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  1. Sad to see you go. Didn't know you very well but good luck with future endeavors and thank you for serving as a high command memeber of PD.
  2. This is great, a representation of FBI stepping in to fulfill the absence of tac units
  3. good luck everyone new DAD Will be announced tomorrow!
  4. Name: Gamikzone Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:33478819 Support Rank: (Support-Support+) Support Staff Rank: (Trialmod-Manager) Super Admin In your opinion, are you active in support? (Yes and why) (No and why) Yes. I am active because I'm on teamspeak consistently and I take staff calls whenever I possibly can and help out new members.
  5. Why is everyone making fun of him? The steamid is very private and sensitive info.
  6. @GhostlyNinjaDude @ColeSoft Grey @Taco. @October @Jeffe
  7. gamikzone

    Logans LOA

    Noted. Thank you and have a good holiday
  8. gamikzone

    PoliceRP Status

    Congrats on graduating college zeeptin. I graduated last year and it was the best feeling.
  9. I think everyone has different opinions but SMT is what holds the server together. We may not always agree with what happens but they are SMT for a reason, which is to do what's most efficient for the server.
  10. Wow the bus would have easily flew away in a 10-80
  11. I am very happy to see you have worked everything out for the better. You are a young and healthy person and you should not let depression and suicidal tendencies control your life. I am glad to see your getting better. We are all here for you