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  1. Name: Aaron Hotcher Rank: COL Callsign: GX02 Reason I should stay: Cos I help run CI Concerns: None
  2. + Support Last Night (Saturday night) myself and 7-8 other FBI and Fame played as HRT/Domestic Terrorism Unit So i think if we added one of those 2 as a FBI Sub Branch it could increase RP as it would then give FBI a Proper Purpous Like State have DOC and CERT why cant FBI Have HRT?
  3. Fuck thats the FBI Funding gone xD
  4. I have to agree here We Gave Delta Command and Gamma Command them because there trusted i dont trust Research with the Nor would i trust there command they have gaurds there for a reason to kepe the SCPS Contained and the only way they can escape is if u let dem out so yah its not needed
  5. Accepted 6th Jan - Velvet - Big Johnny -Smalls
  6. Same here Also Please Go to internal Affairs First! If you have a issue with a Agent Report it To IA and then we send the report out to the command witch we think is needed for the report!
  7. ^^ i was Taking Pictures of DOC and Stuff cos i was going to do a Christmas PolceRP avatar thingi for my teamspeak but i diddent want to get on staff to do it as i was going to be tabbing in and out of game Once i took the pic i removed it Staff delt with it ingame