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  1. gamikzone

    Elapin's LOA

    Please follow proper format.
  2. Sad to see you leave us Timmemmmeees. Good luck with everything
  3. I would like to hear spection's side
  4. Andrew thank you for your service. You helped the FBI out tremendously. Its sad to see you go. I'll mark you on reserves.
  5. Dang jake. You'll be missed First response big jake CWOFT. good luck with your future goals. We will take care of big CWOFT response.
  6. +Support - Long time staff member - Experienced in GL - Knows the staff handbook - Mature
  7. -Support This is very offensive to me as I come from a muslim background. I dont know how you thought this is okay. This is clearly islamaphobic and I think you knew that but still continued to put the sign up. I am surprised you didnt get banned.
  8. Thank you for posting this apology. Last night was a little out of hand. When things are being said like "Join the omega family and get a free gun", "all omegas revolt against rockford". These pharses will attract minges to join your family. I hope this situation does not happen again, it was bad and alot of members were not happy with the omega family. I recommend the omega family clean out some members who do not follow rules. Alot of the time when things get out of hand these families get banned.
  9. Welcome back DB Cooper let us get in touch soon to discuss your fbi rank