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  1. Big -support Racism = Big forehead
  2. Big -support We need ACM as a way to defend ourselves when Gensec or MTF can't help us against CI. If we didn't have ACM then we would go back to the days where medbay would become a slaughter house, Innocent residents getting shot up by CI...…..horrible, absolutely horrible!!!
  3. Im sorry but apples are too juicy apples are the fruit that god discarded and Im a devout Christian and I must follow in the footsteps of our holy father jesus Christ himself
  4. + Support, Tech and Medical Really need cross branch interactions so I think This will be a great addition to the server
  5. + Support We need This, We can't let 173 loose because of minge LVL 2 users
  6. In game name: Trap Hunter Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:209265744 Job applying for: Medical If applying for Red right hand Preferred O5 to Guard: N/A How many strikes do you have: 0 Why Do you want to join the O5 staff team: I would like to become More Involved In making the Branches better and get a better view on how the other branches are doing, I would also Want This position To Give a platform for people Who don't have a platform to voice they opinions and Ideas For their branch to Stand on. I would also Want This position to help the Foundation/ server more, because I want the server and The respected branches to Thrive and Have Fun. Why should we accept you: I have Experience In Keeping a branch together and Im also very dedicated (Due to only being in medical ever since I first got on the server). I also Like to think that Im good At keeping morale up and making Time on the server Fun. I've also been HOMS before, So I think I could be a good addition to the 05 Staff
  7. Im posting for Fish Name: Fish Rank: Junior Surgeon Sub-division: Surgical Activity: 9/10 anything I would like to see None ATM Are you on the Roster: Yes
  8. Name: Trap Hunter Rank: Surgical Manager Sub-Divison: Surgical Activity: 9 anything you would like to see in medical: More FTOs training trainees Are you on the roster?: Yes
  9. Hello everyone, I Didn't think that this day would come. I thought that I could stay with Medical forever but sadly I can't. If anyone doesn't know, Im in my first year of University and I feel that I'm wasting it. I feel that Gmod has taken over my life and I really can't keep ignoring my real life for the virtual one so this is goodbye for now, I may come back when the time in my life isn't occupied by important stuff. Before I go I would like to thank all of you, the SCP RP gaminglight community has been very welcoming and It pains me to go without a Proper goodbye Inaccurate- You are the biggest minge to ever live but Im gonna miss ya, I hope you make medical better than I ever could Rock- You may have betrayed us for janitorial but Im still going to miss you, I hope you climb up the ranks Cookie- All I can say is chicken pot pie...….in all seriousness Im going to miss you Hoovy- What can I say, Hoovy you were the best part of being utility Brandon- #brandonInactive Blarg- One of the best boys that dedicated his time to medical, 10/10 Nico- minge One final Note to all the aspiring Residents/ medics /etc, I just want to say If you dedicate your time and work hard you can become anything, Look at me I got high command so anything is possible My time with medical has great and I will never forget any of you
  10. Can we get F in the chat? In all seriousness We are gonna miss ya
  11. (Job Update or Job Addition) Name of Job: Medic Job Model (Model Paths): adding p_hazmatmale07 Job Description: Same Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): Same Job Salary: Same Job HP: Same Job Armor: Same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): -------------------------- -------------------------- (Job Update or Job Addition) Name of Job: Field Medic Job Model (Model Paths): Adding p_hazmatmale07 Job Description: Same Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): Removing tfa_m92beretta, adding tfa_sig_p229r Job Salary: Same Job HP: Same Job Armor: Same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): ------------------------- (Job Update or Job Addition) Name of Job: Medical Command Job Model (Model Paths): Same Job Description: Same Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): Adding,weapon_cuff_elastic Job Salary: Same Job HP: 125 Job Armor: same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models):
  12. + support It seems like a good thing for janitorial to have. The janitorial branch really doesn't feel the same anymore without the trashman and I think that Is why many people find Janitorial boring now without it. I think that adding this back will greatly Increase the janitors activity and morale
  13. This is entirely false, I did not do anything to you that you have stated on administration. Let me clear this up for You, You rushed a unarmed Department head with a baseball bat and died, what I did was laugh at you (which I think is why you made this, Because you got tilted) because you didn't even kill me. So to make this short I never called you a "fucking Idiot" and I wasn't on administration while you said I was doing this.
  14. In-Game Name: Trap Hunter Current Rank: AHOMS Current subdivision: (If not in one respond with N/a): all Rate your activity on a 1-10 (1 being bad, 10 being very good): 9 Are there any changes you wish to see in medical: I still want the prices of medical supplies lowered because I think it gives medics less motivation to heal people
  15. Name: Trap Hunter branch: medical rank: Doctor activity: 7 are you on the roster: yes