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  1. I saw williams make a post like this and decided to ask myself how are yall? It’s been ages lmao
  2. Love you and your shitty opinions homie Appreciate it
  3. Hey Yall, as everyone by now knows, i've resigned. didnt have any time to write this until now but i really want to take this moment to not only thank everyone for making my time here fun, but to allowing me to create many many memories which i will look back on until i die. with that being said, lets get to everyones favorite part, Mentions! If i forgor you btw leave a comment calling me a dipshit Bop: one of the best SMT ive met. Bro is actually such a nice guy. Real one frfr even tho he removed me Zeeptin: our chats were few and far between but from the bottom of my heart thank you for everything. Jayden/Coltable We didnt talk too too much but i wanted to say thank you both for everything youve done and for being quick to respond (Jayden totally doesnt take days) Igneous: My head hurts owwwww Chief: Maybe now i wont get fucking mauled anymore lmfao. Fr tho it was fun man from our time as Security command together to everything after damn im getting emotional while writing these Hoovy: probably one of my favorite people fr. I really enjoyed our talks and it made me really happy everytime i got a congrats for getting accepted to a college lmao. Also expect dog pictures now and then Emoo: i think ive talked to you thrice but nice guy fr Rookie: Thanks for accepting my staff app and being a homie fr i made so many memories in staff. Weiss: "the black death" nah but fr you a homie thanks for everything Starstep: bro if i see you and sixx in a sit one more time im going to throw a tantrum fr Cosmic: Admit you drink from spaghetti noodles fellow Italian Toasty: Thank you so fucking much for everything and I hope we stay friends fr Talila: Thank you for being a funny guy to see and thank you for always being nice Piller: We def had differences but im happy to say i respect you deeply and i wish you the best Orange: Glad we settled our issues too lmao Enuz: man didnt know how to take a roll sit smh Django: Real homie fr. I appreciate our talks Twix: Dude you are a great person to be around i want you to know that. I enjoyed our interactions Alex: We talked like three times but i still hold a deep respect for you Sparkle: You a funny guy ponyman fr. Sixx: Bro i enjoyed everything we did together even tho you made me broke buying you back >_< Soul: You are such a fun person to be around Yato: Stop talking shit about America my favorite bulgarian Bald man Coolcaz: Masterduel? also it was an absolute pleasure and i hope we stay in touch fr Buck: Where ya reserves at Buck? D5 Command: Thank you guys for being the best command I could ask to lead! I Enjoyed everything. Nu7 HCMD Past and Present. Thank you for being outstanding people E11 HCMD: Fucking Furries smh. Blackout cool tho Kevlar: Will you even be active now that im gone? JKJK you a funnyguy tho Research HCMD Past and Present: Thank yall for the interesting talks and I enjoyed everything. Even you, Nerdkore. Util HCMD Past and Present: I Enjoyed our talks and thank yall for always being nice CI HCMD: Inactive frfr (Joke) To Everyone, Once again i want to thank yall for making this year of mine a very memorable and action packed one and I hope to never forget any of yall
  4. -support i have screenshots probably of some of the gross shit from him
  5. +/- The shit i heard from you in our encounters was unsavory to put it lightly i do think you can change tho so i wont full out -Support best of luck!
  6. +Support Smiting people for a word in a song which they didnt sing is stupid
  7. I think i would actually touch grass before being able to push out d5 updates Neutral on this tho
  8. Yea i didnt know about this report either very well worded tho -Support
  9. If they have more benefits in the sub branches, why don’t they play them more than the actual rp branches are played? (Excluding medical ofc) The existence of these classes does nothing currently and while i agree it can seem like a bad thing the branch’s activity doesnt hang in the balance over these classes.
  10. +Support MOTD shouldnt be an idiots guide to SCPRP but considering past events this is unfortunately needed
  11. -Support So there’s a few things to note here. Firstly, I am very much open to an idea like this but i would have preferred this be discussed with MTF HCMD before making a forums suggestion. Secondly, While I am completely open to sort of repurposing classes you heavily overstate the effect sub branches like CTF, CBRN , RCU/MCU/CCU have. They arent as actively used as you think. They only rarely get used and even then classes like CTF and CBRN are only really used when theres an incentive like a mass test for ctf to go to or 610 to recontain for CBRN. I’ve constantly seen in my time as MTF Command/HCMD that sub branches with a purpose like this struggle with activity. Third, While the idea of repurposing classes for recontainment is interesting and im open to it, you need more development in those areas for this to seem like a good idea. Fourth, CTF is kinda paid for it would be a loss of money for jack/price if it was removed Lastly, While I am -Supporting this change this in no way means I am not open to future changes in this regard. The current change is not only incomplete but needs more thought put into multiple areas like transitional periods and sub branch Ideas. Also, I do not harbor ill feelings towards you or anyone supporting this as I know yall are tryna to change things for what you think is better
  12. If this man gets banned for this im fucking out of the server
  13. Welcome to retired club
  14. +Support thats actually fucking hilarious
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