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  1. Jano

    Wanna go to prom?

    I’m going to prom night and I was wondering if you wanted to go. For dinner we are going to Applebee’s
  2. Get out of here I dont see no 21st in yo name
  3. Jano

    No hate but hmmm

    Alright it’s not my server and if you think that your smt know what they are doing then go ahead but tbh I don’t really have a opinion anymore because..... u know.... I got banned ;(
  4. Jano

    No hate but hmmm

    Yes I understand this but I don’t think CWRP or milrp are not doing good currently. Is it worth the risk?
  5. Jano

    No hate but hmmm

    Just a quick question and again no hate to the community but why was this server made? CWRP is having such a hard time right now due to Jedi vs sith. Like I would make sure that your servers are populated before you run off and make a new one.
  6. After all this time and waiting the time has come the moment I have wanted ever since I joined this server I can’t believe they did this it was well needed the models the weapons the commander we even had the Jedi ready I just knew this would happen. Oh.......wait....... this isn’t the 21st battalion welp I guess they have done it again.
  7. Jano


    Jano- Master of the Order Soul- imperial military general(I think) Jinx- emperor Bravo-Republic military general (We could have taken over the galaxy Toaster-IDK Quinten- Padawan Victus- Appretance thats it I think
  8. "Trial Mods are not allowed to Quit Staff - Moderators plus can quit. Quitting as a trial mod will result in a 3 month staff restriction." As said in the staff handbook it is a Staff restriction not a Blacklist
  9. He left GM and went to Anime as a T-mod
  10. Best 327th boi out there good luck in life