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  1. But isn't the SF of any branch supposed to have the best weapons they can equip them with? Also wheres hotshots 250 250 buff?
  2. Two bad things happened today You resigned and we lost our great COL I got a fucking strike
  3. Also hasn't called me a fucking idiot in a while
  4. Name: Silver Rank: CPT SteamID:STEAM_0:1:27679928 Discord: Silver3504#0087 SubBranches(s): Hotshots, TRAP EXPERT Things you wanna see in CI: uHHH fun Activity: MEH active Why should you keep your position? I believe I should keep my position in command because I want to keep helping CI stay as the fun and nice branch it's always/semi been and i've put in a lot of time in being CI and i've been dedicated
  5. Silver3504


    Now E11 is doomed : (
  6. I'm gonna miss you man we had a lot of good times in CI together. Hope to see you come back soon and help CI with their raids again Good luck in your future
  7. You revived the ONE BRANCH IN CI THAT WAS DYING? Props to you best of luck in your future endeavors Karl
  8. He did it twice now big sad
  9. What the fuck is a pistil