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  1. +Support EMS always revives gov first and then they shoot the remaining crims and its annoying as hell. In real life they would be injured severely and would probably get to a safe place.
  2. +Support Clear Proof of him calling someone a no no word.
  3. +Support Pimp is one of the most friendly people I know He is active as hell Good application The times you put in for "What times will you be able to do events" are great
  4. -Support No forums activity You replied and edited your last application, and at the time I believe you actually needed 100 posts correct me if im wrong. If I'm being honest it looks like you just edited your poll around to make it look like you got 7 yesses. I don't know if you've changed because I've never seen you on the server but uhh.. Good Luck!
  5. damn gonna miss you masterminge
  6. Noah REmiX

    Imma Get It

    omg im famous I was in three of the clips im famous!
  7. Springs left the community months ago and I just contacted him and he isn't gonna respond. -Support anyways because this warn is way too old
  8. lmao I was in first person looking at him trying to pass him and I fucking went flying
  9. yeah uhh im almost at 2000 already...
  10. Special Thanks to our staff team: doomNator (Car Meet Head) Noah REmiX( Car Meet Head Of Security) MJTHEOG (Car Meet Second Head Of Security) Chap (Car Meet Security) Also, special thanks to Snar and Max(Holo The Wise) for boosting our reputation! ~ Car Meet Staff Team
  11. +Support I was there and it is clearly abuse
  12. Noah REmiX


    lmao more like fuck negevs and use a fubar (I don't have one but ima get one soon lmao)
  13. In-game Name: Noah REmiX SteamID: STEAM_0:1:172401 Rank: Lance Corporal Length of LOA (Provide Dates): 9/2/2020 - 9/5/2020 Reason (If private then put N/A): I'm sorry that I have been inactive and I know I just put up an LOA, I am busy with things in real life and I need a break overall.