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  1. gamikzone

    Seinor Trump's LOA

    Okay it will be marked
  2. gamikzone

    Ban Appeal

    - Support I can't take these situations lightly. Telling another player to commit suicide is very inappropriate and is not tolerated.
  3. gamikzone

    FBI Interpol

    I am happy to announce the start of a new sub division in FBI. Our worldwide Interpol. The goal of Interpol is to protect our city of Rockford and keep all government agencies free of corruption and wrong doing. We also protect Rockford against Cybercrimes caused by hackers. We look forward to recruiting and making progress in our community. We also may consider expanding into other servers like 1944RP and SCPRP. If you are interested in applying please contact me or Interpol Command team. We are proud to serve the Rockford community.
  4. gamikzone

    Gamikzone LOA

    Name: Gamikzone Rank: Director LOA Time: 4/29-5/27 Reason (Private if needed): Going on vacation! See y'all when I get back!
  5. Well CHIKEN it is sad to see you go. 2017 CHIKEN was a completely different version of CHIKEN. You defintley changed for the better. I will miss you and I hope you best of luck in your future. Keep in touch. You defintley improved as a player.
  6. Glad to see we are expanding our team!