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  1. -support - minus supporting off of the sole fact that the rank requirement to apply for NCO is PFC
  2. -support -very short app -very badly written app -youd be great for the position, but you app needs some work
  4. +support -good guy -serious - He's a very huge star wars fan
  5. + support -great guy -in my interactions with him he's been helpful
  6. +support great guy knows what he's doing - stinks a lil bit tho
  7. Very sorry to hear abt your loss, I pray you can heal in peace, my dm's are always open if you ever need anything!
  8. fore sure, you stay safe as well
  9. Due to unexpected circumstances in life I have to resign, I will be back in time thanks for the laughs and memories! zee- your a great person taught me a lot, and you always had some geeked up stories. scrubby- your a femboy. Fr tho your a great person and youll be a great VCMDR sainty- your british. Na your once of my favorite HCOM members no kizzy. Astro- you were a great kallus and you gonna do great things in HCOM, always remeber the TS moments apple- Your my bae, favorite SMT gilbert- favorite Minge Im gonna keep it short but if i didnt put you still much love!
  10. +support -but app could be a little better
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