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  1. Would rather have the Vietnam war too, but who will be the Vietnam? Because if Russia has to change to Vietnam then I don't think that will happen lmao
  2. What about adding a builder job where it basically gives you the ability to build more props. Maybe like 15 more props so people could hire a builder to build a base for them and have their base expanded.
  3. Pathetic! I have 20k hours on gmod https://imgur.com/gallery/2u8pFcY
  4. *cries* *wipes off tears* bobby more like robby!
  5. I don't know what he did wrong? The screenshots don't prove anything either then him talking. For all we know you might have done something wrong, maybe someone reported you for something, I mean like it would be great if there was a video but this is just screenshots. You could've just walked away in the first incident if it was not a sit, unless he told you it was. Im sorry but, I'm going to have to -support this
  6. Name: L00L In Game Name: US MGYSGT L00L Rank: Master Gunnery Sergeant Planning on coming back full time, still debating
  7. This application has my support for many reasons listed below Logan is quite active and is on TS literally everyday, I see him active on the forums everyday as well, and he is also quite active in-game, as I see him on most servers, but mostly he is on Policerp the most. Logan is quite a friendly guy, and he is quite helpful as well! He helps me with things I don't understand, and is very patient with me as well! Logan is very mature of course. He knows when to have his fun and be a little immature be he is mature quite often and is mature enough to be admin on Policerp. Logan is usually on staff a lot on Policerp, I see him staffing quite regularly, and from what I could see he does it really professional,mature, and takes it quite serious and does not play around. Overall, Logan deserves admin Huge +Support -L00L
  8. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:172938715 In-Game name: L00L Server (Policerp, milrp, etc) : Policerp/MilitaryRP CS: GO rank : Unranked (past rank gn4) Will you work with the assigned team: Yes,I will Will you be able to attend the event: I most certainly can
  9. IG Name: FBI SA CS L00L Link to Steam Account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/L00LLexPhantom How many warnings do you have: 5 | 2 from MilitaryRP and 3 from PoliceRP What departments are you in and what rank:I am in FBI. My rank in FBI is Special Agent Why do you want to be EMS (150 Words Minimum): I would like to be EMS to bring in more role-play and bring a more serious aspect of role-play into the game by being EMS. And I feel as though if I were EMS I would gladly do that anytime. I would also like to be EMS so I can help players when they are dead and give them the help they need. I feel as though not enough of EMS are on and I want to be on and at least help by reviving dead players and help by reviving criminals for the police to arrest them and so that they could have a smoother experience doing their job. I would also like to help EMS by advancing in the ranks and so that I could help lead the EMS as well and train them. But the main reason why I would like to join is because all I want to do is help in any way I can, by doing whatever I can; bring in an role-play aspect, maybe help train trainees when I advance in EMS and have them help other players as well, and mostly help the community when they are in need, and so that they do not need to spend 2500 dollars to re-spawn when I can just respond to their needs and revive them, really all I want is for the server to be more of a seriousrp and me being EMS would totally help by doing so and bringing in a more serious role-play experience for all players. Who recruited you? (Put N/A if nobody did) N/A
  10. +SUPPORT Active A very good player overall, I say give him a chance on being T-MOD