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  1. Name: Noah REmiX Rank: AEMT How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): Highly active Why Do You Want To Stay In EMS?: I really enjoy doing my job as a AEMT and have lots of friends in this department. What Could Change In EMS?: #ZageGetActive??
  2. I don’t ever see you help trial moderators though so not sure why you said you said you are a leader to lower ranks you haven’t been Moderator for to long either maybe you will need some more time as one but on my opinion you are ready
  3. That face just... Well um It’s been about half a year for me on this community now
  4. +Support Good application Active Nice Mature I think he is ready Good Luck Ender!
  5. Noah REmiX


    Pit bull Ill get a pic in a second
  6. +Support -Active -Mature -Friendly and Nice -Good at building Only minus is that you haven’t been staff for to long. Good Luck Springs!
  7. Yes I know about getting warned by Freeze for only the VALID reason. I didn’t call you dumbass and I had a long talk with Freeze about the NLR part so I got a verbal warning from him for NLR. Freeze said that I didn’t call you a dumbass. Also I meant the way you acted in the sits. If you would like to continue arguing with me take it to forum pms. The reasons for that is that you are not allowed to be arguing continuously on a post. One more thing me and Freeze found proof of me saying the following. At least this is as much as I can remember of what I said in OOC. I am not reporting anyone besides Boublles for Player dis. He did get warned for Staff dis instead. That was after I said I was gonna report you because I realized you didn’t break FailRP. Once again if you would like to argue once more with me take it to Forum pms.
  8. I was on around this time and was in many of your family’s sits. You do need to Mature Up. I would like to hear @Freeze