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  1. +Support I thought he was blacklisted 40 warns
  2. Agreed won’t happen again
  3. There is already a ton of family’s and I see no decrease in crim activity I actually see increase
  4. Everyone let's make this post the most replied! LET'S BEAT THE STAFF HANDBOOK! I know it might seem hard since the staff handbook has 399 replies at the moment. However if the community teams up, I believe we can make this post have the most replies. What's the point of this you might ask? This would make an amazing thing to happen and to go look back at later. You can also get your activity up on forums by making one simple little post on here or a giant essay. I personally believe that this post won't get the most replies but why not try? This is going to be the third post on this. I hope we will have more than just this. @TheJayden What do you think about this lol?
  5. Play on my phone irl and talk to people in Teamspeak
  6. Yeah that’s bad this guy could cause larger issues than just LTAP or steal a gov car BAN UM
  7. Welcome back Ryan at least you get to join SRT again! And Rich I’m excited to patrol with you!