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  1. Department hopping is not allowed
  2. +Support He is already banned for 4 weeks, But extensions is clearly needed
  3. As everyone else has pointed out, you are probably applying for IMPRP However, I would improve this application greatly before trying again. It clearly has had little to no effort put into it
  4. Pretty sure 90% of people think we are the same person because of the steam name thing. Anyway, +Support!
  5. Becuase of these things i'm going to give a +/- Support Good luck!
  6. Hi, I understand the confusion on this, the rule isn't very clear, but the way it has/is interpreted is that the 'MAY Handcuff you' part means that they are entitled to a free handcuff of you and you cannot run. Hopefully this post can lead to a clarification on the MOTD +/- Support
  7. So this is a suggestion not just for a higher skybox, but for a new 'air' department/sub department? - Support Lag is already bad because of the cars, we don't really need helicopters making it worse
  8. Where to begin. When joining ARU I had every intention to climb the ranks and explore a new Tac team and made new friends. But that just hasn't happened, I'm unable to be active enough to make any sort of impact to ARU or become truly part of it, I maybe know 2 people in the department so due to this and other reasons I shall not get into. i'm leaving. I wish Max and Carrots the best for the department. Thank you for the time. Sanchez.
  9. - Support - Never see you on. Could be timezones - Last question doesn't include any actual punishments, Just the formal warning. I would give this as a +/- support, but i just don't see you on or know how you act in situations enough to do it. So a - support until you get more active
  10. Sad to see you go Livebait. At Least you aren't leaving State.