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  1. Also Sorry I didn't know where to put it I am new to this server
  2. 1. Steam Name: Pineapple My Boi 2. Ingame Name: Cats 3. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:522490899 4. Ban Length: 2 days 5. Admin that Banned you: Rocco_Rex 6. Reason for Ban: ARDM, LTAP 7. Dispute: I am sorry for leaving during arrest I had to do something that's why I left during arrest and I didn't mean any harm and the ardm I was just trying to have fun but there was nothing going on at the moment so messing with a naval I thought would be fun but it wasn't and I am sorry if there were tryouts I would've attended and just had a normal experience but there wasn't so I was bored and ardmed I know you may be thinking its a excuse but its not I know what I did wrong so if this does get accepted or doesn't I'll still learn from this experience and never do it again.