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  1. - Support Sounds like killer and Ronin dealt with this in a good way. Can't warn someone without evidence or something similar because that would be unjust. If the person is being reasonable it is well within killers rights to choose to not warn and to just HELP the player like staff should do. We aren't there to just punish people
  2. DOC ACCEPTED LIST 03/04/2020 Do Not Respond to This Post The Following People Have been accepted into Doc. Contact a SGT+ to Get Trained Congratulations to Zerg (Barely) Finnley (Contact Cammy in TS ASAP about your application) Well Done DOC Acting Deputy Warden Sanchez 1W84
  3. It's a shame it had to go this way Timm.. Blacklisted from DOC for mass RDM..You will be missed and will forever be a COC in memories
  4. 1- Name : Sanchez 2- Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:77530715 3- Staff Rank (Must be Moderator) : Admin 4- Have you Donated? If so, how much? : $40 5- How long have you been staff? (No Less than 1 month) : 4 months 6- What is your general knowledge on the rules? (Both Staff handbook and MOTD): Very Good 7- What can you bring to Event Team? (50 words+) : I believe I can bring a few things to the Event team, Firstly I am able to work great in a team and will always pull my weight on anything that the event team entails, i am also a good leader as well as a good team member, able to lead any group of people to reach a common goal which would most probably be a successful and fun event. I am also a creative individual with a drive to make entertaining events for the server to enjoy! 8- How many warns do you have? (No more than 10) : 2 9- Why do you want to join event team? (100 words+) : Similar to question seven, I want to join the event team due to my drive and commitment to this server and its players, I want to be able to help/host events that PoliceRP players can enjoy and hopefully make them want more events. I am a good leader and member of teams which I feel is essential for the event team to make events flourish and be fun. I also want to expand what I do on the server and i feel that this team will be able to do that. Finally, I feel that it will be fun and a very enjoyable thing to do, I like building things and making people have fun either through roleplay, Helping them while on staff, and hopefully by making events 10- If accepted, what time(s) are you available to hold events? : (Must be in EST timezone.) Monday - Friday: 7am to 8pm (unless a event is scheduled or something similar. in this case I can do anytime needed) Saturday and Sunday: 7am to 8pm (unless a event is scheduled or something similar. in this case I can do anytime needed) (Said 'events' so much that it has lost all meaning, also added poll. Thanks for reminding me)
  5. Could also ask someone to clear decals when it happens to see if it clientside or your vehicle
  6. - Support, While this would be a cool addition, we have lots of departments and don't really need any others because this isn't going to fill any 'holes' that currently exist on the server as the tactical units can do all of this stuff
  7. - Support I have had no issues or seen any issues with lack of maturity with any Senior Mods+. This suggestion seems to be very targeted at specific member of the staff team, members who are actually good staff and do think in a mature way and are able to think like anyone else. You call out Masterson, but he would not be a senior admin without having that maturity. And I can tell you that he is waaaaaay more mature than some of the older staff members. There shouldn't be an age limit. Everyone should be given a chance at staffing.
  8. -Support Do you have any evidence you are not an Alt? Eternity would not have banned you without doing an investigation
  9. Agreed! Been a moderator for a long time and is more than ready to move up the ranks.
  10. That doesn't say RDM anywhere on it? NITRP means 'No intent to roleplay' and LTAP means 'Leaving to avoid punishment'.
  11. - Support It should say who banned you on the banned screen You wouldn't have got banned for crashing, the logs say if you've timed out and it's unlikely you'd be banned for a one time LTAP. Think there might be more to this. Likely this won't be seen by SMT until after the 3 days, They're very busy people Okay, So I did some detective work and found out everything you should have supplied.... Your steam ID: STEAM_0:1:162485483. Admin: LT Max Holland 1L32. Reason: NITRP | LTAP | FAILRP. @Max Holland
  12. - Support Wouldn't really make sense to restrict this because what if they agree it was false? Everyone should be able to voice their opinion. even if it is biased, one -support won't matter if everyone else +Supports