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  1. +Support SCP self breach is a good way to keep the server busy. 65 players is still a good chunk
  2. Enjoy vacation. I'll be around to help FBI.
  3. + Support - Active - Dedicated to the server - Great people person - Will be good addition to staff team
  4. +Support I see all the evidence here. Hoovy was in the wrong. Ban
  5. -Support You are replying to your own application. Do not see you on too much.
  6. -Support You are still too new. Wait a few more weeks
  7. - Support I don't see you on much. I believe if you keep getting active you will be a good staff member.
  8. I don’t think you are ready to be staff.
  9. If you stop the mingy stuff I think you’ll be great.
  10. Ok cancel the model. lets just do the medkit
  11. In-Game Name: Gamikzone Custom Class: Gordon Freeman Server: SCPRP STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:33478819 MEDKIT ($10) Proof of Premiere: