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  1. + Support Spike strips can be used as a precaution to prevent a subject vehicle from escape. I’ve seen IRL PD do this on stops. Yes it is realistic to do this. Spike strips are in no way a threat to your life the only way that they become a threat is if you drive away or if you purposely step on then otherwise they course no harm. As PD Command and SWAT you should know this priority rules state it is FailRP to engage Law enforcement in a shoot out because of a traffic stop UNLESS they are actively threatening your life (spikes do not count) or you are wanted these rules were put in place to stop this exact situation from happening. As a Super Admin you should know this. As for the cop bait. Weather or not you know that there are PD close you still shouldn’t be driving like an ass hole. Not only could this situation happen but it also ruins the RP of other then you smash into them at mock 3 im sorry calamity but you messed up here
  2. Huh. Interesting. I might try my luck with SRT if I dont get kidnapped my CERT first
  3. They werent breaking the rules tho. They were in the rules just fine. We just wanted to contain them
  4. It was more of a Keep them in. Also there was not a staff issue
  5. The Name of the family was "Torty"
  6. The issue here is that you raced thought the entire map leading to the cops ending up in pursuit of one of you. And you guys cant rp as normal humans. You just have to shoot at us. Take the example of when I first got on. You adverted that you were going to do a street race. I showed and didnt get 10 feet from my car before 8 of you walked up to me with Negev's and shotguns yelling at me to leave and it was just a simple illegal street race. I was just going to yell al yall to leave. I wasnt going to arrest any of you or even ticket. I just wanted you guys gone but no. you had to shoot me didnt cha. Cant forget the time your buddy cop baited by driving past me and cert with a smoking atv with 4 poped tires and when we tried to do someone about it we got sniped. You guys consistently ruin the RP of gov by doing street races and if we even attempt to intervene you shoot us. I have never once been apart of enjoyable RP by families You guys are so damn trigger happy with Gov. Cant even let us arrest one damn person without having to turn the Gov side of GL into swiss cheese. And Aren't Street Races cop bait in general? I mean. Street races themselves are illegal and by nature they attract cops leading to shootings.
  7. Well. The way you would go about using the bailer would be to Jail break. Funny thing about a jailbreak is that you get to raid and use emps and shoot cops.
  8. As a Member of High Command I am aloud to do what I can to protect the place. We Called your family "Torty" as Terrorist Organization and your members AOS. As a part of martial law and the fact that we were arresting you guys We blocked off the Bailer but it was not prop block. The entrance was KeyPad protected. All you needed was a few people and a keypad cracker or EMP and boom your in. Full access to the bailer. We blocked off the bailer because we did not want a continuous cycle of Jailed-Bailed-Arrested-Unrealistic Shootout- Jailed - and so on. And We also wanted you to serve jail time. So. - Support
  9. - Support Unfortunately I was not recording so I dont have anything to back me up besides DD SSGT Mike who was there. First off. I was parked on the side of the road only half my car actually in the road with my lights on. My car was clearly visible all the way down main meaning there is no way you didnt see it. You came off the road and hit dead center the back of my car and it road up onto your hood. You stopped and said nothing. Only after that you sped off with my car carrying it 50-75 meters down the road way out of mic distance before speeding off. I called it cop bait because you intentionally rammed us and took off with my car. After that I warned him after consideration of the incident. The Lay out
  10. ColeSoft Grey - Resignated from my OG name ColeHR. 2016, I wanted to have a name people who know. A name people would remember. Something "cool sounding" I made ColeSoft Grey my freshman year of high school in globe studies Cole Sladvak - The name of my fursona. Originally I created him in 2014. I decided late 2019 to started using his name on PRP. Casey Sladvak - A name I rarely use. This is the name of a fursona gifted to me by someone I loved (now deceased so don't ask). Also Cole's "fiancee"
  11. Honestly I am guilty of this too. I can see how it could possibly be a mistake. But you did move him with purpose and it wasn't a 1 second thing either +/- support
  12. +Support. Maddog and I were fooling around and I got into a sit then He killed me not realizing. I told him afterwards and he did apologize in-game +Support