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  1. Hi guys. It's me, Flanbro, or as some of you know me, Aidan. I've been considering resignation for a while now but now it seems like it's inevitable. I love my school life, I've made tons of new friends, and have commitments, including my pursuing of a career as an EMT/Paramedic. This resignation might be permanent, but I might come back next summer. I want you guys to know this was probably my best summer I've had yet. I love this server and I love you guys. Resigning from Staff, GM, and MC VCMDR. Memorable People High Command Bear - Guy who could understand me and wanted the best for me. Bon - Gave me so many laughs and good times over my time on the server, actually understood some of the things I was saying. Jaeger - Sexy Seaman - I think I had a stronger bond with you than I had with anyone else in the command team. No shooting in command deck!!!! Milford - Love this guy. Win - The most professional guy on this server. Congrats on Vader. Resigned MC Koopa - You're one of the best MC CMDRs to exist. You taught me the ins and outs of staff, command, everything. It was a pleasure working alongside you until you resigned. Spaghetti - We couldn't talk much cause you had IRL shit to do but you were a great friend and a cool guy I liked sharing edgy shit with and talking to. Carl - You're cringe, and a funny guy. Thanks for keeping me happy in medical. Dornan - My favorite guy on the server hands down. You screaming on your mic never failed to make me laugh and you're a cool guy. Calvin - A true friend of mine. Had deep talks with him occasionally and enjoyed my time with him. Medical Corps Catbob - One of the funniest guys I've ever met. Made me laugh a ton. Good luck on CMDR. Keegan - An example of kindness and discipline. Was able to get on a lot more than I ever could and help medical. Zug - Best research director. You're serious when needed to be and understand directions. Good luck on VCMDR. Royal Guard Name - Love you lots bud. Red - Truly a great friend. Leviathan/Levi - Homie, I have a feeling he's gonna be the best SHGL. Good luck on VSOV Greg - I could never beat you in dueling. Zingle - I hate you so much (fix your ping kid) Inquisitorious Crow - Overall a nice guy and decent human being. Darwin - Dumbass. Crumpet - Funny. 501st Nebel - Gotta love you man. Thanks for putting up with my shit. Jpackis - I hate you, but it was astounding to see you climb the ranks to VCMDR. You're a great and funny guy bud Miyo - Funny and pretty cute. Havoc Wealthy - Edgy and cringe. Funny and friendly. Wheat - Coolest guy I've met, to be honest. Starfighters Quicky - We got off on the wrong foot but you're pretty cool. Manjini - Love you lots, you're cringe though. Deathtroopers Scoob - Do I even need to say it? You're chill as hell. Navy Soldier - Gotta love this man. Easy to make him laugh, but a great leader. Inferno Squadron Kev - It was fun messing around the server with you. Sorry for standing on your head you fuckin droid. Nova Evan - Laughed my ass off when you got banned for posting the prn.tsc thing in OOC chat. Staff Milford - The greatest staff in my opinion. Emoo - Love you. Play PS2 more. Nimo - You're just awesome. Wolffie - I respected you more than anyone else. See below. I feel like I should make a special shout out to Wolffie. You guys might also know him as Scorch or Rex. This guy saw me through so much in the server. I had the strongest bond with him. We were able to talk about each other's problems. It was a shame to see some of the things he had to go through on this server and I felt he deserved more. If you weren't on this list, sorry. It was hard for me to think of everyone since I haven't been on in so long. Thanks for reading this guys. I love you all. - Flanbro
  2. + support + cool guy + active + only person I see fit for the position - didnt unarrest me like a nerd
  3. - Support - Could use some more work as an officer. Definitely helpful but could step up more.
