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  1. Rhenic

    Howdy! Traz.

    Welcome to Rockford. As a member of an organized crime family, I recommend you stay out of our way.
  2. +support Active on forums Mature Friendly Deserves this position Good luck!
  3. ^^^ Don’t reply to your own application
  4. +support over 40 warns It’s a ban request my dude.
  5. -support Not really needed in my opinion.
  6. Noooo You were a great member of command back when I played on MilRP. Hopefully you’ll still come in TS sometimes!
  7. I think we should accept him.
  8. Rhenic

    PD Bank Vault

    ^^^Put this in the SWAT/SRT/ARU base
  9. Rhenic

    The King Family

    3 days playtime