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  1. In-Game Name: Lucifer Whitemane Rank: EMT Call-sign: LMT-8 Why You like EMS: I like EMS because simply you save the lives of others and you gain that sense of joy that you saved someones life; pretty heroic and very honorable career. This one of the main reason why I wanted to become an EMS because it just truly brings out the character on saving lives. A bonus is that everyone loves EMS due to what they do by providing medical treatment to the public, and even just having someone who truly cherishes those whom need medical assistance. Overall, I just see EMS as a way to feel the motive, well-being, caringness (totally a word) and synergy in yourself and for others. What Could Make EMS Better: Honestly, more in-game medical trainings and activity is all I would say; perhaps more paperwork for the Enlisted such as a patient medical record would be a nice addition.