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  1. This update is great! Thanks for working hard on the server SMT/JMT. Also thanks Max Holland for suggesting the bloods/Crips idea.
  2. Name: Noah REmiX Call-Sign: 1S17 Rank: PFC Activity: 3
  3. Dogs are cute! The cats are to cute don’t fall for the cats cuteness! I am a big dog person.
  4. I wouldn't refer to them as "Popular People" however I would call them well known people. Anyways I'm gonna list some people. (These are all PoliceRP) Friendly Steve Matthew Joe Mama MyandaBeast Calamity Jeff Jr (Pretty much JMT & SMT so if I missed anyone apart of smt and jmt sorry) Torty Will Noah REmiX Zage (I could go on for days) Jayden Timmemes utetwo Materson MiKeY Okay you know what.. I'm gonna stop listing people. That is enough people I guess.
  5. Overall -Support -Never puts in any effort to the applications -#16 is correct but that is the second worse answer I have seen for #16. (NO DETAIL WHAT SO EVER) -Isn't on staff as much anymore (However he is very active off of staff) +Really nice +A lot of experience with Moderator +Can handle the responsibility Alright if you would've put effort into your applications it would've been a +support. I'm sorry Torty it's a definite -Support from me. Other than that good luck! Sincerely, Noah REmiX
  6. In-Game Name: Noah REmiX Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:172401 Rank: PVT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 11/7/19 - 11/21/19 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Private I won't be active in-game. I posted an LOA for staff a few days ago. I forgot to post one for S.R.T.. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you.
  7. You have proved a point. I'm not in his time zone, so By the way I forgot to mention this on my -Support (Which is now a +support) GOOD LUCK FREEZE!
  8. +Support I don't have that much money compared to others ($500,000), but I don't need anymore. So I don't need to go kill a cop or rob a bank. Almost all jobs are Criminals or Government. I would love to do a job that doesn't have to do with breaking laws. I do understand that some of the criminal jobs are fun, but roleplay wise I don't think in real life THE WHOLE CITY would be criminals and some government.
  9. Overall +Support -Active on TeamSpeak -Active in game -A lot of experience with Sergeant Major -Dedicated -Well Known Member of community (Well known in staff, TNPD and S.R.T.) -No effort put into the application GOOD LUCK TORTOISE!!! Sincerely, SGT Noah REmiX 1C29
  10. I agree with all of that. I’m sorry Freeze it’s gonna be a minus support for me. Improve your activity.
  11. I’m in the same Timezone as you and I have no idea who you are. Josh Howard? Sorry next time spend more time on your application. Overall you just need more playtime and detail on the application.