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  1. The reason it died cuz i was blacklisted l0l
  2. +Support I've known this guy for the longest time and he has just grown from a guy who was just an FBI agent, to someone who has grown, this just shows that he can learn and shows that he is capable for being a Major, he is intelligent and can elucidate others including himself, he is a man with knowledge and wisdom which will be the most important key factor to being a major as he needs to be a role model for low ranks and for others that are attempting to climb the ladder and others that are struggling to climb that rank ladder. I know if he is a Major he will actually do work, he has been in this community for so long and obviously has become something great. I know he will be the best pick for Major, someone like him is very hard to find, he is a rare breed of people that come and go into this community, and I just know that he will stick around for a long time. He is active and probably nolifes GMOD but hey, that's really good for this community. He is patient and is very unbiased and deals with problems in an appropriate manor no matter the situation. He is a good guy and a guy who deserves Major nonetheless, from the 1-2 years me and him have known each other, he is a cool guy, and someone who can teach others the same thing he has been taught. I hope you pick him to be a major in PRP.
  3. can i come back plox
  4. Wait wtf, we can actually unblacklist appeal, because if so I'm going to actually put in effort. Lol, you disrespected me big time, and I thought we were good and stopped the beef, we literally were in ts and talked.
  5. Ever since I left it went downhill*
  6. Would rather have the Vietnam war too, but who will be the Vietnam? Because if Russia has to change to Vietnam then I don't think that will happen lmao
  7. What about adding a builder job where it basically gives you the ability to build more props. Maybe like 15 more props so people could hire a builder to build a base for them and have their base expanded.
  8. Pathetic! I have 20k hours on gmod https://imgur.com/gallery/2u8pFcY
  9. *cries* *wipes off tears* bobby more like robby!