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  1. Mainly people breaking priority rules. Just ruins any kind of role play. Especially People that can mow down 5 people with ease so they don’t bother with any kind of role play, same with the GTR, insanely fast, so why stop for running a stop sign and a £50 ticket/Warning? It has been improving recently though.
  2. Above 10 is quite worrying. 7 isn’t too bad, as Jayden said it could be worse. You’ve clearly changed your ways though so I wouldn’t worry about them reflecting badly on you.
  3. + Support! - Great guy - Very friendly and approachable - Extremely active on PD and criminal - I genuinely believe he wants to help the community and it’s members - Knows the MOTD and the more obscure rules - low warns. You have 4 warns, not 6. Not sure why you think you have more There’s just two things I have an issue with: - Your last question isn’t really answered correctly, it’s asking how you would handle a sit so you need to be more specific on it. It’s too vague - Low forums activity
  4. +/- Support - Fixed the application, so well done. - High warns - Half answered the last question. What are the punishments you would give out, Ect.? - Nice person - Knows the rules, despite the warns.
  5. - Support - Had to be told to fix the application by the -Supports. - No punctuation and spelling mistakes which could either show that the application is rushed, or you don’t really care. - I don’t think you’re ready.
  6. - Support. The government normally do value the hostage's life, but you gotta think about it in their perspective, they just spent 8 minutes normally talking about random stuff/Impossible requests just so that the robbers can get the money/Stall to the minute mark. If this rule was removed it means that the criminals could just keep stalling and always rob the bank. It's kinda failRP but I feel like if money was as magic as being directly transferred into your bank account that cannot be touched by the government after 8 mins and the criminals respawn with the money, i'd like to think they would have a similar policy irl. You can only have so much realism when faced with something that is very unrealistic
  7. - Support - The biggest issue is the fact you only have 3 hours on the server - Even if you signed in with your steam account, You still make a forum account. You joined January 2nd, 2019. - Only 1 post and this is it. - You're applying for Trial Moderator, Not just 'staff' - If you're in Germany your timezone will most likely be 'Central European Standard Time' - Warning for Disrespect isn't about if it offended you, You should take someone who is being toxic/offensive seriously because they will most likely have that toxicity to other players which is our job to prevent. Warnings also serve as a criminal record for the players so staff can see what they're like when deciding on punishments. You also would not be able to Jail for 10,000 and Minging is no longer a thing. - I don't think I have ever seen you, and we are in very similar Timezones, Only one hour apart. - No poll - Wrong title - Replied to own application Because of these things, I just really don't think you're ready for staff.
  8. The warning was for leaving while being arrested, it has nothing to do with the intention to return later on in the evening, so unless there's some sort of proof I don't think this is a false warning, You also have somewhat of a history of failRP and LTAP so that makes me think it is legitimate as well. If the cop really did say it was ok, he would not have called the sit on you. Sorry.
  9. Rick Sanchez


    Easily Samoyeds.
  10. I honestly don't remember this specific sit, but do you remember who the cop was? I wouldn't have warned you without a Sit being called by said cop and me checking the logs. If that cop said that you could leave then why would he have called a sit on you leaving? Is there any evidence that this was a false warn?
  11. SX does always make me think bad thoughts. But I've never had an issue with you. + Support - No warns - Good answers - Previous experience - Friendly - Very active
  12. +/- Support When I think of SX I instantly think bad things. But then I have never had bad experiences with you or Emptiedskies. + Very active + Friendly + Previous experience + Good answers - 14 warns is quite a few, And had one a couple of days ago for RDM.