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  1. Hello my name is Meowjam, and I'm here to explain you what's my life coming to to gaming light, so what I usually play on PoliceRP I get warned by an admin and then when I go to a different gaming light server like Star wars RP I still have the same exact one what happened please RP so I hope you guys can understand that I may have four warrants in my warrants list and I hope you guys can understand that I'm not a ming because I'm just a friendly guy who just wants to make friends and be nice to people. Sincerely: Meowjam Please understand me:( because just because I have four warns doesn't mean I'm a ming I just don't understand the rules correctlyso I hope you guys and gave me like community can understand how hard is it to play gaminglight
  2. He probably did it because he was tired of being the useless one, so he basically just joined the dark side to prove himself that he will not be coward from everything he was stands for. But we do know that jar jar is a meepster
  3. You know gameplay is very popular for Gmod servers and we can never think enough about gaming like being the most popular community ever in Garry's mod history. So players of game night show some love for gaminglight of its hard tales of 6 years
  4. Gaming light will be the most popular community in ever in Gmod. But also congratulations game of life for 6 years of not being dead, because if gamelight died we will not know what to do with our lives But you're thinking congratulations gaminglight:)
  5. Meowjam

    RJ's Resignation x2

    Come on bro you can stay for a while and then you can do a big goodbye in a debrief come on man Don't go we still need you: (
  6. dude seriously you should join shock because you can arrest all the ninjas and all the ST's when they break the law of the Star destroyer:) PS:if you already have multiple regiments you can join you may have to leave one Richmond because you can't be in one place
  7. +Support +I may not know you but I may know you may be a good trial game master +Active
  8. Meowjam

    DGs GM app

    -Support -From all of the review you had you are mingy so your beeptreebops -I never seen you on in my life
  9. If these didn't help, I don't know what to do with you:/
  10. Step one: try to not act like a minge. Step two: arrest people who's breaking the rules and law of the ship. Step three: arrest ST's who are minging. Final step: Hope you got a donation rank for a security droid.
  11. Hey players of gaminglight, it's me Meowjam, I'm here to explain you guys that and some other day or maybe a year or next week I may apply for game Master so I can provide good and fun event for you guys because I want to prove gaming like so much to make good events and making sure people have very good RP experience playing the server so I'm just here if I apply for a game master and I get accepted I just like to thank you guys for letting me in the position and giving you guys fun and good RP experiencing of gaming light of these events I may give you. Thank you for reading this general. And maybe some other day I may apply and I become game Master Hope to see you there in the event:)
  12. good morning all of you, i hope you guys are doing well:)
  13. Name: Meowjam Rank: SGT Current FTO Rank: N/A Current RCF Rank: N/A Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A
  14. +1 he's a nice guy and see him active normally in the server but sometimes I think he will be a good as a '05 medical I hope to see you there in the medbay;)