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  1. Accepted Trooper List 8/14/19 CPL Evil (STEAM_0:1:72956092) LCPL William (STEAM_0:1:162944892) LCPL Masterson (STEAM_0:1:162489285) LCPL Gold D. Smoker (STEAM_1:0:92278880) LCPL Tale (STEAM_0:0:59785402) CPL Campbell (STEAM_1:1:17695468) Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Any form of disrespect or immaturity whilst on State Police will result in an instant removal from all state positions. Congratulations! ~Acting Colonel Gaur
  2. Used to be in PoliceRP a couple of years ago. Idk why it was removed, but it wasn't used and didnt work half the time. There is better MDT systems on GMod store. Like PMod, comes with CCTV, wanted/warrant database, arresting system with history that tracks previous arrests, ticket system w/ history ect.
  3. Gaur

    Report against Zage

    It is very clear that whoever trained you didn't go over tazer rushing or stress it enough during the training. I can see why you were demoted by a staff member. Also can you not do that clown face crap, honestly don't know how a forum diplomat hasn't taken that down. This section of the forums is one of the few that is reserved for serious posting. To anyone else making fun of the person making the report, please keep in mind that he is an OFC and has just joined. If he is not as fluent in the rules and SOPs that is to be expected so how about give him a little leniency and stop being rude, unless you are intentionally trying to drive new players away from the community. -Support Overall Zage did his job/No staff handbook rule broke You weren't trained properly by the looks of things Just get retrained and pay attention.
  4. -Support on the idea that you can spawn breaching charges and gas. Unfortunately that would allow criminals to get their hands on it and /invholster it. A good alternative that will allow you to get more ammo is it will provide you with more ammo for whatever weapon you are holding in your hand when you pick it up. (Including Gas, Breaching Charges, ect.) The resetting the armor idea is sadly harder then it sounds. Since GMod does not have a "SetMaxArmor" function by default everyone armor cap is 100, to be able to regain your armor more then 100 you would need for it to be set using the function "SetArmor" or the ULX command, so entities such as armor batteries or armor kits wouldn't work. Therefore, there would have to be an entity made for each specific job's armor amount that sets your armor. It would be simple, but require a lot of entities to get the exact armor for every class.
  5. +Support Active Fit for Rank Recommended to me for promotion multiple times by multiple officers.
  6. -Support I lik da echo
  7. Why are y'all still commenting? There is a link to a google forum on the post...
  8. You cannot appeal blacklists. Check FAQ
  9. +Support Mature Active Respectful Knowledgeable Shows dedication towards 1944RP and raising its daily player count.
  10. +Support Wouldnt hurt You still have to refuel the tank, the amount it can hold can be adjusted, still won’t allow for afk farming. 5k fuel in a tank is still less then 30 min of mining time Bit racks require 4 solar panels, solar panels require direct line of sight to the skybox meaning it cannot be placed under a roof or any prop (including invisible/transparent props) meaning that it is hard to hide solar panels making them very vulnerable. Right now in terms of money making in general it’s easier to user printers and they make more money. Shouldnt cause lag, no animated parts just simple entities.
  11. Most likely a Valk ban if it was in 2017.
  12. Lol, You should have know the repercussions to nuking the CT Discord and minging would be a perma ban. Just because your sorry doesn't mean that you should be unbanned, you nuked the CT discord out of anger towards the SWRP community and just to be toxic in general. This report is full of excuses about how you were mistreated that that somehow validates your actions, which it doesn't. Also you were banned for "RDM x2 | Minge | NITRP | FailRP" as well as nuking CT Discord.
  13. Gaur

    Staff Report

    Did you see the printers before you walked into that door? Just because the door is unlocked does not mean you need a warrant. Either way, -Support Not staff abuse, he grabbed you with his physgun because of a staff situation. The players believed that you didn't have a reason to enter their property. The staff member did not compromise the staff handbook. Oh and also the rant on the bottom about all the other staff don't pertain to this report in any way, if you have a problem with the other staff members make a separate report..
  14. Gaur

    My game

    Load up gmod, click options, and rebind all your keys, click apply