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  1. Back from the dead to say glad to hear you had fun man enjoy yourself
  2. +Support for the short time I knew him he did his job well
  3. I will be leaving the staff team also if you wish to know why I'm leaving go here
  4. Yea, I know this may come to be strange that I am leaving. To be honest it is kind of sudden. The main reason that I am resigning is because of the stress to get on and do work that I feel that I shouldn't be doing. With that said I have had a great time on this server and the people I meet were just wonderful people. I hope you guys still feel that way I did when I first joined the server. My hopes is for milRP to find a few new and trusted general that have been around for a long time (AWG, Richard). The rest of changed my life and I can never forget the times I have had on milRP. With all that said I have to thank some people for giving me a good laugh or just overall a great person. John - You need to make sure that you are being better than alsher Scheffer - Great guy, but NEVER get on his bad side AWG - You have come a long way and I feel that you are ready for your next step good luck! Snookie - Always a hardass just the way I like my generals Krimson - Will never let me forget that he is a OG player and I'm not Rook - Dirty furry, all jokes aside great guy and can leave my branch in a heart beat Funkey - "At least I didn't buy levels" , Smh Richard - How are you not a general yet great guy with so much potential to do great things in the staff team and in ru Matricies - How do I say your name again? I'm kidding thanks for taking my bad jokes since day one Arnold - Why did you leave me??? Colt45 - Better GOA then Hannah Montana Alsher - Make better updates nerd Rac - I think you have a great way of looking at things and always happy that will help you in life hold onto that Scoot - Off brand rook, your close the being a BG keep it up man Ltrdm - Great friend of mine for 6 year hopefully it doesn't end there Shadow - Much to learn, but ready for action keep learning and striving to do your best Spencer - Glad we became such good friends in a short amount of time I wish for us to keep going strong in the future. (PUBG kill H1Z1) Jesssy - You have come a long way keep up the good work I know you are able to do great things with the air force Xtatic - Worst VCMDR I have ever seen. Just kidding, great guy can get on your ass every now and again but will be there for you when you need him Eiffel - One of the first people I looked up to when I joined the server I'm glad we became friends and ally's in the server Cole - Dang never would have thought you would have been blacklist come back and see me sometime it would be good to talk again L00L - Still better than you at CS Syrup - Trash voice actor but a great friend USMC shadow - Have fun in boot camp may ARC training help you there Danny - Pain in the ass to deal with in war with his drones but leadership skills unmatched keep up the good work Tumz - Hit me with one more quad and ill resign Bobby - Might want to take some tips on how not to cuss people out but your sit count unmatched Senior - Hope your computer gets fixed soon Ace - Stop plugging your stream North - South ,east, west Sam - Lay off the slots for me would ya Androntel - We had our issues but we had the same goal to make the server better Kilo - Good luck on the kid your gunna need it Reborn - Best Milrp head admin I have ever known like this guy is just the best I wish you could have met him, wooooow... Spades - Great guy where is this mans headGM Danny Muller - Mini valk Ruthless - Next step SMT take care man Hanz - Smells bad just the way I like him China - Lets not bring back janitors For anyone that I missed I love you guys and I'm sorry I didn't put you up there.
  5. +Support, but needs to improve slightly -Active -Knows The rules -Would like to see you on the staff job more and taking sits -Great guy to be around Overall you need to make sure that you are staffing and not just having the staff rank
  6. You will be tested on this so read up
  7. ^ Let the update sink in a bit and if it needs to be changed then it will be changed
  8. Make sure to be there for the ending of the first series event
  9. Name: Rebron Master Kit Fisto Rank: Knight
  10. Yea milrp = CSGO One of my Meme events
  11. Sorry to see you go. Come back and see us!