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  1. Hey every body. I know I haven't been a VCMDR for long, the fact that I was given the chance to lead such an amazing battalion is something I will never forget. I am never very good at writing a sobbing story but, I am stepping down from VCMDR of the 501st legion and activating my reserves as a MAJ. This was a hard decision but recently I have been running into many new issues that won't soon go away, but I hope they will. Work has been stressful, and so has life as we know it. But I will never forget any of you, I will still be around to say hi and help out every now and then. Thank you all for the opportunity, and I pray I will be back soon Sincerely, Voice of the 501st -Snubster
  2. Remove STEAM_0:1:18151294 Sorry!
  3. In Game Name: Snubster Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:191734763 Requesting To be in 501st Wendigo Squadron Paid by: (STEAM_0:0:191734763) $30 To be added, $10 to remove
  4. +Huge Support -great leadership -Maturity -Chill -Great listener Hanjo has been a trusted Officer and player, especially amongst the 501st. He has shown great leadership ability and will prove worth to become a vice Commander. I believe in his ability to rise up through the ranks! Good luck fellow rival! Wish I could say more but I'm not very good at writing compliments XD
  5. +Support -Noodles has been a close officer, and even a close trooper. Noodles has shown again, and again his over whelming compassion to the 501st legion. Although he is a quiet man, Some may prefer quiet over my loudness amongst the 501st, his action speaks more than his words. I am confident that great leadership will serve well as a Vice Commander. -Great leader! -Great listener -Compassionate I wish you the best, not as a fellow officer, nor a friend, but also a rival in our race to the top!
  6. I will do my best, I'm not the best at writing applications... hence why I am military
  7. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Snubster 2. What Regiment are you applying for? 501st Vice Commander 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? Being a Vice Commander is only earned for the right people. A Vice Commander holds a lot of responsibilities that I believe that I am up for the task, such as meeting quotas, or most the time exceeding them. However that I may not approve of myself, I do so wish to become part of one of the greatest legions there is on the server. The 501st has been my very first battalion as far as I can remember. It has become a home for me on this server and along with the great friends that are apart of that family. Starting off I say that I am one of the many applicants that are fit for this role. Firstly I am a well respected player amongst the 501st legion. Ever since my enlisted days I have been there to support all members of my legion no matter the situation. I have also gone through the lengths to help out my Non Commissioned Officers, Even my Commissioned Officers. That is my main goal as of now to become a part of the higher command team of the legion I am so proudly a part of. This legion has offered me so much and it has given me the best time as my very first legion. Once I have been so warmly welcomed into the NCO Corps, I still tested my limits by excelling at my position, by doing the most tryouts, and giving my officers any information they so desperately needed to accomplish their duties. What I am getting at is that I want to become a role model and a great leader of the 501st legion and create a wonderful experience for all players that wish to join and talk too. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? Two weeks total time played. Or 439:32 from my battlemetrics > https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/gmod/4604844 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The question is.. What isn't the purpose of the vice commander? Firstly the Vice Commander has one of the hardest positions in all of the 501st Legion. They must create an equal opportunistic battalion aboard the ISD. Secondly the Vice Commander has to be a face. What good show is there when you can’t have a face that no one can look up too? The face is being in a higher position to uphold order inside this fantastic legion. No matter the cost the Vice Commander must be there to listen to all those under his/her wing. Thirdly they must take on a responsible role of caring for each and everyone of the members of the 501st Legion. The matter at hand is that the Vice Commander must be that face and role model that screams.. I want to be a part of that battalion. Entrusting myself into the Vice Commander role, I can only promise that others may do the same and push there limits as a commander. Including and insuring rules must NOT be broken following handing out fair and impartial rewards and punishment. That is what I was taught in the military. I will hold that baring until the day I retire. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : The title given to me “Voice of the 501st” Has meant something dear to me. Even in my early days onboard the ISD I have taken the initiative of guiding fellow troopers onto the battlefield, following many orders, and above all..answering to the call of duty. When thrown into the NCO Corps I knew that I had to test my limits. Excelling my quotas and sparing my extra time tending to my lower enlisted troopers, and even given a helping hand to my officers. It didn’t stop for me there when I was granted the opportunity to enter the Officer ranks.. Again I have been grinding and working hard to create an amazing legion where everyone can have an equal fun and serious role play experience for all. But being the boon and voice of the 501st isn’t just a title, it's a calling. I have created many great memories in this legion. Many of which I created with other battalions as well, the relationships that I have created will also perfect myself and perform a better learning experience to myself, and to those with whom I serve Including that I also will push my fellow troopers to become their best being. No matter the time, and place, you may reach me and I will answer to the call of duty. As a Vice Commander I personally will host many great missions, give many great opportunities to the 501st legion. I can only give my word that I will DO, not try. 7. How often can you be Online? : You will see me 3-4 days a word week after 16:30 EST. Throughout the weekend I will be mostly active! 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have never received any warns through out any battalion. Especially none amongst the 501st.
  8. +Support +Twinkles has shown great dedication to the 501st legion, and always excels at his position as an NCO. He show's great help with all the officers. +Has experience. Twinkles as an NCO show's great leadership skills! It would be an honor to have him along side in the Officer ranks Overall I support this post. Twinkles shows great attitude and is always around to help! That is all from me, best of luck twinkles! -Snubster
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