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  1. 1. What is your Ingame Name: Nico 2. SteamID ( if you need to get it): STEAM_0:0:98015856 3. Rank: Elite medic 4. Time on server: 1 week 5. Total strikes ever received: 1 6. How many warns do you have on GL: 4 7. Who gave you permission to apply: blarg and trap hunter 8. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you?: 8 9. Why do you think you’re fit for ACM (60+ words): I think I am fit for ACM because medical is constantly getting harassed by d class, CI, and SCPs, and I would like to help protect the medbay as people heal each other and RP. I would like to be able to heal people while still being able to defend us and play the role of MTF. Now I am being much more active on the server because my tarkov and gungeon addictions are over, while also having break pretty soon. 10: (Bonus question, this is in no way required, but it gets you some brownie points) CI is currently raiding. You see an MTF E-11 CPL at 27% health running away from a fight. Just as you start to examine his condition, an MTF A1 Captain comes up to you and asks you to help them fend off the CI. What do you do? If there are surgeons and we are nearby to medbay I would send him there and help fend off CI. If not I would get to a safe place and heal him, then go and kill CI.
  2. Nicoarn121

    Nico's LOA

    Name- Nico Rank- Elite Medic Subdivision- Elite Field Medic Length of LOA (mm/dd/yy->mm/dd/yy)- 3/31-4/7 Reason (If Private please put "Private" as your reason)- Private
  3. Name: Nico Rank: Member Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 3/31 - 4/7 Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): Private
  4. Name: Nico Branch: Medical Rank: Doctor Rate your Activity from 1 to 10 (1 being very low 10 being incredible) : 7 Are you on the Roster: yes Suggestions: no
  5. Name: Rank: Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 2/3 - 2/13 Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): vacation and stuff once back
  6. Nicoarn121

    nico's loa

    Name: Nico Rank: Doctor Branch (Medical, Technician, Janitorial): Medical Length (MM/DD/ - MM/DD): 2/3 - 2/13 Reason (If private that's fine): vacation and stuff once back
  7. +support bruh janitors get paid to do their job and medical has to pay their salary x2
  8. minge enjoy that tea and crumpets man
  9. Nicoarn121

    Nico's LOA

    Name: Nico Rank: Doctor Branch (Medical, Technician, Janitorial): Medical Length (MM/DD/ - MM/DD): 1/16- 1/24 Reason (If private that's fine): Exams
  10. Isn't ^ an illegal character anyway? For names
  11. i mean im warning myself since i broke a rule also there were no higher up staff on other than tmods