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  1. Damn, Congrats on The Promotion Tho Bro! Well Deserved. Outta the 3 FBI Directors I've had. Your probs in the top 3 >:) Which one tho
  2. Wsg, keepin it short and simple. I dont have the drive to even play GMOD anymore in total. Its gotten so boring lately and honestly the game doesnt feel like how It used to, I dont enjoy it anymore. I enjoy some people on the server but others just make it hard for me to keep playin so im just headin out. @Phil (Hee Hee JMT Ping) - Listen Chief, Keep bein you bro. You a amazing man and one of the couple people I looked up to while playin. You know where to contact me and imma keep in touch >:) @Lime King (Hee Hee Another Ping) - Listen Mr Floppa, Same as phil honestly, you were one of the few people I looked up to on the server. Keep bein you and one day you gotta sell me yo cheems pop figure >:) @pickle boy aka raven - Fit more pickles boy, Ngl You Didnt have enough. But Nah, You were a chill homie and imma keep joinin yo omegle sessions. Also, make sure to focus on school and do good in it. Smh, dont follow me and do trash your freshman year cause of gaminglight (Almost failed lol) Rest Of FBI Command / Raven Lime and Phil - Keep up the good work with FBI, Cant wait to see what yall do with it while Im gone. Nah But I love yall (As homies lol) Rest of FBI (Normal) - Ravens Stinke For Administration - Rank: COS/HRT-CoCommander (Also Have Reserves commanda from last time) Name: Drake (Im Hot) Love yall but im headin out
  3. Ay Juan, Listen Man. You were Honestly An amazing director who did absolutely amazing things for FBI and its members. You gave me a chance and took a risk at lettin me be DAD, Now look where I turned out All thanks you to my guy, Im really gonna miss you chief. FBI Just aint finna be the same without you. Hopefully you stop by every now and then. Good Luck with whatever ya get to in the future. Make sure to take care of ya wife and ya homies, Stay Safe Brotha
  4. Well dang, Wasn't expecting to see this today. Gunther you've always been a really nice and cool dude and I knew when you first joined HRT, FBI and I finally went on a few patrols with you that you'd go far. I was there for alot of it and you really did make it very far. I wanna say good job. But Its gonna suck to see you go, (Even tho Im not Servin rn lmao) but If ya need anything. You know where to get me lmao, And yes I did wear that burger king crown to school. And Ill do it again
  5. What is your In Game Name? Drake What is your In Current Rank? Special Agent What is your Agent Name? Vesper Dolk How Long Have You Been In Inferno Squad? 21 Days Why Do You Want To Become An Officer? [150+ Words] I would like to become an Inferno Squad Officer to help Inferno Squad in many different ways. I would like to help inferno squad gain new agents by helping to enforce tryouts and get tryouts up and running, I believe that with My help Inferno Squad could gain new Agents and gain more activity from this reason. I would also like to help with Sims, Trainings, and More. I believe that I could help with Sims and Trainings by helping to instruct the lower ranks and teach them new things during sims and trainings. I also believe that I would be a great role model to the lower ranks of inferno squad as I have been an officer in Inferno Squad Previously. I believe that A lot of these qualities and these reasons is why I would love to be an officer in inferno squad. I would also love to help out other officers, Command members, NCO's, Or Enlisted with any sort of issues, questions, or anything of that sort that they have while I am an officer. How could you assist Inferno Squad Command with this rank? [100+ Words] I could assist inferno squad command in many different ways, I would first be able to help improve the activity of inferno squad by trying to get agents on whenever possible. I believe that I would help raise the activity of Inferno Squad as an Officer, I also believe that I would be able to help gain new members by enforcing tryouts and making sure tryouts are hosted, whether that's NCO's Hosting them or Me Hosting them myself. I could also help guide the lower ranks, whether that be NCO's, Or Enlisted. In any way possible. I would be able to answer any questions anyone comes to me. I would make sure to Be a role model to all lower ranks and teach them the ways of Inferno Squad to make sure that they are Performing well while on the job. I could also help by hosting Sims, Trainings frequently to help the People who Attend Stay Connected with these skills and practice them. How many strikes do you have? Currently 0 Strikes Do you have any prior experience in being an officer/leading? If so explain. Yes, I was a Previous DSL In Inferno Squad Before I had to leave to Focus on PoliceRP. I was FBI High Command, HRT Commander, EMS Low Command, Delta Squad Supervisor, FBI FTO Command, Dispatch Low Command, Then A criminal Family High Command In PoliceRP and all of these positions helped me hone my skills in leading and being a role model for anyone. What Qualifications could you bring too the Inferno Squad Officer Team? I could bring my activity to the Inferno Squad Officer Team, I believe I would be an Active Member of the Battalion, I would also be able to bring my leading experience as I have multiple roles where my skills of leadership have increased. I would be able to bring my maturity as-well and my Knowledge. I believe that my maturity and Knowledge would help me answer any sort of questions anyone has in a mature and professional Way. Do you understand that if you are Accepted, you will be on a 2 Week Trial Period? Yes, I completely understand.
