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  1. + support just waiting for the corny zj comments to appear
  2. narcissist detected - support - i have no idea who you are - app is short as hell - event is not very detailed
  3. Yeah that'll be $13.94. Pull up to the first window.
  4. is there a mental evaluation during the hiring process?
  5. In-Game Name: Caroline Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:563554371 Current Research Rank: Lead Researcher Foundation Test Log(s) (graded 8+/10 only): (I also have some RRH Analyst logs graded over an 80, but I don’t know if I should use them.) Your Operations Advisor Overseer, has informed you there is a group of insurgents collecting foundation data at a field operating base on the surface. They are armed and well secured. How would you approach it? (100+ words): I would first inform the Covert Agency and the Cryptography Task Force of the situation at hand. I suggest that we travel up to the surface and survey the base for a while to find an entrance with a low detection risk. Once an entrance is found, Covert Agents could infiltrate the base using their teleportation technology and tear down the operation from the inside. If armed personnel became an issue, the Covert Agents could take them out quickly with their advanced load out. Hostages retrieved from the base would be interrogated to learn what information they were hoping to get, as well as why they needed it. Once we have the information we need from the insurgents, we would amnesticize them, and negotiate to give them back to the Chaos Insurgency. From there, we would take whatever has valuable information to use from the base, and return to the site. There is a strange SCP that calls himself the “targeter”. When the name of another individual is said within earshot of the “targeter” the “targeter” will teleport to the individual that has had their name said, and run off. How would you suggest the foundation approach apprehension and / or termination of this individual? (100+ Words): First, I would find a vacant soundproof containment chamber within the site. This containment chamber will be where the "targeter" will stay while research is being conducted upon him. Now to actually contain him, we will place a Class-D inside of the soundproof containment chamber, and then say the Class-D’s name within range of the "targeter." Once the "targeter" is within the containment chamber, research on him will begin. The first things done will be an interview of the "targeter" and a physical analysis of the "targeter". Discovering more about him will be most possible by asking him directly. Questions such as "Why do you call yourself the targeter?", "Where did you come from?", and "Why do you teleport to people and run away?" will be asked. Next, the physical analysis. We can discover how old he is, what he is made of, and maybe even what he is from this. Once research has concluded, there are two options: keep him in captivity or conduct a termination attempt. If he is chosen to be kept in captivity, it is recommended to keep him in the soundproof containment chamber. However, if the termination attempt is chosen, it is safest to start by removing all oxygen from his containment chamber to suffocate him. An abandoned camp site has been discovered on the surface, hidden incredibly well within the brush. There are documents, newspaper scraps, as well as an old laptop with unknown data being transferred to a suspicious I.P. address. How do you react? (100+ Words): The first thing that I would do is to locate the position of the suspicious I.P. address that the data is being transferred to. The data transfer would not be stopped to avoid suspicion. Next, sweep the surrounding area and investigate anything that seems out of place. Then, the data being transferred on the computer should be analyzed and reviewed by agents. After the data is analyzed, agents should move towards the location of the suspicious I.P. address and scout out the area. Once the area is confirmed to be safe, Covert Agents should be sent in closer to the location in case anyone nearby is armed. If the device that had data being transferred to it is found, it should be analyzed and reviewed by agents. If there was a hostage taken during the infiltration, they should be interrogated for information about the data and why they needed it. Covert Agents should also be stationed in the surrounding area to protect the agents analyzing the data. Once all the data has been analyzed, the transfer should be stopped, and agents should evacuate the area and report back to the site with their findings.
  6. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ErIzH4eCdajDd0RYHENc6Kyv7QINvkf-o75n2Sckgdk/edit?usp=sharing
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