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  1. This looks really good Thank you JMT and SMT
  2. Thank you Raddish for all the good times we had on SRT, crim and other games and i also still remember when you freaked out when me and seb were looking through your window at Mesa apartments
  3. +support if we could try this for a few days to see how it works then that would be nice because this looks really good
  4. -Support so you lie about there even being an arena and a massive fubar fight and also hearing from frog and killers side Sky never approved
  5. +support for some reason I feel like this guy is getting warned every other day so it seems he doesn’t care
  6. -support I was there before jimmy brought you and it seemed like you hated the server so why do you want to come back if you hate it so much
  7. Noted, Please message me or any other command if it ends early or if you need an extension