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  1. -Support Shouldnt be able to ban, maybe content moderate or post restriction.
  2. Gaur

    Weirdest SCP

    What do you think is the weirdest SCP? In my Opinion, SCP-2521 is one of the weirdest. SCP-2521 steals information about its self, so any written or verbally transmitted info about SCP-2521 will be stolen by him. If somone says somthing he will steal the person. Once he takes the person/information no one knows where they go. The only form of information about SCP-2521 that can be written is pictures. Link:
  3. None of the GOI’s are good guys. Like stay out of the foundations way goddammit. It’s better for the world to live in ignorance then to be exposed to SCPS.
  4. Oh sorry My Bad. Just take 20$ off of the stuff so 110$-140$
  5. Base Job: $50 Add 3 Weapons: $60 (Camo, Tranq, Nova) Armor: $20 Extra HP: Idk? Cost: About 130$-160$ (Cause IDK about extra charges if any for the HP or camo)
  6. Should be back on today late or tomorrow!
  7. Name: Gaur/Dustin Rank: Dep Site Admin Reason for LOA: Need to focus on some school stuff due in 3 days, wont be on much. End 1/10/18
  8. Isn't necessary any more restraints regenerate over time.
  9. MTF Update already planned
  10. Gaur

    SCP-999 Test

    <Security Clearance Level 1 Required…> <Validating Credentials…> <Validated…> Secure. Contain. Protect. Fireproof experiment with SCP-999 SCP-999 is made of a gelatinous mass of translucent orange slime. This slime is seemingly resistant to fire and burn. A sample was taken from SCP-999. The procedures were... Take sample from 999. Take a D-Class to the incinerator room. Rub a thin layer of the sample from 999 over the Class-D. Ignite Incenerator. Record Results The Results were pretty underwhelming. The thin layer seemed to have little to no effect on the Class-D survivability as the Class-D caught fire immediately. All that was left was a pile of ash. The experiment was a failure to test further I would require approval from the ethics committee as well as site administration as I cannot take a large portion of SCP-999 without proper authorization. As well as I cannot burn D-Class over and over without the ethics committee getting angry. <RESEARCH REPORT OVER...> ------ OOC REPORT Lore Name: Burk Rank: Jr. Researcher Clearance Level: 1 List of personnel involved in testing: N/A Level D personnel involved: D-9231 SCP: 999 Hypothesis: If a layer of SCP-999's goop is applied to a Class-D then he will have a slight resistance to fire. Observation: The D-Class burned immediately. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Check Incenerator Camlog (N/A) Errors and/or safety hazards: None Conclusion: Experiment is a failure. Would need more 999 goop to test. Requires approval.
  12. [Checking Credentials...] [Credentials Accepted] Secure. Contain. Protect. Site-05 Floor Plan EZ, HCZ, LHCZ Maps are WIP. This one took a bit of time please be patient. Pending Pin, but don't lock it. See anything wrong with one of the maps or the rooms get changed, comment and ill fix it.
  13. Gaur

    NVG's;searchtext=NVG My take on the night vision goggles. I don't think there is any mod where the goggles are actual entities that you can pickup.This mod will be required for another addon that will come soon, it's not that hard to guess. Client-side convars: - nvg_goggle 0-1 => enable/disable the goggle overlay (enabled by default)- nvg_refract 0-1 => enable/disable refraction (disabled by default, can mess up your aim)- nvg_refract_value <number> => set the strength of refraction (0.03 by default)- nvg_color <number> => change the color of the lens(0 = green, 1 = red, 2 = blue, 3 = purple, 4 = yellow, 5 = turquoise, 6 = orange, 7 = white) Console commands: Use "dropnvg" to drop the night vision goggles.Use "toggnvg" to toggle (turn on/off) the night vision goggles.You can bind those commands using "bind <key> <command>" in the console. Chat commands: Use !dropnvg to drop the night vision goggles.Use !toggnvg to toggle (turn on/off) the night vision goggles.
  14. Usually, you cannot buy ownership unless the owner is banned or the owner approves it from what Iv heard. And if you think about it logically you, just cause the owner hasnt been active or you haven't seem them on does not mean they should loose thier job they paid for. So I'd think that they would have to be banned.