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  1. -Support you keep replying to your own app, not only this but I have seen you minge a LOT in the past, and you argue with staff and talk down to them a lot, you are not fit for staff in my opinion.
  2. Kind of sounds like your trying to loophole the rules which is not allowed according to the MOTD. Bottom line is if you are on a criminal job you can not drive ANY type of government car even if you "were asked to" or "given permission" So I do not believe this warn should be appealed as it is valid.
  3. I think your a menace to society who needs to be stopped and put in a cage.
  4. Name: Billy King Permission? (1 HOS/Manager.) Snar Rank: (Must be Admin) Senior Admin How long have you been an admin? about 5 months What qualities can you bring to the mentor team (100 words minimum.): I feel like I can bring a number of qualities that would be essential to this team. A jump from senior moderator to admin is a huge jump and there is very little for error once you reach it, I would be understanding and patient with the moderators, I would listen to them and make sure they are perfect for the role of admin and above. I would allow them to ask any questions and make sure they know what to do and how to handle each situation like an admin would. I would bring fairness to the team, if your not fair as a mentor and you are too hard on the staff member the admin will likely not be that good. I would give them a little room for error, if they do make an error I would be sure to correct it and make sure they know the right way to go about the situation but if you don't give them a little room once they make that mistake as an admin they wont know how to fix it. Those are the things I would bring to the mentor team. Why do you want to join the mentor system? (150 words minimum): I want to join the mentor team because I have always loved helping lower ranks and helping to correct any error they make so it could make them a better staff member. I want every new admin to be fluent in rules and know how to handle every situation like a Superadmins and above. I want to be able to help them in every way to make the rank of admin and watch over them as they staff. I want to be able to go over with them what to improve upon and how to handle situations differently before making my final decision and going to SMT with the results. I feel its important to be a part of this team to help everyone and especially mentor senior moderators. I also feel like if I mentor them and teach them to be a good role models for lower ranks and be good role models for regular players I would be happy.
  5. clearly shows you horn spamming -Support