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  2. I'm getting on the server at the moment. I'm excited to be back on the server!
  3. It's been 3 1/2 months since I left this community, I miss everyone. I am not updated on all of the changes in this community. I have decided that I am going to return active on the forums. I'm going to return to the game later this month or next month. Please update me on all of the changes lmao. My DMs' on Discord are open. Noah REmiX#6726 I miss you all ~ Noah REmiX
  4. I have came back today to say one word to this. Yes.
  5. Awesome, I will make sure to check it out some time
  6. Thanks for all of your kind comments. I am currently out of reactions for the day :(. I will try and react to every one of them.
  7. Bye ill miss you to gaymers forever yeah I will Thanks also my Discord is Noah REmiX#6726 thanks
  8. Name: Noah REmiX Rank: SGT Reason:
  9. Name: Noah REmiX Reason: [All great things have to come to an end] I have lost all interests into Garry's Mod BIG MESSAGE: Well, it's been 8 months since I joined this community. I was hoping to stay here for at least a year, but I think it's time I leave. This is probably the most common reason why people leave or resign, and I think I will fall in their footsteps and resign for the same reason. If your confused then just read the next sentence. What's the point of playing a game or working some where if you don't like playing that game or doing that job? Yeah, so just think about that. Anyways I guess I will do some mentions, I also am going to mention some departments. S.R.T: Damn SRT is fun. All the people in it are amazing, funny , active and mature. I really enjoyed meeting some people that I hadn't met before through that department. EMS: EMS was fun when I was in it. I remember having weird as shit conversations while waiting for someone to die, so I could revive them. The department is very amazing as well. State: I resigned a couple of days ago, but I can still mention it so idc. I didn't really get far in it but all the people in it are nice. Staff: (I know it's not a department but I am mentioning it anyways) In one word I would describe staff as 'EPIC'. Epic mentions: Matthew: Best pro head of staff Myan: Protec dos tacos mate Calamity: Get Head Admin, you deserve it. Also you are a epic JMT member and chill MiKeY: Good luck with commander and you're a real GAYMERR Freeze: Best SWAT Commander ever Ronin: Get the second commander spot for SWAT Springs: Damn we have known each other for about 7 months. Also I love you No homo Torty: Another person that I have known for way to long. You were the won that helped me get onto the staff team and were a great staff member Lil Yachty: Not sure if I spelt your name right. Anyways you were one of the three main people that helped me succeed in staff Masterson: Best staff member and also helped me a lot with staff. Epicly funny Will: Will is will Alton: One of the best Police HC members ever Bennett: (You probably wont ever read this but uhh) I still remember those nights on SCP-RP >:) Igneous: Amazing TTT server Munchies: Writes a book on every post he makes on the forums. Also amazing JMT member Blitzton: MiKeY is being a gaymerr and a great commander. no worries about srt. Th3: Funny as hell and was an epic HoS Sour Patch Kid: I remember the good old days of AAD. Such fun times Assault: Best bank robber ViperKimg: You're doing great with SX, and you are very nice. Sion: Sion is another realy gaymer Cornthecanadian: Minge Ender: You're an amazing EMS member and an awesome staff member. I hope to see you as a Senior Admin one day SpadeH: Spade is spade I guess Cammy: What's a 10-20??! Jayden: One of the best staff members Rocco Rex: Keep up the tac shorts thing uhhhhhhh idk who else to add uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I mean this is already enough so I might as well stop XD Sorry If I didn't mention you. Those are the people that mean the most to me in this community. I will be posting a resignation/ 48hrs notice for anything I am in linking this. This is SRT SGT Noah REmiX 1R17 and SM Noah REmiX 1C29 going 10-7 for the final time. Goodbye
  10. I don’t think they are currently closed because that post is probably outdated. I am not sure though because no one has brought this up
  11. -Support In my opinion that actually does sound bad Its not needed
  12. -Support Not to be rude or anything but in my honest opinion I am more mature than a couple of older staff members. Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they can’t be mature. I mean like one of the most mature people are Masterson. Listen to his voice. He is more mature than me(I’ll admit it) and is probably younger than me.