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  1. Enjoy your vacation Quinn. You deserve one. Shadow
  2. Although I do think that this is a neat concept, I believe we need to keep the servers that are currently up active enough to create another server. If not, it could just leach off the rest of persay, Clone Wars, or MilitaryRP. I'd give it about a year or two, depending on if the server grows in activity for those specific servers. Cool idea. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Shadow
  3. Agreed, Zach and Androntel. For the time I've seen, it is that newer players do not return as well as a majority of other issues. Whether it is staff abuse or a roleplay reason the player my not want to return, it also includes the fact that the same concept repeated can be quite a nuisance. In other terms, war, debrief, and sometimes PT. A newer issue that has arose atleast for the United States has been that, many power hungry individuals either ruin the experience for others or it could be that they have abused their powers in some sort of way; EX: Sergeant orders Privates to follow them and betray orders. There are just so many variables that can appear to be unconformable for new players, in the way that they might not return. Following that, although newer individuals still might not want to return it could also be that they actually do not have the time. I know that I won't be able to be on during this upcoming school year as much I would usually be, only being able to be on for the weekends. From what I've heard around, it might apply for other people as well. Recently, I know personally that more people have stopped playing the server due to the removal of LFS, and I do understand that Richard, the Head of Staff removed it for a good cause and all, but some players felt unsatisfactory about the whole situation. Considering all of these equations, I think we should work with what we have and move from there, deal with any individual who could potentially threaten the life of the server, which would also apply to those who might be considered; "Toxic". Thank you for reading and have a great day.
  4. Is there somewhere that is says specifically that you cannot be a Wardog if you are staff restricted or is this just somehow a rule that is just apparently one now? If so, please inform me.
  5. *War Dogs do not have to be staff on Gaminglight Servers. While it is highly recommended, it is not required* Straight out of the Wardog handbook made by Scheffer.
  6. You also need to increase your activity on the forums ., your first post should not be a Staff Application. Introduce yourself so we know who you are, as well as take some time to meet some people in the community.