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  1. -Support We don't need CI to slowly become every branch in one.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, some gensec CC's use that model.
  3. +Support Being stuck on the same old map for a year gets boring, having a variety of playable maps would bring more excitement.
  4. +Support Its been 3 years since your ban, I believe you could have changed.
  5. +Support D-class would finally have a chance at killing gensec
  6. +Support Should have known you aren't allowed to make jokes on GL.
  7. Damn I gotta find someone else to bully now
  8. I assume they are allowed to fight. I think dog and Enoch can't fight because they are both SCPs while the mech isn't a SCP but thats probably a Savagery question.
  9. +Support I would like to see what a 5208 and 098 breach with full players would look like if this was accepted
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