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  1. Gaur

    My game

    Load up gmod, click options, and rebind all your keys, click apply
  2. I do agree this is legendary....
  3. Gangs all here When i was FBI AD And when i first started playing, me provoking alec and valk to warn me xD
  4. Criminals should get 255 armor too. And gas. Honestly wouldn't be opposed xD.
  5. Just like to point out that since it is a sub department it is harder to get into then SWAT and arguably harder to get into then ARU considering it requires CPL in PD + SNR Trooper and also will require 2 applications to be made. SWAT only requires promo up to CPL the 4th rank, ARU requires promo up to the 5th rank, SGT, and CERT requires promo up to 4th rank, CPL, and an additional harder promotion up to SNR Trooper as well as one more application required then the rest of the tactical units. +Support I support fairness across the board with the tactical units, if any of them feel less then the others then I’d be happy to support their update as well.
  6. -Support Why dont you just put the name of your custom job in your name and have the other memebers of the custom job do it too. BAM BING BONG YOUR IN A FAMILY.
  7. Sounds like it would be an easy thing to do, but most likely will be difficult and require help from the developer that created the printers.
  8. +Support If you carjack a car it will most likely be returned and alot of the times it happens while you are driving it. If gov car is stolen then Gov job can switch to citizen and switch back to gov and their car will have disappeared.
  9. -Support Please no fire, 6FPS as it is already Wish we could have fire, but there are tons of limitations when adding stuff to PRP and this is unfortunately one of the limits
  10. +/-Support Wouldnt mind, but would be insanely difficult for staff to enforce unless it was recorded or witnessed by a staff. Also it would be hard for a criminal to follow as during combat counting your fading door would be the last thing you would think of, or might accidentally let it go running away.
  11. -Support Did SOmthing tHis IS THe PolICe RP SeCtiIOn!