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  1. didn't have to do him like that bro
  2. Vaydez

    Pride month coming up

    this is a certified hood classic
  3. +support from me because of reasons stated above
  4. ++++++support Very Detailed good leadership already within the inq branch and overall a amazing guy
  5. Name and Rank: Apprentice Vaydez Activity (Such as active, semi-active, LOA): Active How many ticks you have currently: 4/IV What battalion you are a part of:Purge
  6. Denied reapply in a week but In all seriousness you were one of my fav people on the server and in SF luv bb
  7. Vaydez

    Laser TMod App

    +/- support good app just started playing on the server though
  8. +support seems fit for staff mature nice and chill guy overall