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  1. what keegan said here is very true^^^ the reasons you gave for why you should be trusted and what is the purpose of the position doesn't strike me as someone who is a leader but more a follower this is a leading position. Also your application needs to be much better you need to put effort into it. -support
  2. +support this guy knows what he’s doing warns are like 2 years old
  3. He knows who the bobs are +support
  4. It’s the same app he didn’t put any new effort into it if it didn’t work the first time why would it work the second -support
  5. TheCatBob


    aint no punk in me but i be pulling out the strap
  6. -support 3 sub battalions kill off one another we saw this with assault trooper when it was still a branch. This kind of role play is handled by research already, If the medical command team wants more bio focused players just educate the research team on it.
  7. this guy lmao lol your a cornball get yo money up not your funny up
  8. this so true lmao, and he didn't need to revive it I gave over an active battalion it just died wonder whywonder who and what keegan said about the document work he just copy and pasted what was on the old docs and took out the names and he afks thats where most of his time comes from hes not actively playing and interacting with players
  9. 1. Your In-game: CatBob 2. Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:555747482 3. The player's name in-game: Nemo 4. The player's steam name (If you know it): Nemo idk its the head of staff 5. What did the player do: He said the n word the head of staff shouldn't do that 6. Evidence (REQUIRED): https://cdn.medal.tv/source/9450659/1609032059-medaltvgarrysmod20201226201958trimmedmdlvid.mp4?t=social&c=202052&missing 7. What do you believe should happen to the player: I would like a verbal apology to just me 8. Any extra information: N word is very bad
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