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  1. Yanno When People say CI are Mingy i dont see that cos im not in the places they are, however i know your apart of CI and you are showing this kind of attatude to a JMT member Dont come back to CI cos we dont want you (syn not th3) (still -support)
  2. Got to Re Escape when CI command are on as you cant stay on surface due to restart Breached SCPS killing you So just escape when there are CI command or a CI FTO
  3. FBI there are couple options 1) dont bother interogating them if they are not complyent 2) if they are complyent spend about 10 mins doing it then put a reduced sentance in
  4. PoliceRP - RDM Cops Shooting Panic Buttons Pritnters Weed Bang Bang Supplys BoringRP- Peace Time - Support i wanna kill people when i get in troulbe not do jail time
  5. You look like the I play Pokemon go's Brother
  6. As FBI DCOS it is my Duty To make sure that our agents are safe, along with those in PD Swat SRT and State, As of the 1st of February 2019 I am Activating a operation, All HRT and FBI Bomb Squad Personnel are to meet 4 hours before the FBI meeting , We are Not going to go boom for the second time this year. All Agents Gear Up Were at War. FBI DCOS BDS IAD Aaron Hotcher & FBI DCOS BDS IAD Andrew.
  7. Sad to See you go! I hate to be like this but as your retiring you Cannot get on the DCOS job unless a DCOS+ aproves of it! Hope we can work along side you again
  8. Looks Like Gamik But more Hard xD
  9. Just changed Andrew To hotcher
  10. Name: Aaron Hotcher Rank: COL Callsign: GX02 Reason I should stay: Cos I help run CI Concerns: None
  11. + Support Last Night (Saturday night) myself and 7-8 other FBI and Fame played as HRT/Domestic Terrorism Unit So i think if we added one of those 2 as a FBI Sub Branch it could increase RP as it would then give FBI a Proper Purpous Like State have DOC and CERT why cant FBI Have HRT?
  12. Fuck thats the FBI Funding gone xD