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  1. damnnnnnnnnnnnn callin u out @Scoot
  2. im about to cry https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/816298816051478539/822213668150313041/bruhmoment.mp4
  3. +Support Best candidate over others that applied Trust worthy Serious Actually does his job ik rare nowadays
  4. -Support A HC member had to step in because you couldn't manage the branch by yourself at all. Clearly shows incompetence as a whole. ^ This guy gets it :troll:
  5. https://tenor.com/view/trollfacegif-funny-lol-troll-face-gif-5354214
  6. +Support Is a great Medical VCMDR Deserves the position
  7. tf are you talking about Anyways, -Support Hey before you negative rep me hear me out There is definitely a chance you are telling the truth and that it is a genuine mistake but that doesn't excuse the fact that "NG6A" is so close to the Nword and in game it looks like it. If it is a mistake then that is unfortunate because the mistake you made is still a big one and a ban-able offense. You claimed staff didn't really communicate with you but without really any evidence about that no one can really do much. I personally think this could have been a big mistake BUT that still doesn't excuse the fact that it is a ban-able offence. I think that @robertomanjinicould've definitely handled this a lot better than he did especially as a staff member he seems to just be arguing with you guys. Also I highly doubt that this guy advertised his ban appeal and without evidence I reckon you lot should stop crying about it because you have 0 evidence to go off of.
  8. the jews are on your side too, you got it bro!
  9. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo my fav pigeon
  10. Accepted! Please speak to an AHC member for training.
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