  6. I approve Penguin Joining My CC : )
  7. What is your In Game Name? Drake What is your In Current Rank? Deputy Agent What is your Agent Name? Vesper Dolk How Long Have You Been In Inferno Squad? 3 1/2 Days About. Why Do You Want To Become An NCO? [100+ Words] I personally Would Like to become an NCO to Become a Role Model and Show My Strengths and Maturity/Activity To Everyone In Inferno Squad. I believe that I would make a Great NCO as I have had Previous Experience as an IF NCO and IF Officer the Last time I was In Inferno Squad. I believe that If I get NCO I would be able to Show All Officers/Command That I am a Capable NCO that can Show My Worth to everyone in Inferno Squad By Being Active, Hosting Tryouts, Helping Lower Ranks with Whatever they need. As-well as Just being a Role Model For Everyone. I believe that with All these factors and my Previous experience. I would make a Great Inferno Squad NCO. I also have previous experience as NCO's, Officers, and Higher On Gaminglight's PoliceRP Server, Where I was an FBI High Command Member, HRT Commander, Delta Squad Supervisor, EMS Low Command, Then Command In a Criminal Family As-well. I believe all of these factors would help me make a Great NCO. How could you assist Inferno Squad with this rank? [50+ Words] I could assist Inferno Squad in Multiple Different Ways, First Off By Bringing new Members to Inferno Squad by hosting tryouts very actively. As-well as Showing people who are interested in IF how great IF really is. I would Help Improve the Activity of the Current members of Inferno Squad by Trying to be as active as possible and Look Over and Guide the Lower Ranking Members of Inferno Squad as Much as possible. I would also help the members of Inferno Squad with any questions that they have regarding IF or any sort of thing. How many strikes do you have? I currently have 0 Strikes. Do you have any experience being an NCO/leading? If so explain. Yes, I do. I have Experience as an IF NCO, IF Officer as I was a IF DSL Previously Before I left. I was also HRT Commander, FBI High Command, Delta Squad Supervisor (NCO), EMS Low Command, PD Supervisor, Then FTO Deputy Director for FBI, and Command for a Criminal Family In Gaminglights PoliceRP. What Qualifications could you bring to the Inferno Squad NCO Team? I could bring experience in leading, and helping battalions. I could also bring my influence to command and other battalions to show that Inferno Squadron is a Very Respectable and mature battalion that takes what we do passionately and seriously and do it well at the same time. I could also bring my activity to the table as I would try to be on Inferno Squad and the Server as much as possible to help and lower ranking agents or even higher ranking agents who are on at the time. I also would bring Respect to the table as I show the most amount of respect possible to My Superior's, Officer's, Lower Ranks. No matter who it is. I will treat them with the most respect possible even if they are an ST, or an Junior Agent. I believe in the Rule "Treat others the way you want to be treated." Passionately as I have practiced that rule my entire life. These are a lot of the quality's that I could bring to the inferno squad NCO team. Do you understand that if you are Accepted, you will be on a 1 Week Trial Period? Yes I do Understand this. (Failing the Trial Period will result in a demotion) Thank You For Reading My Application : )
  8. + Support - Phils a Really Active Dude - Really Mature dude who's always willin to help : ) - He's also a really chill guy who is a great staff member, and All things said above (Mans HoS App also got accepted lol ) Good Luck Beard Man
  9. Sup, Gonna keep it short and simple. Ion got time for gaminglight anymore so Imma go ahead and resign from State : ( (48 Hour notice)
  10. Welp, All Great Things Must Come to an End at Some Point. I guess this is my time. FBI was the First Department I joined and it will hold a Special place in my heart and I wont forget it. But I just aint got the time anymore. But Hope it all goes well for all yall Juan - Thanks For everything chief from me getting to COS to just Chillin and Jokin around : ) Phil - Thanks for everything from Me getting to Commanda Of ya department and just trustin me with that. (Im still at yo momma house so wake Up Lime - You'll make a Great HRT Commander I already know. If ya ever need anything Im always available on Discord! Gunther - Ay Bruh, Don't give lime too hard of a time as Co-Commander lol. Keep doin what ya doin in FTO and more : ) Chilled - Even though your resigned Imma miss you chief. Hopefully your Doin well though : ) Raven: Ayo Bruh, Keep some skittles for me. Ill be there soon, Nah but you've been doin great in FBI and keep bein you chief. don't let anyone bring ya down Cade: Ayo, Your doin great as DEA DCOS and In FBI. Keep bein you chief Hopefully everything goes well in life Tactical: Bri'ish Man. Imma miss you : ( Brucey: Another Bri'ish man. Imma miss both of yall Rest of FBI: Hope yall all doin well. : ) Mr. Drake Signin off : (
  11. He was Director In Training Bro
  12. Imma Bribe you to stay in drippy
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