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  1. +HUMONGOUS SUPPORT!!! Matt is a very skilled COL with great taste in people to recruit and he already leads the heavy division of the 501st. He has a large amount of time to devote to the server too. Massive kudos to you sir.
  2. + Support Nebel is a great guy with a good sense of humor, but he's serious when he needs to be. I've had the pleasure to serve underneath him and he has always been great, even though I only saw him as a Senior Commander during my time in 501st before he got promoted up. I see no reason why he shouldn't be VCMDR.
  3. Close the post, I left SF
  4. Well then do I need permission from the person even if they left the server? I need to find them so I can ask if I can use their CC model since it's already on the server
  5. What is your name? Cummins What is your rank? Senior Airman How long have you been an Enlisted? 14 days What rank are you applying for? Senior Pilot How many strikes do you have? And why do you have the strikes if you do? I have no strikes. Why should we trust you with a NCO rank? (120 words) You should trust me with the NCO rank because I can bring value. I can be mature when a mature perspective is required. I can be mature when all the enlisted are fooling around and doing things they shouldn't, but also not be too harsh. There is teaching the enlisted ranks a lesson and then there is bullying them for trying to have fun but not knowing the limit, and I'd much prefer to do the former of the 2 options. You should trust me as an NCO because I will listen to the feedback you give me and I will take it into account and learn from it. I can also dogfight proficiently and outmaneuver any X-Wing the rebels launch at me. You should trust me as an NCO because I will get the job done, no questions asked. What can you do to assist Officers with this rank? (50 words) To assist officers, I can primarily manage the enlisted and make sure they stay in line and don't cause trouble. I can also ask them if I can help them with their duties, such as regular troop transporting or even using the VTOL to transport a VIP. I can assist the officers by doing as many tryouts as I can, making their life easier. The more tryouts I do, the less they have to worry about the enlisted. The less they have to worry about the enlisted, the more they can worry about helping command and making SF a better battalion. What is the main point of NCO? (60 words) The point of being an NCO is to set an example for the ranks below me. The example I set also sets the course for the future enlisted that follow in my footsteps and become like me. The point of being an NCO is also to train new enlisted and get as many new recruits flowing into SF as possible. Question, what would happen if you see a enlisted not following orders and they are messing around? (75 words) I'm relatively lenient with enlisted, so if the messing around is very light I would warn them to stop twice. If they still haven't stopped the 3rd time I'll contact a Vice Marshall (Following C.O.C) and tell them to do what they feel is necessary. If the messing around and not following orders is very heavy I'll warn them once to stop and if they don't I'll contact a Vice Marshall, asking them what they see as a fit punishment. Do you agree that if you are striked within the first week you will be put back down to the Enlisted rank? I agree.
  6. There is a CC that uses a model called "Clone Assassin" and I need to know who owns this CC. I'll upload a picture too, but I need the discord of the person who owns it. Thanks for helping out if you tried or did!
  7. + Support Bett's great, he's got good split second decisions, he's a great guy, and he has good judgement.
  8. Is there any way that VISA or MasterCard could be added to the payment methods? For some reason my parents hate Paypal and don't have the only other 2 ways to pay so we would have to use Visa or Mastercard but those aren't an option. This has probably been a restriction to other people too so if an admin that could contact Zeeptin or if Zeeptin himself reads this, could we get a credit card option for paying? This doesn't make me an expert at money, so please let me know if there actually is a way to pay with card
  9. -How much time do you currently have on the server?: 2 days. This meant the actual in game time, Online time only -How long have you been in the 501st?: Roughly 2 and a half weeks I was talking about the online AND offline time. To be clear, I am not minging with this, I'm just a dumbass sometimes and I filled it out while talking to like 5 people, so I was distracted.
  10. - What is your In-game name?: Carnage - What is your SteamID? (Ex. STEAM_0:1:59351617): STEAM_0:0:436620013 - What is your current rank?: MSG - How much time do you currently have on the server?: 2 days - How long have you been in the 501st?: Roughly 2 and a half weeks - What do you bring to the table as a 501st?: I'm serious, but not TOO serious. I'm trying to improve the 501st in any way I can. I make sure that I give myself enough time to be in at least 1 event in a day if I can. I try to offer some form of help to new 501st members. - Why do you want to become an Officer?: I want to become a 501st officer to help the lower rank 501st become the best they can at their jobs. I want to be able to lead efficiently. I want to look cool too, but that's besides the point. I want to be able to make sure that 501st doesn't contract the disease of minge, where half the members are uncontrollable minges. - What is the purpose/duty of an Officer?: The duty of an officer is to be a backup backup commander for if command or vice command is offline. They are to lead the battle with calm and good callouts and commands. They are to promote if nobody else online can, and if there is no other rank higher than them, perform a PDB (Personal Debrief.) In the purpose/duty, i forgot to put in "to recruit and train soldiers.)
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