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  1. In-Game Name: BadTimeInbound SteamID: STEAM_0:0:63965970 Swap tfa_csgo_deagle for tfa_csgo_revolver - $10 Total: $10
  2. -Support. 096 is already a joke to contain, this would make him utterly irrelevant.
  3. -Support. This would just be another vague rule that combatants can get warned for in the middle of combat.
  4. -Support. While a cool idea, it wouldn't be the least bit useful due to how the server is set up.
  5. +Support. Half of the suggestions around here are just adding clarity. Maybe someone should make just an overall rewrite.
  6. The title says it all. My question is if tfa_contender is considered a secondary and could be added to a Utility CC.
  7. +Support. This is the most annoying thing on the server.
  8. -Support. We already have enough problems with open comms. Imagine just some random Class-D waltzing into the intercom room. One shudders to imagine the horrors he could produce.
  9. -Support. If D-class are allowed to breach SCPs, there will always be one D-class who has found a place to hide and is never found, constantly breaching SCPs. This has happened in the past and it caused a Defcon 2 lasting several hours. It basically ground all noncombatant roleplay to a halt. It was the worst.
  10. -Support. D-block is still in a constant state of turmoil with the changes. It was to the point where GenSec couldn't hold it down half of the time. These changes are for the better.
  11. +Support, cool concept but a better idea would be that they cause a blackout in their breach process, and must be re-contained via repairing the lights. (If a blackout occurs, they insta-breach?)
  12. -Support. 999's only purpose at the moment is to steal jobs from Medical and be an annoying bullet sponge. Until that changes, 999 should not be allowed in D-block.
  13. -Support. The Falcon is already a one-handed sniper rifle when compared to most other secondaries. It doesn't need a buff.
  14. +Support. I've seen this vagueness of the rules be abused firsthand. It NEEDS clarification.
  15. +Support that thing is terrifying as all hell, as he should be.