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  1. I turned around to see a shot go into the wall (with particles/smoke come out of the wall) and you just pull out your Negev and open fire. Not to mention the fact that you had no value for life and basically scammed.
  2. +Support Meets requirements! Great Guy! Active!
  3. If you're talking about mockingbird, saying that Snar has a stick up his ass isn't voicing an opinion. It's disrespect.
  4. Rhenic

    Adding Lean Back

    -Support No one used lean.
  5. Adding the Tesla Model X to the Trauma CC Paid by me: STEAM_0:0:77040703 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1377965510 (textures: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=935754808 )
  6. Bitminers, small printers, and weed.
  7. How will raiders be able to steal it then
  8. +support I have never seen so much effort in an entire post before. I’d like to recommend that this man be promoted straight to staff restricted instead of trial mod. He would do a great job in that position.
  9. Rhenic

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    Thank you for this, Smoke. I would also like to apologize for arguing with you in OOC sometimes.
  10. Your side was that you were AFK.
  11. No you got warned for not shooting/arresting/stopping a criminal with an illegal weapon that was breaking several laws 3 feet away from you, but then going after us when we do the same thing.
  12. Austin was blacklisted because he was being disrespectful to more than just me. The posts he was disrespectful on were already hidden which is why you can’t see them. If you want to call me immature because I blacklisted someone (even after talking with other SMT about it), then go ahead.
  13. It's just so convenient for you to come back just as we shoot him but 3 seconds prior you don't see anything..?