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  1. +support -previous experience -seems like he would be a competent officer -Could use some more time on the server though
  2. Huge + support -very nice -knows RG very well -Well in touch with all RG members -always helps others -great leader
  3. I will be changing to a + support as you have came back and edited it -Decent app after editing -seems like a decent dude -Has a good amount of time on the server/ in purge
  4. -Support -really short -not much effort -needs to edit this and makea lot of changes
  5. clarence


    he is apple, the best person to ever enter gaminglight
  6. +support -I think it could bring even more rp situations as stated - downside I feel eventually it will be unused and take up space
  7. +support -Mork is a very serious dedicated player - I believe he is a very competent person -I believe he'd be a great fit for Senior Admin
  8. Halo 2/3/combat evolved/ halo reach Roblox (this is not a joke) MX V ATV Reflex Gears of war 3
  9. You'll have my + support if you follow the proper format!!
  10. Massive + support -he is a very good guy -he has experience of being in officer/command positions -great officer application -I always see him on
  11. +support -he has a good bit of experience in officer ranks -he a very good dude - I think he would be a very competent VCMDR -app could be a little longer
  12. +support purge needs a new sub branch and has for a while
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