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  1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): Clarence Why do you want to become the position of Marshal Commander?: Ever since I became shock VCMDR I realized how much fun it is to help better my battalion, and assist as many people as I can, and becoming VCMDR really opened my eyes and showed me that I could actually have a shot of reaching AHC which would allow me to do these things on a larger scale as HC is looked up upon by all on the server. Another reason I want to obtain this position is because I would like to be one of the few people that others feel they can come to for any problem they may have. While I understand I am still fairly new to command positions I would like to be able to ensure all battalions are in the best conditions as they could possibly be under my watch, and to ensure the most possible stability among the battalions that is within my control! Lastly I would love to get to work along side some of the most dedicated members of the server, and do my best to live up to the standards of AHC. What is the biggest thing you would bring to Army High Command?: The biggest the I could bring would be my activity, and my willingness to try and help others out as much as possible, as I believe I have showed this by helping out not just my own battalion, but others battalions whenever needed or can, and by being active on the server almost every single day for the last 4 1/2 moths. Some of my other attributes that I could transfer over would be my dedication and strive to always think of ways to help the server and it's players. As stated above I am still very new to command positions, I have made up for the lack of command experience by working hard to do everything in my power to make Shock RP what it once was, as I have played my part in rebuilding the battalions structure, from losing a lot of members and having to find ways to adapt to the losses, to help make the Shock as active as I can alongside the other members. If given the chance I will try my best to uphold the attributes just as well as I have in the present and past! What is the purpose of a Marshal Commander?: The purpose of Marshal commander is to make sure all Army battalions are running smoothly and have no major issues within them. This can range from making sure the command team is doing a good job, as well as being active within their battalion as well as being active in general. Marshal commanders are also tasked with helping the Command teams make decisions that could be small or major changes for the respected battalion. One more thing they do is making sure the command teams are not slacking off by making sure they hit quota, and are frequently doing things from sims to missions for their battalion I believe Marshal commanders also pave the way and set a good example to all VCMDR+ and show them what a good HC member looks like as well as showing them the responsibilities that come with the position of AHC, as they are frequently called upon for insight on matters that could drastically change battalions. Lastly I believe Marshal commanders show that you can reach any position on the server or in your respected battalion if you are willing to work hard for it and put in the time and dedication! Why should we trust you to be Army High Command?: I should be trusted with this position because ever since I joined the server I have worked hard at being the best person I can be showing that I have what it takes to do any and everything I am tasked with. I have showed my dedication by stepping up to every challenge that has been thrown my way, as well as leading as many people in the right direction as possible. I have also put 1200+ hours into the server in my relatively short time on the server ( I do understand some of that is afk time). Also my dedication can be shown as I have never given up on a person nor battalion that I have had the honor of working with. I have shown my trustworthiness as I have never caused a problem for AHC or HC and have tried my best to help make their lives easier, even if it is just in the slightest bit! How often can you be Online?: 6-8 hours a day Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): 1 inactive warning for FailRP Thank you for taking you time to read and acknowledge this!!
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