBI will always be on top
  11. +Support Add more drugs on top of cocaine. Bring back DEA?
  12. pov your trojan: GLHF -SYP High Command
  13. +Support I payed a 100 dollars for Plat let me make some easy money lol
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