  4. -recently really inactive
  5. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : MC HS VCMDR Flanbro 5443 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Medical Corps Commander 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? There is a multitude of reasons I wish to become the commander of my regiment. I'm going to detail each of them greatly so you can understand my good intentions for MC. Medical has always been an interesting regiment to me, it's part of why I joined it. I'm an EMT-T in real life and love experiencing things relating to anatomy or treatment of diseases, as well as teaching others how to do those things. To expand on my first point, I want to instill more actual medical RP instead of just a basic checkup being the only thing we do on a daily basis. I've been the one making all of our new certifications recently with some help from the surgical command team (CSG+), and I'm going to continue making them following the guidelines of whatever members suggest to be added. In each document I question myself on how I would feel reading this and how easy and cohesive it is to perform these procedures. I was once a medical trooper watching others struggle because of the lack of precise instructions on how to perform surgical procedures in RP. If I were to become commander, I could instill passive RP across medical much more easily and in a better way than I currently can as a vice commander. Every member of the medical corps will be properly trained in how to perform surgeries, etc. and will not be left sitting in the backroom wondering how to do a surgery while someone is dying of an aortic valve failure or VTACH. Continuing from my second point, I understand medical isn't just going to want to sit in the medical bay all day doing passive RP. So, as commander, I will also make it my job to make sure each sub-regiment gets proper representation and activities to do on a daily basis. I will expand upon patrols as well as the basic duties of each sub-regiment, both through leading my troopers and teaching my officers as a commander, and using my gamemaster powers to set up realistic and challenging SIMs or missions. Researchers could be deployed as basic frontline soldiers so they have some combat fun, RSQ can perform their extraction techniques and evacuate injured personnel while performing field surgery, and AT can be as badass as they are and storm in to buildings securing the areas for members of MC and protecting our patients. As commander more opportunities also open for me to fix our personnel holding positions of authority such as senior NCOs and officers. Under my command, I will allow those under the highest ranking to prove themselves to command, while removing those who are unfit to be officer. Unfortunately in Medical we sometimes have officers being allowed to go inactive or NCOs allowed to be immature and it's not reported, so we have to find out days later. As commander I will make it my duty to listen to my troopers and adjust our personnel accordingly. I've made great friends in medical. I want to give back to this regiment what it has given me through my time here. I've gone through every stage of trooper and understand what it's like. I want our newest troopers to not go through any of the troubles I had when I was a trooper. Finally, I have fixed my act as a VCMDR and act much more mature than I did before. I want to instill myself as a role model for fellow members through discipline and respect, but also kindness and friendship as a commander. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? 1,221 hours (About half of this is AFK - so pretty much ~610 hours, probably 500 of which spent on medical.) 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The commander has a large purpose in any regiment. They are the top dog, the commanding officer, the role model for their regiment. A commander is a position of power, but it's not just that. A commander is someone who is looked up to on a day to day basis for advice and trust. The commander finalizes all decisions for the regiment using their better judgement, and the advice of troopers. Medical has been missing a commander for a long time now, and I know I am fit to be in this position. I've watched it for a while now with no commander, and I'm ready to assume this empty mantle. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I believe there are many reasons I should be trusted as a commander. One of which is that I'm a gamemaster, a position requiring tons of trust from the staff team. Currently, I've risen the ranks in GM to become a Gamemaster Tick VI. Along with being a gamemaster, I'm also a moderator member of the staff team and am impartial in my reports as well as fair to all involved. Secondly, I've made friends with tons of medical over my time spent here, and I believe they all trust me just as much as I hope whoever is reading this does. The same I hope goes for the staff team and with some members of HIGHCOM. I also have no warnings on the server. I actively try to make friends with my medical, whether it be through playing some games with them, talking to them, joking around, etc. I want these people to trust me because I know I can be trusted. These people, I know for a fact, will say that they trust me for a position like this. I've been VCMDR for 1 1/2 months now, and have experience on my side. I've seen it all, including the good and the bad side of each of our members. As commander, I'm going to work to fix it not by harsh action, but through trying to be kind to them and working to solve the issue. You can trust me. 7. How often can you be Online? : I'm an extremely active member both on medical and the server (albeit all of my time on a job is usually spent on medical!) and am on 24/7 AFK, as long as I'm awake on discord (you just gotta mention me!), and about 8-12 hours per day in game. This may change when school rolls around, but still not by much, probably lowering it to about 6 hours per day. Weekends are when I'm the most active, I stay up all night or until the server drops to under 40 players. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd definitely rate my activity a 9. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : No. Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy app. If you vote on the poll please take some time to write a response or quote someone. : )
  6. Weren't we supposed to get one quite a while ago
  7. + Support / - Support + Cool ex-medical + Active + SHG VII - Recently off LOA
  8. + Support + Active + Good app + Decent guy with experience
  9. + Support + Active + Semi-Decent App + Dedicated
  10. I have also never seen you on naval.
  11. + Support + Good CMDR + Cool guy + Level headed + Obedient when necessary
  12. Accepted! Congrats! You've been accepted in to the Medical Corps officer team. You will now be commissioned as a 2LT. Speak to Medical Command (MAJ+) For your 2LT Training
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