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  1. Welp im going again. Gonna keep this shorter than the last one but lifes gotten busy, like real busy. So I might be back in like a year idk. I know i didint do much while I was back, and I never finished OSD but I think I did enough, so goodbye yall (again) and let me leave you with this https://streamable.com/e88jvx
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rOX-AGyu5wjmediE-ILHIyZclwftVbkCazOYLarvdJY/edit?usp=sharing Dont really care about winning. Actually enjoyed doing something related to research for once though. So whatever happenes its a win to me lol
  3. Writing(7/10) Writing of this document was decent. I feel as if this log fell a little short of a test log, however overall was very clear and consice, as well as documenting this test very well Creativity(3/10) I cannot lie the creativity is a little lacking on this one. The idea of simply producing a stronger acid within 682s chamber is a little bland. And as said in the log the negative side effects that could come from a test of this nature make this idea a little sub-par. And once again I feel as if this test would have worked better as an activity log Design(5/10) The design was alright. Love what you did with the picture at the top but that was about it. After that felt like I was reading a normal google doc. The theme is good and all but i just feel as if more could have gotten done Overall(5/10) The doc was alright. As stated above I feel as if this would have worked better as an activity log. Most of my other feedback is listed in the points above
  4. Writing(5/10) Writing was alright. The doc was a bit short however and i feel as if this could be turned into an activity log, also a bit hard to read at some points Creativity(6/10) Liked the idea, however a bit of stretch to assumt 173 would even interact with 330 in lore. Design(7/10) Not a basic text doc, decent design. I like Overall(6/10) Doc was good, the idea was questionable, execution was great. Overall good read
  5. Writing(9/10) Good writing. Not much else needs to be said Creativity(8/10) Creative test idea. And the SCPs used with it were perfect Design(4/10) Design is meh. The pictures at the front of the doc were good but the rest were just ok. Personally i think the color choice was not so great as it was a strain on the eyes. Overall(7/10) Good doc overall, as stated above the only real drawback was the design, other then that doc was a good read
  6. Writing (4/10) Very difficult to follow in some areas. With some sentances making little sense, and the questions were placed in an odd place making it hard to realize those were the questions Creativity (2/10) I dont see anything special about this test. Just seems like you looked at the description for it and turned it into a test. Design (5/10) Design was alright. Although not a bland google doc i feel as if more could have been done Overall(3.6/10) I feel like the thing in this log bringing down was the writing. More creativity would have also been nice. Overall writing needs some work, and usually use a test idea that would be questioning something unknown about the object
  7. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1poxLL_Xu8LsOmhqx9heTAk2BgRBhjzfxI6qgsMuroYk/edit?usp=sharing
  8. What are you suggesting? - Buff 1048 HP to be a little higher. Not the same as 1048 but mabye 250 or something higher How would this change better the server? - at the moment 1048-A can only be summoned if 1048 collects 3 ears by rolling 50+ 3 times. If he fails one of these rolls he will most likely be killed and forced to start over, and even in a perfect situation of finding 3 people ont their own to collect ears from with good rolls could take 30+ minutes up to an hour or higher if it is peek hours. And with 1048-A having so little health he most of the time is killed before he can even contribute throwing all that work down the drain making playing on 1048 for his actual purpase pointless since 1048 himself can only attack with his knife in self defense. Making this change would make 1048 more appealing as more value of 1048-A could be achived. I also do not believe this would ruin the balance of the SCP as creating 1048-A is a very tedious and time consuming activity making playing 1048 actually worth it. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Perhaps making 1048-A more difficult to contain, however as stated above this is heavily offset by the requirments to create 1048-A Who would this change mostly benefit? - SCP players since 1048 would actually have a reason to play on other then to flag up for test xp. Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - None that i can think of
  9. Adding: Jummy Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:199425262 Discord ID: 549414687285051393 TS ID : ioEdbc0VZUGyd/WQULgfPCX2dCo= Forums: https://gaminglight.com/forums/profile/37956-jummy/ Removing: Flixy Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:457512906 Discord ID: 585629792360071168 TS ID: 4tC5IdmjYXYLgkUEbTPPSBSveCc= Forums https://gaminglight.com/forums/profile/36847-flixy/ Total Payment: $25 Paid by: STEAM_0:0:199425262
  10. I've reached the point with this server to where I cant go on. I have tried my best to stay positive, but with my activity in both Research and ET declining I know its for the better that I put in my leave now. Research keep doing what you do best, and maybe host a part 3 of the PVE PT, make me proud. ET keep hosting events, don't be afraid to get freaky with it. Snowfall will never die. Funny mentions lol Research Moon: Last roster note says it all Nyde: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/921574154606641162/957421970830532680/Foot_W_Face.png Eyelander: 1v1 CR rn. Ez clap, also run RAU like a crazy man Avalon: Sorry I couldn't stay until you made it back. Hopefully you can pick up where I left off Billybob: SCMDad Tyler: Literally the most wholesome guy in reasearch. Always a joy to be around you Phil: Lucky. Got 5 brownie points Silly: Literally my #1 pick for PROF/CPRF and I hope you get it some day Smitty: Probably the best choice for OA and I hope you do well, those TS hide and seek days were also really fun Devil: RRH chad Salvador: Welcome back my guy. RFA would be in good hands if you rejoined Ren: Congrats on DPL! All of RRA: Sorry to depart so so. I will remain relatively active in RRA on my 48 but hope you can recover when avalon returns, or another person is picked to run RRA ET GamingGoat: Congrats on AETL, Absolutely were the person that deserved it. Also good work on actually using your office for once XD Octolis: Not gonna lie. Had to clue who you were until you helped me with the PVE PT. Absolute chad tho, and it was so great to meet you Boomer: All i saw in Event announcements for like a week were events from you lol. Keep going my guy, and gg on SET Other mentions! Cecil: Amazing research member, such a shame to see you go, however if I do return I most likely will join you on Imperial. Parkland: A tale of the past. Such a joy to be around, and even though your jokes were up there. You still managed to make me laugh. Meeseks: Hope you get LTCOL! and HWD some day maybe (Or whatever its called now) Box: Amazing job at running R&D, hope you get CDOP one day (Or anyone for that matter) also crab game when? Fring/Change: Thought you and box were the same person for like a month Moncher: Thx for training me for research! Tomato: By far the best DHOR research has ever had (sry nyde). Hope you come back some day Light: I AM BETTER AT CRAB GAME NOW Glados: Amazing HOR. Your jokes were funny and proton cannons even more so. Hope to see you come back, but even if you dont. It was a fun ride Biggie: CONGRATS ON AHOME! Also you still owe me a game of portal. (and I wont stop asking) Robby: GG on VCMDR, and even though my time with you was short. It was a fun experience Sixx: https://streamable.com/2bqhgv XD Starstep: Personal note. Sea of thieves missions take days to complete. Jayden: Amazing HOS. Such a nice dude. Keep going my guy! Piller: Thx for the help with all those events Toasty: GG on superadmin Dei: STOP TAKING SITS!!!!!!!!! If you were not shown here its either because I forgot you (my bad) or did not see the significance of adding you. Peace out guys, it was a lot of fun. But my time on GL (for now at least) is over.
  11. +support I remember you in CA. You did amazing there and could do epic here
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